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So here goes, a few of my faves,-


From Kevin

hi paul, i aint being taken up the meat factory this year we arrive on 24th april see you then 

My Reply,-

I haven't been taken (or took) anyone up the meat factory for years. I'm going to Lanesborough on March 30th ticket booked - £69 each way with the van. See ya in the spring Paul


I have a video of some Brazillian lads who like to go up the meat factory click here to see it


From the french lads who come most years


Translate with google translate please! We all love the French?


From Alan

Paul, I grew up Lanesborough in the 80s, and spent every spare minute on the stretch you now report on. Used to walk to Kilnacarrow too the odd time, and fished Johnstons from the shore, as our house was down the same little laneway as their farm. The site is an amazing trip down memory lane, although a tragedy that the fishing isn't what it was back then. Watching the big shoals of perch and rudd off the bridge, and catching tench and bream on solid fibreglass children's rod kits seem to be a thing of the past. I'll get down there a few times this year hopefully. Keep up the great work. Kind regards, Alan


From Colin

Paul, I hope you remember me, I used to stay with Tom Fox. I used to come with a group of 4 one of which as Peter who could talk a glass eye to sleep! You once took us on the boat to the island but there was nothing doing so we came back. Last time I came I came alone and droped in at Castlecore after you had finished, there were some guys on the other side catching nicely. I hope you re well pal, sounds like this year has been better for you but not brilliant. I read with sorrow your diaries for previous years when you were left qustioning yourself about returning. the lure of the place is too much but I know what you mean it as declined badly over about the last 5 years. I now live in Western Australia, hence you have not seen me, but I think about you and Ireland often and always wish you well. Almost gave you a call to catch up but though you may prefer an email. PS there is no real fishing as we know it in WA. You need to go up the Inny for those big roach you know they are there! Good luck pal and congrats on a fantastic website that ex pats like me really enjoy. I hope we meet up again Best wishes and thanks for all your help in the past, you are a real good bloke ( for a southerner)


From Ade

hello mate, Ade here, the scouser you very kindly introduced to a few stretches of the glorious inny way back in 2002. just found your web site and read the reports you wrote about the few days we had at houlihans hole and the old peoples home (cant recall what you said that stretch was called.)i had the best roach fishing of my life...thanks mate. would you believe i havnt been back to ireland fishing (been to dublin a few times, but just beer weekends !)since the trip to lanesborough !!!. not for the want of trying, but its difficult to get someone to go with you these days, everyone wants to go to whiteacres or anglers paradise (a very apt name for it...not !) had a good read through the site, an excellent source of information, brought back some happy memorys. me and a mate have set up www.merseysideanglers.com, have a look in, your more than welcome. all the very best...Ade


From Pat

Hi Paul Just a line to let you know I really enjoyed reading about your angling experiences around Lanesbourough, Its great to know that there are people like yourself out there that put the wellfare off the fish first. I live in Dublin but I try to get a weeks fishing once a month in , most off witch is done on the suck around Roscommon and Strokestown lakes. I have been fishing in Roscommon most of my life but in the last 3 or 4 years have become a bit dissapointed with the lack of effort by fishermen and the fishierys boards to put a stop to Foerign Nationals killing fish I have come across alot off this in the last few years , The locals attidue is a joke unless its trout or salmon nothing is done. I find my camera is the best wepon when it comes to dealing with theese people they usually clear off after I take a Few Pics. Well Hope you have a good year . All the best, Pat