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 A large bronze creature emerges from the depths. Many pilgrims arrive from overseas. They forfeit much to seek their goal.

Rising and setting times for the Moon

   Meridian Passing 
28 Apr 201405:3820:0612:4646.6°379,1440.7%
29 Apr 201406:0821:1813:3750.1°383,0970.1%New Moon at 07:15
30 Apr 201406:4122:2414:2852.6°387,4452.0%
1 May 201407:2023:2415:2054.2°391,8946.0%
2 May 201408:05-16:1154.7°396,10311.9%
3 May 2014-
4 May 2014-
    Monday 28th April 2014                        
     As from today, I shall be referred to as "Lord Lanesborough" This is not a wind up, it is a title, and although not a peerage, I should be addressed as "My Lord"
  There was an Earl of Lanesborough dating back to the 17th century but the title became extinct when the former 9th Earl died in 1998. In days of old, Lords may have had their choice of the village virgins and expect a free pint or two in pubs whilst collecting taxes from the locals. Whilst I have no intention of using my privileged position for those demands, I would like a few Tench. My Lordship title may not be quite enough to secure my wishes!
To see the history of the former Earls of Lanesborough, go to,-
     Ok, fellow anglers and danglers, peasants, pheasants and other nobility that read these pages, normal service is about to be resumed. I'm on my way back and have just left Crewe. I had to travel with the Riff-Raff in 2nd class as 1st was fully booked and will arrive at Lanesborough by 09:30 tomorrow morning. - Praise the Lord!!
    Tuesday 29th April 2014                      
     Good morning everybody, I've just completed a very interesting walk with Peter Wood and learned much about the river I love so much. The gusher has finally stopped and the stretch is like a canal. With my polaroids, I could see every contour and fish. There were not many of course, just a handful of Pike which were mostly Jacks of less than 4 lbs. However, just below the bridge was one of around 15lbs or so. We took the temperature to find that, with the exception of the bridge (13.5c/56f) it was around the (14.5c/58f) from the gusher to below the duckpond. This would confirm the steep rise as shown on the readings from Hodson Bay.
     There was no evidence of any substantial coarse fish, but an abundance of fry are clearly visible looking down from the bridge. I'm confident the overall temperature is enough to fish for Tench from the disabled swims downstream if, and only if, they've mooched round from their winter hideaway. We shall see this evening when I resume my mission.
      I have no idea when the water will be running again. If YOU want to fish here from late May onwards, I suggest that we organise a few of you brave souls to assist in getting rid of the weed growth that ruined the summer/autumn angling last year or else it will do so again and render the stretch impossible to fish. I appreciate it means a sacrifice of valuable angling time, but perhaps this Friday afternoon at 2pm offers the best opportunity weather-wise?
If you don't want to see this again in the summer, come and join us with wader's or wet suit and tools to try to eradicate the unsightly weed in the stretch. Lillies and Cabbages will not be removed. 2pm Friday afternoon, beer and fags will not be provided!

      With our normal areas for Tench showing little or no flow, it was time to think outside the box. I'd previously noted a potential swim off the beaten track below the harbour. After plumbing I found about six foot of water in a reed fringed bay. Whilst I didn't get any bites, I intend on feeding the area for the next couple of days just in case?
     I walked back just before dusk to witness my first flock of Whimbrel this year, then  had 15 minutes without a bite on the slipway. There was no surface activity of any sizeable fish.
    An exclusive piece of news from Peter Wood on the Inny, - there are Roach in good numbers appearing around the Redbridge area. www.innyangling.net has failed to notice any activity yet, but that's not surprising as John can't see any further than his flowers and birds. For an angling site, it really doesn't do what it says on the tin!
    Wednesday 30th April 2014              
     The last day of April, my favourite month, why can't it last forever? After almost two days without sleep, it was no surprise I slept as long as I did. It was quite cold this morning and on the navigation channel, Kevin Madhams and his son were up at dawn but blanked. On Sunday, Kevin caught this long, lean, spawned out Pike just above the bridge. 
Kevin Madhams with an un-weighed Pike caught on Sunday
    At 5:45 after pre-baiting my Tench swim for tomorrow, I headed for Redbridge. Dennis had been there a while and had "some" Roach. Peter Wood also contributed to the "Rutilus famine fund" and I had a lovely evening, also catching "some" As it's now silly season for Roach on the Inny, I respectfully ask anglers not to use keep nets whilst the fish have love on their minds! It is just as rewarding seeing these transient fish making their way upstream as to keep "some" from doing so.
    In a couple of days I expect Lanesborough to get its second run. Visiting anglers over the holiday weekend may be forced to fish the navigation to get some quality returns.
    Thursday 1st May 2014                          
     Nothing happening on the stretch, a Frenchman was near the disabled swims trying to catch some bait fish. I knew he'd been unsuccessful when at 9.15 he came into the shop asking for dead-bait. I completed the final pre-baiting of my potential secret swim. Tomorrow, at dawn, I'll cast a serious line and wait with anticipation.
     A reminder, - I'm going to attempt to eradicate the un-sightly weed that is starting to get a grip in the hot stretch. Any volunteers with waders are welcomed to assist. Meet at the bridge around 2pm tomorrow afternoon. It will be warm and overcast, but no rain.
   More bad news at 10pm? Well it's just gone 10 now and I have no news from Lanesborough 'cos I wasn't dumb enough to stick around whilst all those lovely Roach were running up the Inny. I always make the effort at this time of year, normally at Shrule or Maladys. Of course, usually there are enough people still fishing at Lanesborough to get newsworthy reports. This year, quite simply is not the case, and unless we get the 2nd flush in the next few days, there may not be anything worth reporting until later in the month.
     My evening trip to Redbridge was slightly better than yesterday, Dennis and Peter caught much the same with the best going 1 lbs 6oz. I lost two good fish, but at the time caught two mongrels, so I suppose the lost fish may have been Hybrids.
    Friday 2nd May 2014                               
     Nobody fishing, what a surprise? My mind said go but the legs said no! That pre-baited swim will have to wait. This afternoon saw an attempt to remove the weed, that in 2013 eventually rendered the hot stretch un-fishable. I'd like to say thank-you to all that came and lent a hand, so thank you Peter Wood! At seventy something years old Peter still has the enthusiasm to want to do something to help others catch. For those who were not able to attend today (everyone else) don't worry, you'll have a chance to redeem yourselves on Monday afternoon when we do the bridge area, bring a rake, waders and anything that may get the job done quicker. The photos below clearly show how bad it was getting with a before and after shot.
     In the evening, Peter spent two hours teaching Louise Broder how to use the stick float. She claimed a new P.B. at 1lb 4oz. I had 66 fish tonight but the average size was far less than previous visits. News travels slowly in the Tang area, www.innyangling.net has just caught up with what the rest of us have known for four days.
     I arrived back at Lanesborough at dusk to find the banks deserted, an absolute disgrace for the start of the holiday weekend. I failed to see any surface activity, and I'm afraid it looks grim for the immediate future.
     Incidentally, our water temperature is now warmer below the bridge than at anytime when the hot water was coming out of the gusher. It is now 60f around the disabled swims, so where the feck are the tincas
Before and after - an exhausting afternoon cutting  weeds at Lanesborough
    Saturday 3rd May 2014                         
     Fishing? No chance! After yesterday I had no energy and little enthusiasm. My morning walk was taken to review the work and I think Peter and myself should give each other a pat on the back for a job well done. I spotted a huge swirl on the stretch and can presume it to be from a Pike or a Carp. No one fishing and I'm not sure whether we will see anyone at all. If only someone was brave enough to do an overnight session around the duck pond, perhaps some Tench may appear.
     I'm not too sure how long I can keep up this no news scenario? I may have to go into bullshit mode, (no emails or comments saying I've been there for seven years please) I'll leave all that to other angling pages!!
     At 3pm Tim Collyer arrived for a session and was leaving for Shannon Bridge after 2 hours without so much as a sniff. Luckily for him, Offaly Tincas were more obliging and he had a seasons best of 6 lbs 3oz.
     I had a vision this morning, Brighton would make the play-offs and I would secure a 2 lb Roach. Well, I was nearly right. The mighty Albion won at Nottingham Forest and my first Roach was nearly a two, (ounces) There was no sign of any significant fish at Shrule Bridge, so at 7pm I went to Redbridge to catch 59 Roach and a Perch. The best was about 14oz.
     Back at the ghost town, for the first time on a holiday weekend in my memory, there were no anglers. A few fish were topping on the navigation, so perhaps we may see some action over there tomorrow?
    Sunday 4th May 2014                             
     I've had a bad night's sleep and really need cheering up. Despite yesterdays win for Brighton. I'm thinking of heading home. Without the gusher and the local fishing, I have to travel just to catch. I know that's what most anglers do, but I want to go twice a day and walk, not drive. What do the readers think? Please tick a box or two, 'cos results may sway my decision on Tuesday.
Should I stay or should I go?
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     It came as no surprise to see so few visitors on the stretch again. Laura and Mark came and went and I think they probably blanked. Currently at 9:30 pm there are two foreign anglers blissfully unaware of the crisis we have at Lanesborough.
     I broke all my personal rules to fish a lake this evening, with three hours on Fin Lough to score as much as Munchester Untied yesterday. When you're down and out, there's no way up? My only moment of joy was seeing a lot of Whimbrels from the bridge at dusk.
     Despite my depression, I have every intention of getting wet tomorrow in an attempt to rid the rest of the hot stretch of the undesirable weed that is getting worse by the day. On Friday, just Peter Wood and myself were present, so please, please, please come and help. Meet at the stretch about 2pm and bring a tool. If you don't know any tools, bring a friend, bring the wife, bring the neighbours wife, but most of all bring yourself! Now, where did I leave my Venlafaxine?
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