w/e - Friday 31st May 2013 

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    Monday 27th May 2013                          

Thank you to everyone who has so far voted on my poll that I posted on yesterdays report page. It's nice to know I'm wanted, but I'm not sure if it will persuade me into coming next year. If the proposed 5 week closure goes ahead in the April/May window, it will be catastrophic for not only the town, but for me and that is what I'm basing my plans on. Some of the comments were quite comical. It was suggested that I come at the end of May, well, that would be ridiculous as most (if not all) the action occurs from late March through to mid May.

I hate referring to previous years performance as the present is always more important, but on this date last year, the total sum of Tincas landed was in excess of 400! So far in 2013 there have been 7 of which John Herriven claimed 5. Perhaps now, you will understand why I'm so depressed. There are three theories that may provide an answer. These are as follows, -

  • During the three weeks of high winds when the downside was as good as unfishable, the Tench came in, spawned and when the hot water went off for a week, went back into the lake without being caught.
  • They still haven't entered to do their business due to conditions not yet ideal.
  • They have been eaten or died.
  •  What do you think?
Why have we seen so few Tench in 2013
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The lack of anglers is maybe down to the poor reports I've been posting. Everyday there are in excess of 250 regular visitors to this site waiting for something to happen. Thank you for your patience, I think there is little chance now, but tomorrow is another day, and who knows? perhaps someone will just bag up somewhere along the stretch. The water is so warm, even around the duckpond area.

Thanks to Noel for the text this afternoon who says I've saved him lots of fuel in wasted trips here. It's still not looking good. This morning's April showers have continued and there is not a soul on the bank. The wind is once again South-Westerly and blowing up off the lake. I did attempt to fish for an hour this evening, but there are only so many 1oz Rudd you can catch before throwing in the towel. Honestly, I feel like throwing more than the towel at the moment. I don't think anyone has been on the stretch all day.
Another early night for me. zzzzzzz

    Tuesday 28th May 2013                        

Not the most eventful of days, but at least some fish were caught. One visitor braved the rain this morning to catch lots of very small Rudd with two bonus Perch and another larger one weighed in at 1lb 8oz. I'd like to have a photo of that. Peter Wood opted for a rare session on the hot water stretch at the gusher. He had 4 Rudd of 8oz or so, plus some Perch but was plagued with sub 1oz fish. Robert had 4 small Jacks and myself and Tim Collyer went on the swims near the duckpond with fingers crossed. I've just come back for a coffee at 9pm. It is the first evening this year when I can honestly say it is pleasant to be out in the relatively warm sunshine.

If we catch anything between now and midnight, I'll post a report, but I wouldn't hold ya breath....


    Wednesday 29th May 2013                

Don't worry, I haven't given up or done a runner quite just yet. There were a few casual visitors to the stretch today, and I understand some Perch up to a pound were caught along with the millions* of sub 1oz Rudd that have dominated the stretch in the lasst couple of days. 

I've been preparing Episode 17 of "Get ya Tackle Out" which will be on line by clicking the link from 8pm tonight. Then, I'm out dingling my dangle for a last attempt at the Tench. The ferry is booked for Friday, and quite frankly, I'll be glad to go home. The only thing that's kept my sanity for the last two months has been my daily walks with Ralf, my new best friend who is pictured below. 

Ralf also has a facebook page with lots of dog shaped photos of him. You can see these at www.facebook.com/ralfthepointer

I'll post an update when I return about midnight....*

*Lying again? tut tut!

sshhh - I caught a 3lb 7oz Tinca tonight

    Thursday 30th May 2013                      

Up at 4am in pursuit of tinca tinca. I hope I haven't caught tincaritus 36 hours before heading home?

06:32 - Back in bed, - 'nuff said!

13:00 - Robert came into the shop and informed me of a shoal of fish that has amassed under the bridge. Being new to the village, he had not seen this before. The only thing is, I've seen this shoal as early as the first week of April and there are not nearly as many fish as perhaps in previous years.

I had another very supportive E-Mail today from Anthony Greene whom I quote his final line,-

We never fail when we try to do our best, we always fail when we neglect to do it…

I hope now the shoal is here, some anglers arrive to capitalise on their presence. This is the holiday weekend, and I would expect the stretch to be very busy. Bridie will have plenty of fresh bait in tomorrow morning, but may run out if the demand exceeds the stock!

My final night of this seasons reports was spent watching the river on a beautiful summers evening. There wasn't much surface activity, but there was quite a lot of mayfly hatching and the midges were a problem. I don't know if anyone caught a fish up by the gusher as I didn't walk that far. The shoal under the bridge at mid day mysteriously vanished by mid afternoon. They could be in the stretch, but who knows? This year has been far too difficult to make assumptions.

I'm not leaving until mid afternoon, so perhaps there will be one further update. As there is little chance of my return until September, anyone who has catches they wish to share, or photos (not in keepnets please) use the chat box or the facebook page which can be found on the home page.

  • It is with regret I have to announce there will be no further episodes of "Get ya Tackle Out" in the immediate future. Until sponsorship, or funding is gained to allow me to be resident in Ireland, it would not be financially viable to keep it going as a "watered down" production.
  • I believe I have the right formula for an interesting program and will not give up on achieving this ambitious project. There are numerous issues and features still to be raised, and I'm hoping to re-launch next spring.

Thank you to everyone that has logged in, I know some of you religously do so everyday. It hasn't been the most entertaining time for you or me. I feel genuinely sorry for any anglers that have tried to beat the odds in the last two months or so. Most notably, John Herrieven and Flano, who suffered more than most. Some may yet be rewarded, I can only hope it is those who deserve it through time and effort, not to mention the expense of travelling to Lanesborough.

I will do an overall river assessment as per previous years, but will wait until reports after this holiday weekend before passing judgement. Should nature be found guilty of the crimes it is accused, the sentence served will be a severe one!

     2013 Spring Assessment   

It's taken a long time to get round to a writing a round up of this years action. Nature has been very cruel, but perhaps in the future, we will appreciate one bad season (for anglers) will benefit the river in the long term.

In May 2012, I was moaning about the lack of predatory fish. By mid July, some huge Perch had appeared to feast on the fry in refuse below the bridge in the abnormal weed growth. This year, the Pike were here in fantastic numbers for a prolonged period. With so many fish caught in excess of the 20lb specimen weight, it is easy to assume a good head of prey fish in the lake. 

Because of the recorded weights, I will award Mr Esox Lucious a score of 11/10 for the best performance at Lanesborough in the 22 years I've visited the village.

I've been concerned about the demise of the Hybrid for nearly five years. You will have to listen to one of my "Get Ya Tackle Out" episodes to understand why I believe this is happening. For only for a few days in early April saw any real bulk catches of the "mongrel" and for this reason, I will have to give a very low 1/10 and fear the future may see more of the same.

The Roach in the last 10 years have been getting bigger with many exceeding 2lbs. 2013 has seen a sharp down turn and with so many cock fish (or so few hens), again I fear the future. In two years, we will have a fantastic population in the area, and I think we may have already, but why did we not see the usual suspects patronise the stretch in 2013? Rutilus Rutilus 2/10

Rudd again tried to repopulate the stretch and several of over a pound were caught. If my theory with regard to the Hybrid is correct. We will see far more larger Rudd around Lanesborough in the coming years. 3/10 for these golden beauties.

I may be wrong, but I don't think there was a single 6lb Bream caught in the town area this spring. Although there were several 1-2lb fish which suggests hope in the next five years or so. Conditions were never ideal for Bream and I will have to say 2/10 is the best I can offer.

For me, the major disappointment was the Tincas, It just never really happened. Only a couple of 5lb ers appeared in June. Did they spawn without our knowledge? Perhaps they did their deeds elsewhere? We will have to wait until 2014 to see? 0/10 an absolute disaster!

So there you have it, by far the worse season I have ever experienced, and according to reports after my departure, it never got any better. The one positive was, I found more fish with the fish-finder than EVER before, albeit in the lake.

That's the joy of angling, we may expect, but we never really know what will happen?

If anyone has any views, or disagrees with my assessment, let me know or post a comment in the chat box

Best Fishes, - Paul