Wednesday 29th March 2017            

I should have arrived by now, but due to work commitments and losing my car key, I am still in Kent. I've been monitoring the Shannon levels and temperature all winter, and although the water is dropping now, this is the first year for a VERY long time when the hot water section has been fishable all through the dark days of winter. 

In fact, there is only about 5 inches of water under the bridge on the concrete, and at a healthy 9.6c there may be a good chance of some Roach populating the stretch. At least there would be if it wasn't for the power station being off-line for routine maintenance! I'm reliably informed that it will fire up on Friday morning, by which time I could be well on my way.

Until I arrive, I won't be posting news unless I have some. Any enquiries, call me on 0879419988 or email

   Saturday  1st April 2017                          

This is NOT an April fools prank, for the first time since 1992, I'm not coming to Ireland for my spring pilgrimage. The last two weeks have taken their toll resulting in my decision made in the early hours of this morning. I wrote the van off, Dana lost the car key and I am both physically and mentally drained.

I going to be very depressed for the next few weeks as I fully expect to miss some great fishing, not to mention the banter from friends at Lanesborough and tourists visiting the area. Then there's the shop and grief I get from Bridie. Oh, and Ralf, my canine mate who keeps me sane. It really is like erasing six weeks of my life.

I'm not giving up on Lanesborough entirely, perhaps next year will present different circumstances. I guess I'm going to try fishing my local lake in search of tincas, but somehow, I don't think I'll have the same enthusiasm?

I'm halfway through finishing another album for Insane Society and if anyone is interested, you may like to download a free re-recording of our debut CD simply be sending an email to, to automatically receive the link.

'til next year.... Wag

   Sunday  2nd April 2017                          

With so many messages, some from people I haven't heard from in years, offering their kind thoughts on my missing what I love most, I thank you all. I have to admit I'm an addict, and my fix is my trip to Lanesborough each spring. So at this very moment, I'm going cold turkey and shaking uncontrollably. At least i had time to think about my life and actually clean the garden shed.

As for news on Lanesborough, Steve Blacklidge and son Josh are staying in the village and naturally fished the hot water stretch, amassing lots of small fish to a pound and Pike to 16 lbs. I've known Steve for over 20 years and look forward to seeing him each year. At least he is enjoying himself whilst I'm sulking.

I'm going to keep this page going for a while until I'm weaned off, so maybe here's some hope of a great spring for you all...

The Lowry clan from Tuam fished the stretch near the bush and gusher catching lots of fish with some topping a pound, but did Conor bring any of his mothers Nutty Crunch for his absent friend?

Conor caught this Roach estimated close to a pound and a half this afternoon