w/e - Sunday 20th May 2012       

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    Monday 14th May 2012                          
Today would normally see me thinking of going home just as summer arrives, but this year, I'm already back in Tunbridge Wells although I'm returning on Thursday. Summer may be on hold, and it seems a long time since the temperature was in the mid twenties, (the last week of March)
The weather was again miserable and I'm informed there was not a soul on the river. I cannot recall the month of may ever being as quiet at Lanesborough as this, especially when there are fish to be caught. Last night Tim Collyer endured the conditions until 8pm when he was, and I quote,- "frozen, wet, pissed off, fed up and hungry" At least he caught some fish with Tench and Bream troubling his landing net. Still no news from the Inny, could it be possible there won't be a Roach run this year?
    Tuesday 15th May 2012                         
At last some positive news, On Matt Whitings final day with Tim Collyer they had a combined catch of nine Tench and four Bream in a dawn raid near the disabled swims. With Matt giving Tim a damn good spanking for the last ten days, Tim will have to take his frustration out on me! I can only hope I have better success than three of our previous sessions when I was beaten 24-1!
On the hot stretch, two visitors from Dublin were catching very well all day with lots of Bream to 3lb 8oz. I'm promised an E-Mail by them, but it hasn't arrived yet. It would be great to get a picture of their catch in these lean times.
The weather shows no signs of improvement as yet so anyone choosing to bag-up on the navigation channel may do just that as soon as the temperature rises significantly.
    Wednesday 16th May 2012                 
I honestly wish I had something worthy to report, but alas no. It would appear the stretch was deserted again until early evening when "Carter, The unstoppable Tench Machine" (Matt) arrived for a late session on the disabled swims. Luckily for me, there is a CCTV fitted and I can watch whats going on. Click here if you would like a bit of voyeristic enjoyment. I understand they had at least one Tench not long ago and I'm sure they will add to that number.
I spoke to Tim Collyer today as to whether the Tincas have all spawned. It is of his opinion they have not. His ensemble have had a fair number in the past week or so and the females showed no "red vag". It is possible that the fish I believed to be spawning Tench a while back were in fact Bream. That is the joy of angling, we rarely agree, as we are by nature, self opinionated buggers!
    Thursday 17th May 2012                       
Nothing to report because no one was fishing. Matt packed up about 11pm last night with five Tench of which the three females showed signs of recent spawning. I was travvelling all day to return for more punishment, hence the reason for this very late update. I apologise for the delay and any inconvenience caused. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
    Friday 18th May 2012                              
I arrived at 03.00 and of course had to look at the river which around the bridge was simply alive with big fish crashing. I presume they would be Bream or very large Hybrids. At 07.00 I walked down the disabled swims to find three anglers who had 8, mainly Males (Tench, not other anglers) but one caught by Andy Crouch weighed in at 4lb 13oz . The best female, caught by Steven Whyte, looked to be carrying spawn had signs of some recent "action" went a very respectable 5lb 9oz.
Near the bush, Captain Cock-up had a Tench of 4lb and a Pike was having a go at him mid afternoon, despite trying, he is yet to tempt Mrs Esox into swallowing a dead bait.
I was too tired to get my tackle out, so opted for a night watching others. The lads on the disabled swims packed in before 6.30pm without adding much to their early success and eventually amassed 11 Tincas between them, plus as many Rudd of 4-6oz. Their vacated swims were taken as soon as they departed but at dusk not one single Tench had been caught.
Damian, on the bush upstream had less than 15lb for his daylight session but as the sun disappeared, the Hybrids and small Bream started biting. I'm sure he will have a good bag by the morning.
I think after 10 days, I'm in serious need of a service! Time for bed zzzzzzzz
Steven Whyte with a 5lb 9oz Female.
Andy Crouch with a 4lb 13oz Male
    Saturday 19th May 2012                       
Not surprisingly I failed to rise this morning and eventually surfaced at 08.00 with Damian shouting at me. He had a very good net exceeding 70lbs during the night with Bream up to just over 4lbs. Only one angler was on the disabled area with Conrad Kowalski netting 4 Tench, one of which I weighed at 5lb 9oz. He claimed a bigger one after 9am.

Conrad Kowalski  with a 5lb 9oz Female
The returns today were very patchy, only one angler, Graham Pepper was doing well having a Bream of 6lb 8oz in a bag of over 40lb. Beside him, others really struggled. The night owls didn't fare much better either. Chris Ganley had a dissapointing night, and on the disabled swims, Derek Keenan had a solitary Tench, a tiny Pike and a couple of small fish. I had an evening trip to the Inny where it was also difficult. Daniel and I caught 35 fish between us with only one Roach going over a pound.
    Sunday 20th May 2012                          
Not the best of mornings despite no wind and not many fish either. There were seven on the disabled area and only six Tench caught between them. The best of the season so far was caught by Polish angler Tomasz Bartoszko at 3.400k which is 7lb 8oz and is shown below. The fish measured 58cm
Tomasz Bartoszko  with a 3.400k (7lb 8oz) Female
For most, it proved to be extremely difficult, and by mid afternoon the bank was all but deserted except a few casual chancers and Derek Keenan who deserved to catch for his perserverance, he did just that with two females of around 3lb a piece. I contributed by netting their two baby brothers bringing my season tinca tally to 50.

We have a warm front coming so possibly there will be a late influx of fish still to come off the lake this week. There were a good amount of fish below the bridge but didn't appear to be very active.