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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's a guide as to what you might expect to catch in and around the area,-

Roach ( rutilus rutilus )

Irish record -  1.425 kg - Drumacritten Lake - Terry Jackson - 06.10.02

Specimen weight - 2lb

My P.B's.

Shannon - 1lb 15.5oz (2010) Inny - 2lb (2010) UK - 1lb 11oz (1994)

The best I've witnessed was 2lb 4oz (Shannon 2010) 

The last few years have seen the demise of the Bream but at the same time, the Roach have not only increased in numbers but also in weight. Many people have claimed to have exceeded that elusive 2lb mark, but if you don't weigh on accurate scales the fish may be considerably less than your estimate!

Bream ( abramis brama )

Irish record - 12lb 03oz - Bologanard Lake - Paul Mathers - 07.05.97

Specimen weight - 7lb 08oz

My P.B. 8lb 09oz (Shannon - Mud Island)

The best I've witnessed was 9lb 2oz in May 1994

The Bream certainly do not appear in the river in numbers they used to. 2008 saw good returns in the 2nd week of April. In 1994, I saw at least 30 Bream in the shallows near Kilnacarrow bridge that I'm convinced all exceeded 10lbs. I believe the largest specimens rarely leave the deep water in the lake.

 Roach/Bream Hybrid

Irish record - 7lb - River Bann, Toome - Roy Gretton - 24.04.02 

Specimen weight - ?

My P.B. 4lb 8oz (Shannon - Lanesborough)

I've had bigger on the Inny below Lough Iron (4lb 14oz) These fish come in many shapes depending on how much they've interbred. Some believe that the Hybrid is unable to spawn or produce fertile eggs, I don't think this is true. I've often found groundbait atrracts the Hybrids whilst loose feeding keeps the Roach going. I often refer to these as Mongrels


Irish record - 4lb 08oz -  Coney Lake - Hugh Gough - 05.09.96

Specimen weight - 2lb 04oz

My P.B. 1lb 06oz (Shannon - Lanesborough)

The best I've witnessed was 1lb 14oz by Brian Tabiner but I have a photo of a 2lb 3oz fish caught on the Hot water stretch by Ernie Callaghan.

Sadly there are far too few big Rudd to be had at Lanesborough, although some good fish were weighed in 2008. September always seem to be the most productive month for 1lb+ fish. Occasionally these interbreed with Bream

Tench ( tinca tinca )

Irish record - 8lb 02.4oz -  Ballyeighter Lake - Nick Parry - 20.06.95

Specimen weight - 6lb

My P.B. 7lb 1oz (Shannon - Lanesborough 2012) equalling my UK P.B.

The best I've witnessed was 7lb 05oz

The Tench made a big come back in 2008 with many topping 6lb. There is usually a four day window when the females arrive near the duckpond area but unless there are a number of anglers willing to blank, they can easily come and go before you know. In 1997 two fish exceeding the record were reported at 8lb 02oz and 8lb 05oz

Perch ( perca fluvialtilis )

Irish record - 5lb 08oz - Lough Erne - S. Drum - 1946

Specimen weight - 2lb 10oz

My P.B. 2lb 12oz (Shannon - Lanesborough)

The best I've heard about was 3lb 08oz but there was an un-confirmed report a few years back of a 4lb+ fish. Some years there are simply thousands of Perch. I've know of autumn bags of 50lbs or more.

Pike ( esox lucious )

Irish record - (Lake) 42lb 12oz - White Lake - Larry Kelly - 25.09.05

Irish record - (River) 42lb - River Barrow - M. Watkins - 22.03.64 

Specimen weight - 20lb

My P.B. 20lb 11.5oz (Shannon - Lanesborough 2011)

The best I've witnessed was 24lb 8oz

Irelands favourite fish. Unfortunately the novice angler wants to catch these but hasn't a clue how to handle them. I saw a giant in the 90's that was certainly a 30! Irish folklore tells of massive fish caught in excess of 50lbs. I met a Belgian angler who showed me photo's of a 40. Who knows the true potential of a monster out on Lough Ree?

Carp ( cyprinus carpio )

Irish record - 29lb 13oz - The Lough at Cork - Sidney Kennedy - 05.07.98

Specimen weight - 12lb

My P.B.  - Never caught one at Lanesborough!

I believe there are about a dozen Carp that are frequent visitors to the hot water stretch. I think only two have been caught (see photos). I saw a giant Common feeding in the Hot Water which, if it's still around would possibly rattle the Irish record.

Eel ( anquilla anquilla )

Irish record - 6lb 15oz - Lough Droumenisa, Bantry - J. Murnane - 12.06.79

Specimen weight - 3lb

My P.B.  - 1lb 12oz (Shannon - Lanesborough)

I was lucky enough to see an Eel fisherman in the 90's with his nets full of Eels ranging from bootlaces to 4-5lb monsters. He told me he had captured fish to at least 8lb which would dwarf the current record. Although I've had bigger at home on the Cuckmere, I'd dearly love to improve on my Irish P.B.

Other Irish Records

Dace - 1lb 02oz - River Blackwater, Cappoquin - John T. Henry - 08.08.66

Rudd/Bream Hybrid - 7lb 10oz - Monalty Lake - Brendan Doran - 19.10.96

Salmon - 57lb - River Suir - M. Maher - 1874

Brown Trout (Lake) - 26lb 02oz - Lough Ennell - Wm. Mears - 15.07.1894

Brown Trout (River) - 20lb - River Shannon, Corbally - Major Hugh Place - 22.02.57

Sea Trout - 16lb 06oz - Shimna River, Co. Down - Thomas McManus - 29.10.83