The Bream Master                                

     A prize of 1 Euro is presented to the winner of the largest specimen Bream caught on the "Mud Island" each year. The 2007 event was cancelled but the 2006 winner was myself with a 7lb 10oz fish.  To see the award ceremony, click here.

The 2008 prize fund was increased to 5 Euro and was won by Damien Allchorne with a Bream of 7lb If you wish to see the ceremony click here, it is a shocking video and I would like to apologise for the content.

2009 was not a great year for the mud island as it was covered in 6" of water up until May 19th. We usually have our competition on the holiday weekend at the beginning of May but this year we posponed it 'til two weeks later. If you haven't read the daily reports,  click here to see Captain Cock-up and Seaman Sucker present Paul McCockoff with 10 euros.

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