This is Peters' page for the Lower Inny from Ballymahon through to Tom Foxes. For more info. on this area, go to the excellent

I'll try to keep this page up-dated twice weekly from April through 'til the end of May hopefully on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

  Sunday 3rd April,- Nothing happening I'm afraid. No sign of any life during a two hour session above Redbridge. A few resident Roach can be had around the steps at Ballymahon. Paul bagged up on Saturday with 9, all but 1 were under an ounce, whilst Peter had just 1 on Sunday.

  Sunday 17th April,- If you are wondering why this page has not been updated, the reason is simple,- no fish of any significance have been reported until Thursday when Paul fished Maladys and caught 54 fish in just over two hours. On Friday Chris had a far better catch, see for a more comprehensive report. The Roach are starting to move up the river, but this year there are far more Hybrids than in previous years.

  Tuesday 26th April,- Still no news and either no one or very few have been near the river on Peters patch. With April being as warm as it was, there is a possibility that there will be no Roach run this year if is dosen't happen in the next week or so.

  Friday 29th April,- A lot of Roach have ammassed near the bridge at Shrule, mainly males with the odd big female. Many Trout have been caught but reports are still thin on the ground, simply not enough anglers!

  Monday 9th May,- Apologies for not up-dating regually this year, but the Roach run was probably a tenth of previous years. Speculate amongst yourselves as to the reason. There could be another flush, but there is more chance of Brighton and Hove Albion dominating world football for the next ten years!

Steve Blacklidge with a perfect Trout from below Shrule Bridge