Week Ending 14th May 2017

   Monday  8th May 2017                             

20:45 - Nothing to report as no one, as far as I'm aware was fishing. Flano and Robert went through the motions whilst slowly packing up without so much as a bite. I saw Chris spinning this evening, but to no avail. I really couldn't muster any enthusiasm at all from the moment I got up.

About 6pm I decided to do what my gut feeling told me last week and investigate the lilies above the gusher. I paddled all the way upstream marvelling at the swan mussel beds which were glistening in the sunlight. I saw plenty of Asian clam shells which I presume were dead ones and more importantly, disturbed a number of Tench under the cabbages. 

When I got across the gusher outflow, I went up past the old system into the back water. There were fish present there as well, but no where to set up to try to tempt one. One positive from my little trip was the horrible weed that engulfed the whole stretch in recent seasons, was notably absent from all but one or two areas. The down side of my findings was most of the once solid ground, now has a build up of soft debris. Wether this is a nest of Clams or perhaps, with this winters lack of floods, simply didn't get the flush through that would happen most years?

I'm having an early night to recharge the battery and will attempt an early session tomorrow.

   Tuesday  9th May 2017                           

12:30 - A group of Welsh anglers arrived just after dawn and have had a very good session so far. Employing pole tactics, they have had mainly Hybrids and Perch with some quality Rudd to close on a pound and a half. There is a wee bit of cloud cover and maybe that has encouraged fish to feed with confidence.

Aiden was the sole angler out at dusk last night and whilst i was sitting with him had a Tench which was just over 4 lbs. It was so quiet with no others out, there were even fewer walkers. Anytime someone jumps on the concrete, I am convinced the shockwaves put off the Tench even though they may be 20 yards away.

This evening, I'm going for a session not too far away from Lanesborough for a couple of days, so by which time the stretch, like me will get a much needed rest. If I can get internet connection, I will post any updates I receive.

The Welsh trio all claimed at least 50lbs per man which in my eyes is a damn fine catch. The mainstay of fish were Hybrids with good sized Perch and Rudd. It just goes to prove, that despite low water, some swims can still produce weights to be proud of.

So far this evening, the only bite I've had was a leg of chicken I bit into. No further news from the stretch, but one thing I forgot to mention yesterday, was the sheer volume of fish in the navigation channel. Anyone fancying their chances would surely bag up either below, or above the bridge.

   Wednesday  10th May 2017                 

21:00 - Being AWOL is very frustrating, not knowing what's going on around the area I'm supposed to be reporting about. Instead, I've been offered news about our two neighbour rivers, namely the Feorish above Tarmonbarry and the Inny, both of which a full of very good fish at the moment. I chose the wrong time to be unable to fish at Shrule bridge. Get in quick folks!

   Sunday  14th May 2017                           

22.00 -
Too wet for me, I've flown south for the summer, back next year.....