w/e - Sunday 19th May 2013 

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  The excitement of the last few weeks neareth the end. To seek your goal, you must find a bridge and an iron horse.

    Monday 13th May 2013                          

My pessimism was slightly reassured by Daniel last night when we were chatting about how cruel nature has been to us poor anglers this year. Since 1997, I've been coming over here for six weeks or more, to enjoy the transition of winter through to summer. My plans have always been roughly the same, - Week one and two on the hot water stretch after Roach and Pike, Week three and four exploring the Inny and Suck, whilst still keeping an eye on what's happening locally. Finally, week five and six, going where I've learned to be the most productive areas for specimens such as Bream and Tench. When he pointed out that we are still in the first two weeks, I realised that, perhaps my season is far from over and more can be expected if I just sit out the current crisis.

I have to go home sometime, and my patience is tested when Lanesborough does not fish due to conditions and the power station being down. This morning has seen even more wind and rain, and of course, the stretch is deserted. If it wasn't for the fooball on the TV tonight, I would certainly go away for two days, just to get my head sorted.

Something will happen, (eventually) so even readers of these pages will have to be patient. This afternoon, weather permitting, I'll do a roving session in all areas, just to see if there are any fish to be had. I'll probably miss out the hot stretch though, as experience tells me not to bother!.
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I couldn't find enough enthusiasm to fish after seeing nothing was caught this afternoon, and some of you will understand why tonight I'm not a happy chappy. Sorry, I've nothing more to say (until tomorrow)

    Tuesday 14th May 2013                         

There have been many years when by this date, I had already left this fair isle to return home, with sometimes (not always) joyous memories of six weeks angling of the highest standard. If I went back today, I'd say i've caught 1 Pike of just over 4lbs, A Perch of 1lb 3oz, A Rudd of similar size, Several Roach up to 1lb 4oz, 1 Hybrid of 1lb 8oz and the best session 50 Roach where all but 2 were males. This is not even mediocre fishing, and there are no imminent signs of improvement. The old saying in Poker of "If in doubt...Stack" is very relevant here, and as the Clash said, -"Should I stay, or Should I go"

I'm going to the Inny sometime today, but my instinct tells me that would be fruitless as well. There is currently no one fishing at Lanesborough and we need a miracle. Yesterday, I even suggested we get the local Priest to come down and bless the water! At times like this, we could do with divine intervention. So let's pause for a moment and pray,-

Will it work? of course it won't. One solitary angler from Athlone blanked above the bridge for the 2nd consecuive day. I went to the Inny at Maladys for an hour, despite almost perfect conditions, there appereard to be not a fish in the river. I thought I might as well go back to Lanesborough "just in case" but why did I bother? 30 minutes in the swim that has been so good to me over the years, and not one single bite! This is torture, how much longer can this winter go on for?

The birds I have not seen this year include, The Swift, Common Tern and the Cuckoo. There is no sign of any imminent Mayfly hatching, some trees are only just budding and the problem that farmers are facing is at crisis point. I believe nature is anything up to six weeks in arrears, but could catch up very quickly if there was at least some good weather on the horizon. I've studied the charts, and as far as I can see, there is little or no chance of seeing 20c within the next ten days. Now, where did I hide that cyanide I was saving?

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    Wednesday 15th May 2013                 

If I'm dead, don't try to wake me up!
  • Wind: - Slight North Westerly
  • Rain: - Very light showers
  • Anglers: - None
  • Fish: - Don't be silly Paul!
  • Prospects: - Suicidal
I don't know how long I can keep writing about nothing, the power station is not due back running until Sunday morning, so it could well be Monday evening before any good fish populate the stretch. I may have to return home just to get away from this prison. I will decide as the day goes on. Keep logging on for further updates, but I wouldn't build your hopes up!
Anyone planning a weekend session here would be better off booking an adventure trip to Syria, it would be more fun (and warmer)

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  • 10pm - I'm sure any late loggers were not expecting any favourable news tonight, but at least I have confirmed reports of a number of Pike caught mainly on the navigation channel, which may suggest that some prey fish are in the river. The wind almost dropped to nothing tonight for the first time in what seem an eternity. It was now easy to see the river had rose two inches or so since the weekend and could be rising further if the amount of surface skim is anything to go by.

    Thanks to Peter from Kilmovee, Co. Mayo for the text sent, this evening. It is very difficult when you know everything that I've planned the entire year around is ruined simply by nature. I have to return home very soon, but if I can will get back here hopefully before the spring really starts. There are still Dafodills in full bloom in Mr Ryans garden. I saw my first in the UK way back in January! These flowers, even in ireland, should have long since withered.

    Episode 15 of "Get ya Tackle Out" was posted on line tonight, it's another of our "Live" recordings with few edits. Phillip is a really bad influence on me! If you need cheering up, click the link above.

    'til tomorrow, hopefully, sleep tight don't let the Hybrids bite! Nite, Nite zzzzz

        Thursday 16th May 2013                       

    Now you surely haven't logged in to find that, as if by magic, everything has returned to normal overnight? There were five visiting anglers who travelled from Ballaghadreen unaware of the current situation at Lanesborough. Most them chose the pole and were catching sub 1oz Rudd, not quite what they came for I'm sure.

    We asked if they minded us doing a bit of tree maintenance, and as they thinking of packing up agreed. Daniel, Martin and myself took the boat to trim the branches that were littered with line, lures and feeders. It's a lot tidier now, and I can assure anglers that the branches were mainly rotten and easy to cut. There is still some overhanging cover and you may cast with more confidence. There were also a lot of submergerd debris that was also removed. Peter Wood was near the duck pond area for two hours without a bite.

    The one positive thing we can take out of today, was the overall increase in temperature. It wasn't expected, and the wind is turning northerly over the weekend, so it's not really getting summer like just yet. To balance the mood, the river is certainly still rising as I suspected yesterday. The water is now clearly above the concrete by the bridge, and looks as though we might get another inch (fnarr, fnarr).

        Friday 17th May 2013                               

    Well, the weekend is almost upon us, and the wind is now at a minimum, even though it's slightly northerly, the temperature are just beginning to rise. Perhaps the gods will reward us as the hot water is turned on Sunday morning. I just hope the maintenance dosen't over run. The fresh maggots need a loving home, please call at the shop, or visit,-

    Go on, make a maggot happy!

    A storm was overhead this afternoon and probably deterred any potential visitors. I only hope anglers don't come from afar thinking Lanesborough's famous hot stretch is at it's best. Please post on any forums you may subscribe to alerting fellow anglers not to bother until Monday at the very earliest! Of course, when the water starts flowing, even if not warm, fish will gradually return. Let's hope the power station fires up tomorrow rather than Sunday?
    As soon as it does, I will post the news here!

        Saturday 18th May 2013                       

    Make the most of the relatively nice weather, because this afternoon, sometime around three, we are due a torrential downpour. Well, we could do with the rain! I'm joking of course, we need some sun. I'm still confident next week will be better, but have I not been saying that since March 27th? 

    I hope you all adopted a maggot yesterday? Episode 16 of "Get ya Tackle Out" is currently is pre-production, featuring an insight into some of Irelands top angling websites along with all the regular news and views.

    I will have to give my "Angler of the Week" award to Peter Wood for his perseverance below the disabled swims. For the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) time since the power station went off, he has suffered another blank before finally giving up. Sorry Peter, the award is nothing more than a pat on the back, but I'm sure you will get what you deserve, eventually!!

    Local man Robert Cilindz also reports catching no fish in the stretch. It could be worse, if I lived in Croydon. 

        Sunday 19th May 2013                           

    Great news! The power station fired up this morning. Let's hope as the day progresses, the stretch is re-populated with a good head of fish. Robert has already reported a Pike, albeit only 4lbs or so, but at least it's a start!
    Time for spring to commence.....
    Episode 16 of "Get ya Tackle Out" has now gone on-line featuring a piece on Irish Angling Websites, click the link to see which ones we chose?
    Full report later...