A wonderful brace of Rudd caught by Pat Lowry in August 2014.

The late, great, Ernie Callaghan in May 2006 with Rudd weighing in at 2lb 3oz. I really miss his smiling face.


Damian Allchorne (Captain Cock-Up) from Dublin with two specimens from the "Hot Water"

The Bream weighed in at 7lb 8oz whilst the Tench went 6lb 4oz

You'll will notice Damien has more grey hair in the 4 years between these photos.

A couple of tincas over 6lb a piece Killian and Glen McCormack caught these in 2010 Apart from being in a Jedward tribute act, they are often referred to as Seamen Sucker and Staines.

  Over the years many anglers have told stories of hooking giant Tench that were un-stoppable. Could these fish have been Carp? If reports are accurate there are about a dozen "Mirrors" which are mostly low doubles. I have only seen one Carp here but that was a huge Common which was well in excess of 20lbs.  A photo is in the shop of a smaller un-weighed Mirror caught in May 2001. That year I hooked a fish in the near-side margins opposite the gap. Unlike Tench, who always head downstream when hooked, this fish went up-stream into the gusher where we parted company. Richard McDowell of Great Yarmouth landed this 16lbs 9ozs Mirror whilst ledgering maggot in 2005.

Photo courtesy of Mark Egan Shannonside Guesthouse, Athlone

This one was caught by Steve Gee in 2002 weighing in at 11lb. 


Far better looking than most anglers, this is Jen and Alice catching their first fish on the hot water stretch. Alice caught 5 Roach whilst Jen had the consolation of the biggest fish, a 4oz Perch.