Monday  17th April 2017                          

11:00 - Whimbrel week? yes, my favourite bird arrive in their thousands, migrating the course of the Shannon en route to Iceland via Scotland to nest. I saw my first small flock last night, and they may be seen out on the lough for the next two or three weeks.

I'm afraid to say the fishing on the hot stretch was rather below par last night as Miro and Flano completed the last of their three days. Plano lost a very big fish during the night but had little else to trouble the landing net.

Larry Kelly arrived in the wee hours for a serious assault on the swims above the duck pond. He has had an amount of success with some smaller tincas two of which were barely a pound, but from little acorns.....

There is still much surface activity on the navigation channel indicating that the Roach are in vast numbers again. Why there aren't more in the hot stretch is beyond me. Perhaps if it was brighter, the shoal which annually sits under the bridge has already arrived and we simply can't see them?

Today is possibly the biggest day in my football teams history since 1983 when we went to Wembley for the cup final. Please do not call between 3-5 this afternoon as I will be glued to the computer which will be linked via Skype to home so I may hear the commentary from the Amex Stadium.


 The worlds most difficult jigsaw? Promotion party at Brighton

21:45 - It was most pleasant to see the afternoon sun shining as I was able to see into the water from the bridge. Although not in great numbers, there was a good number of fish in a shoal that were clearly visible.

Two experienced match anglers armed with long poles fished the stretch near the gap with both having equal amounts of success. An estimated 25lbs each with a lot of Roach topping a pound, but averaging 3-4 oz as far as I could see.

On the navigation channel, Nigel Jelly from Leicestershire fished with a stick float to amass an estimated 40lb bag which like my previous catches, was made up almost exclusively of male fish. He was just packing up as I arrived, so I carried on to get 48 fish again. Unlike yesterday, I did not run out of ground bait, but the last 30 minutes or so, really struggled. I can only guess that the fish cam up in the water as dusk beckoned and my bait simply sailed by under them?

On the disabled swims, Aiden and Phillip are fishing into darkness trying to tempt a Tench. Aiden has had a 3lb Male, so there is every chance he may increase his tally.

I'm really baffled as to why anglers are unable to distingquish the sex of Roach, so here's a few pointers for those who are similarly confused. A cock fish, at this time of year gets really raspy scales whereas a hen is slippery to touch. The male has tubercles around the snout, and finally, when you swing a male in, the dorsal fin is erect. I may be wrong, but aside from the dorsal fin, the Bream will show exactly the same symptoms.

   Tuesday  18th April 2017                        

11:30 - Apologies for the late arrival of this service and any inconvenience caused, this was due to the wrong type of fish being in the river. Geoff Wood arrived early and fished upstream on the Roscommon side but noticed as the sun rose, the fish dropped back under the bridge. Arnie from Roosky is there now and catching steadily.

22:15 - Not a lot of action anywhere today, I presume Arnie didn't fare too well as he was gone by the time I walked over to see him. For the evening session, there were quite a lot of bodies around, but very few fish caught. Phillip had two Perch which took worm intended for Tench, whilst on the Roscommon bank Damian Rooney, out for the first time since getting married, failed to lure a Pike.

I must try harder tomorrow!

   Wednesday  19th April 2017                

09:00 - A lot of rain and wind around dawn prohibited this fine weather angler from rising this morning. I understand Aiden had a couple of baby Tench after I left last night, but the Lowry clan, who arrived just before dusk only had just one, that going to Pat and weighing a healthy 5lbs 1oz. Since then he has had a much smaller unweighed fish at 08:30.

On the hot stretch, Robbie Cording has landed the best reported Pike at 17lbs 8oz I'll have a picture of this later. With so many small jacks in the last week or so, it's nice to see a more substantial Pike in the river. 

With the Roach run as good as over for here at least, I now have to make a choice between going out on the boat to find some Bream or sit it out risking a blank for the Tench.

I'm off this morning to have a look at the Inny. Let's hope some fish are around Shrule bridge, I need a 2 pounder.

22:45 - We had a major scare this afternoon, it appeared the hot water from the gusher had gone very cold. This probably means it really went off late last night and may be the reason why the fishing was so poor this morning. By 5pm I think it was almost  back to normal, and three lads from Mulling who arrived for a long session were proud captors of two Tench. I saw the second and weighed it at 2lbs 15oz, the first was a bit bigger, but their scales were inadequate.

Between Conor and Dylan Lowry, Tim Collyer and myself, we drew a complete blank. Thankfully, no one else was there to see how poor the evening session was. Add Pat Lowry into the equation who left about 6pm and there was in excess 36 angling hours without anything more than a few Rudd. One fish I failed to mention, was a 5 lbs 15 oz Bream caught by Conor in the small hours.

Earlier, on the hot stretch, Git and Fred Brady had a truly memorable day Piking. The best fish was weighed in at 17 lbs 8 oz and was backed up by at least a dozen other doubles to 16 lbs and nearly 25 Pike all together. I apologise for earlier naming Robbie Cording as the captor of the biggest.

Fred Brady caught this April best Pike of 17lbs 8oz today.

   Thursday  20th April 2017                     

11:30 - No fishing for me today as I have to return to Blighty for the weekend. Three shows with Insane Society in Bedford, Ashford and Newhaven. Any one nearby is welcome to attend, but if you are not, and would like to download a FREE re-recording of our debut CD, simply send an email to, -  and you'll instantly get the link.

Two Tench were banked this morning by Fran McCormack and Richie Gilligan from Mullingar both weighing males of 5lb 1oz and 5lb, but more a more significant catch has been made by Gerry Judge fishing the gusher. He currently bagging up on quality fish with some large Hybrids (mongrels). I suppose this is what yesterdays Pike must have been following the day before?

Whilst I'm away, I'll keep updating information as I receive it, but probably only once a day around 10:00

  Richie Gilligan and Fran McCormack with two 5 pounders this morning

Keep catching, - Paul 0879419988

   Friday  21st April 2017                              

12:15 - When I last spoke to Gerry on the gusher yesterday, he was well on his way to a 100lb of Hybrids with odd Rudd and Roach. I've commented many times about the apparent lack of mongrels at Lanesborough in recent years, but every so often, they come and go seemingly overnight. Well, they've vanished again as visiting anglers from Navan and Mullingar found this morning.

A few more Tench are showing, Richie and Fran have a combined tally of 10 over their marathon three day session, which on reflection is not a great number but more than adequate reward for sitting it out for that long. At least it hasn't rained.

   Saturday  22nd April 2017                     

15:00 - Very little to add I'm afraid, Richie and Fran finished with a total of 10 Tench from their 72 hour session. When they left, Flano and Paul Ryan fished the same area into the night, failing to land a Tench, but catching lots of Bream to a pound. They also noted the water was very warm at 2am when they packed up leaving the stretch was deserted.

No further information at present. I'm off to Ashford now and will post any I receive tomorrow morning.

Larry Kelly had this, his biggest unweighed Tench on Monday


   Sunday  23rd April 2017                         

11:30 - Although the area below the bridge was deserted yesterday evening, three anglers fished into the night on the hot stretch. I'm waiting to hear how they got on, but as I know who was there, am confident his report will be accurate and will be posted tonight if I receive it.

Yesterday afternoon, Aiden Dooney, currently having a superb run of form in the Tench department, added four more to his yearly total with fish up to 4.02lbs. There were a lot of casual anglers on the hot stretch and also two Dubliners on the disabled swims. They were not so fortunate as Aiden and failed to lure one of those brown beauties.

I'm off to Newhaven soon for the 3rd of Insane Society's "one in every hole" mini tour. My voice is on its last legs, so when I get back tomorrow night I may be a bit quieter than usual.