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 Three wise men chose not to visit this sacred place, are these men no longer wise?

    Monday 20th May 2013                         

Everything this year has gone against me, but most notably, it is nature that has beaten me. Now the power station is online and producing hot water, maybe my beloved Tincas will make an appearance? Of course, they could have been and gone when the conditions were unfavourable for the angler. Three weeks of strong south westerly winds did more than destroy my enthusiasm, and unless we see a steep upturn in good fortune, this could easily be my last week at Lanesborough, perhaps forever?

Only one dangler was seen this morning on the Hot Water Stretch and that was the ever present Peter Wood who has just informed me of his catch. Peter, as was myself, surprised to catch such good fish. After yesterday, when sub 2oz were the norm, today he had many swingers that deserved the use of a landing net. Even more exciting was that the Roach (again all male) appeared to be ready for spawning. Perhaps this is the second pod and this time the big females we've missed this year will be right behind them?

I wasn't fishing today, but from tomorrow, I will be putting in a lot of hours in an attempt to salvage something out of what has been a fruitless eight weeks. At dusk tonight, I will expect the river to be far more lively than in recent weeks.

Daniel was out as it was getting dark and despite being little or no wind there was surprisingly no surface activity. I think he should have gone to SpecSavers. I have just found out, that prior to the hot water going off eight days ago, the power station was running on half power for two weeks. Perhaps that explains why the fish disappeared from the stretch after the last holiday weekend! 

Another exclusive from Waghorn's book of bad news reveals that Lanesborough Power Station will be closed for FIVE WEEKS next spring for a major overhaul. I extracted this information from a very reliable source, so I'm making no plans to visit next year.

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    Tuesday 21st May 2013                         

There was someone fishing early on this morning but had left before 9.30 so I had no chance to find out what was caught. Perhaps he didn't do as well as expected? Robert had two Pike just after midday with the best around 15lb or so. Peter fished the gusher peg and was catching Rudd and Roach steadily for a couple of hours. 

It's my turn soon, so watch this space                (it's a very small space)

The evening wasn't as pleasant as perhaps I was expecting. The north-westerly breeze had increased making the stick float just a wee bit more difficult to present in the manner I'd liked. Damian Rooney caught a Pike which was a low double. I started about seven and caught a small Hybrid, a Gudgeon and a Perch touching a pound on the gusher and then just as it started drizzling, had three female Roach. Almost as many as my sum total for the year! They were only 6oz or so but in fine condition looking to be filling out nicely. There was still possibly an hour of daylight but this wimp decided he'd had enough. At least I'd seen the stretch holding fish again.

I was very tempted to do an evening session below the disabled swims, but as I have to rise at 3am for a long journey tomorrow, decided not to. John Herriven arrived for a marathon. (A long session, not a chocolate bar) He's after the elusive Tench. I'm sure he will have some, and before long, we all will.

I'll have a look at dusk to see what's going on?

    Wednesday 22nd May 2013               

No good news I'm afraid, John had a blank last night and was blanking all day. So now you know what goes on, in or out of his bivvie. I'm too exhausted to go out as the dog took me on a mission. Now I must build my strength back to at least try a bit harder tomorrow. Unless I go out about 7.30 of course?

Some may say I've been threatening to come out for years, and so I did at 7.30pm tonight, but was it worth it? No, it wasn't. I caught loads of sub 1oz Rudd and not a sniff of anything bigger. What did surprise me though, was evidence of a recent spawning in the gusher. I can only presume this was related to the female Roach that populated the stretch yesterday evening. It certainly was not three weeks old since the last lot done the business.

On the disabled swims, John Herrieven and Craig Murphy continued not to catch. Things really are grim here. A special prize may be won the first person to identify the composer (real name) of the following lyrics,-

I don't know how much more of this I can take,

She's filing her nails as they're dragging the lake.

The prize will be selected from one of the following,- 

  • A Night out with Bridie
  • A packet of Kamasan Hooks
  • A "Get ya Tackle Out" T-Shirt

Sorry, but I've not done Episode 17 of "Get ya Tackle Out" but click the link to enjoy the last one. I will get it done tomorrow, - promise!

    Thursday 23rd May 2013                      

The two overnight anglers recorded "less than zero", perhaps they should have gone to Chelsea, My Radio Sweetheart says pump it up. I'm stuck in my Blue Chair thinking it may have been a good year for the roses but this ain't no seven day weekend!

Some may be confused, but not Pat Devon who correctly identified yesterdays lyrical competition as Declan McManus aka Elvis Costello. Pat will probably go for a "Get ya Tackle out" t-Shirt. Whilst the 2nd email received from Craig Murphy automatically wins a night out with Bridie.

As far as the fishing is concerned, It was awful, I can only hope the two that have just arrive have some success when fishing for Pike. I'm waiting for the end the world!

The wind became a bit of a problem this afternoon, but at least being north-westerly meant there were no substantial waves coming off the lake. For John Herrieven, now into his third day seeking his goal, it must have been very frustrating. When I caught up with him this evening just after 11pm he was still waiting for his first fish. Then, as we were chatting, the tip shook and he struck into a beast that turned out to be an Eel. I had to apologise for laughing, but the situation really is no laughing matter. After last years record breaking Tinca returns, why are there simply none to be had now?

I took an evening on my 2nd favourite river where I had 104 Roach, A Trout and a Mongrel. The Roach were averaging 6oz with only two topping a pound but lots of 12oz fish. Strange how the majority were female, unlike the Shannon fish this year?

Fish, Fish, Fish, for thee I wish, do not look but bite my hook! (Catweazle circa 1971?)

    Friday 24th May 2013                              

Please, Please, Please let this weekend be a special one. If not, we will have to get Jose Mourinho to manage the river. I know I keep on about how poor this year has been, but surely something must happen soon?

John has finished his 72 hour session with just a bootlace. I know he set his stall out to tempt the tincas, and I really wish he got his reward. Someone will just turn up and catch without any preparation, it could be you....

Today is a very sad day. In the U.K. it is a holiday weekend, and this would in days long gone, be a busy time with tourist anglers eager to get their Irish fix. Not only has Lanesborough seen fewer visiting anglers than I can ever recall, but the stretch has been deserted since John left. I was convinced someone would be here with a bivvy, but as I walked along the stretch at dusk, there was not a soul in sight. Even the surface activity was minimal.

Does anyone recall my fish finding results a few weeks back? Robert has been out and reports good shoals still showing in the lake, so why are they not entering the hot water stretch? Have we got something wrong or is mother nature just pissing us about?

My main concern is, when I have to go home next week, there will be no one to report any change, and we, as anglers will not have learned anything from this spring. If only we had the internet 30 years ago, perhaps someone would have recorded all the conditions and then we would know if this a once in 40 year occurrence, or the start of a new trend.

Enough of my moaning, I've been to the Inny tonight and found lots of Roach ready to spawn. I'd advise anyone wanting to capitalise on their presence, to do so quickly as I believe it will be all over by Tuesday.

    Saturday 25th May 2013                       


  • No Anglers
  • No Fish?
  • No Future?
Anglers are more than welcome, as are the fish, but the future is unwritten. Remember the Anglers Prayer, it may be the only alternative?

Full (that's a laugh) update later!

Well, here it is, the update for what it's worth, - Peter Wood fished the navigation channel this morning and had a pound plus Roach within minutes of starting his two hour session. I think you all know what came next, yep, you've guessed right, - absolutely nothing!

I decided to have an attempt at the tincas, I should have known better. 3 hours without a bite as did Steven Keogh who travelled from Co. Meath with Larry Kelly. The pub seemed a better option and after five pints of Smethwicks, the world seemed a better place. Please forgive me for not rising tomorrow morning, and yes, I know it's already tomorrow morning as it's now 3.10. Bollox.....

    Sunday 26th May 2013                          

09:30 - Awake and sober, but no intention of wasting time near a river. It's a lovely day, but Steven and Larry have already given up. I don't need to mention what they caught do I? There should be some more anglers here, but there isn't. I forgot to mention on yesterdays report we saw some very large fish at dusk which I thought were big Rudd. If only some would oblige and surrender to the anglers needs?

I'm undecided as what to do, I'm going home on Friday and resigned to not catching any Tench here at Lanesborough. I'll ask the readers what you think I should do next year, as I so disillusioned with this years experience. Please leave any comments you wish, even offensive ones. I'm thick skinned so you won't offend me. (will you Kevin?)

A torrential downpour just after 5pm persuaded me from going out for an evening session. I'd already got soaked walking the dog. There was no serious anglers here so nothing new there then? There was a Pike competition and I hope to have the results tomorrow.

Last nights drink has taken it's toll and I'm going to have an early night.

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