This is Peters' page for the Lower Inny from Ballymahon through to Tom Foxes. For more info. on this area, go to the excellent

I'll try to keep this page up-dated twice weekly from April through 'til the end of May hopefully on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Before then, there will be a couple of reports if anything significant happens. (it hasn't yet!)

  March 19th,- Despite trying every couple of days or so, Peter has had just one bite on the river since last September. He caught a small Trout recently. Better news from Lanesborough, one session produced a small mixed bag of fish to 12oz last week.

  March 26th, - A slight improvement with Peters catch rate. 5 Perch and 3 Trout were caught. Elsewhere, a few smallish Roach are appearing.

  April 5th, - Peter went out yesterday to get just bite that resulted in a Hybrid of a pound and a half. There are Roach in the river, seen topping, but these are probably very small and most certainly not feeding. The river is high, but with improving conditions, the possiblity of a Bream may occur.

  April 9th, - A bit of excitement today, a very large Bream estimated at around 6lb was lost at the net. Peter was fishing peg 32, "the bog hole" at Tom Foxes. A few Perch and a Hybrid were the other fish caught, but things are looking up. Watch this space for a Sunday report.

  April 12th, - Loads of Roach seen coming through Toms, but unwilling to feed. Only a handful caught at Maladys but good sized. Roach at Ballymahon.

  April 18th, - The Roach that disappeared last Thursday have returned to Ballymahon Bridge. Peter had 40 or so this morning with a number over a pound. The river is getting towards perfect level again, but some colour is required to get the Bream in the river.

  April 22nd, - Nothing worthy to report. Rumours of a few Bream and Hybrids at Toms but the river appears to have few fish and even less anglers at the moment. The weekends warm weather will no doubt bring the fish off the lake, so we should soon see plenty of action.

  April 25th, - Peter had a long session at Toms today with just two Perch to show for his efforts. Admitedly, one weighed over a pound, but it's looking very grim for the week ahead. The warm weather never materialised and there is little to look forward to.

  May 2nd, - Some Fish moving into the lower river at dusk. At Whitebridge, Liam from Dublin with Kevin, Peter and Dave fom Halifax, blanked without a bite. 

  May 9th, - Still waiting for the real spring flush (or did it happen 4 weeks ago) The river is full of smallish Roach at Maladys with only a couple nudging a pound. Very cold night temperatures would suggest nothing significant will happen this week, but you never know!

  May 13th, - Lots of Roach showing at Maladys last night up to a pound, but no big females.

  May 20th, - Very few anglers around to report catches. Some odd big Roach caught all week but no signs of giant shoals in the fast water. Looks like that's it for the year, - where  did it go?


Two Roach both weighing exactly 2lb. Dennis on the left and a fat bloke from Tunbridge Wells on the right. Click the photos for a bigger image.

  May 23rd, - Ignore my previous statement, there were thousands of Roach under Shrule bridge with many well over 2lb spawning on the shallows. A group of anglers tempted some to feed but they had limited success. They will probably be gone within two days. The best reported was this 2lb 4oz beauty tempted by Elvin Garnett.