w/e - Sunday 18th May 2008       

    Monday 12th May 2008                         

It's very frustrating having a web page devoted to angling at Lanesborough. In days gone by, the tourist angler could usually rely on the "Hot Water Stretch" to produce a reasonable amount of fish in a session. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Today, a few visitors stayed for barely two hours before moving on. Ernie Callahan had just six fish. In the evening, I chose a drive to Dunamon where I thought I would do well. It was difficult and after an hour of just 5 Roach and 2 Perch gave up and drove to Castlestrange bridge. I'd never caught here before but the river was as low as in mid summer. I caught easily in the deepish hole below the bridge and with dusk approaching had a good Hybrid of 2lb and even more Roach. I drove back to Lanesborough to find Phillip and Joe by the steps. When they packed up at 1.AM, they had 5 Tench each, 9 of which were males! The largest was weighed in at 6lb. As a bonus, they also claimed 5 Rudd with the best a 1lb 14oz beauty.

    Tuesday 13th May 2008                        
The area showed signs of improvement today as one angler on the gusher swim found quality fish with Bream to 4lb. At 10.00 he estimated around 30lb but as he was still there after 14.00 I can presume he was still catching. A Carp was cruising below the bridge (George Micheal where are you?) It was seen by two anglers and estimated as a low double. A group from Cambridge had a session at the disabled pegs and had about 5 Tench between them along with a few smaller Bream. My evening session was rubbish. I failed to register a bite until moving just above the bridge to return two Perch of 6oz a piece.

    Wednesday 14th May 2008                

Sorry I have so little to report. For the first time I didn't go fishing at all today. An angler had an early stint by the steps to record a number of Tench but I'm afraid he had gone by the time I had my walk. I had the horrible job of taking the "Ark Rose" out of the water and I would like to thank Ernie Callahan for his assistance. In the evening two of the Cambridge visitors had 1 Tench each whilst the main channel was alive with quality hybrids on the surface at dusk.

    Thursday 15th May 2008                    
David Mulkeen had an early one before going to work and caught four Tench to 5lbs. Not many visitors to the bank at all. On the navigation channel, two anglers struggled to catch Perch. In the mid day sun, the temperature dropped slightly but the fish still refused to feed. Perhaps I should tell lies and say everyone is bagging? or is this gloomy page having an adverse effect. In the evening, Joe and Phillip were in their usual positions at dusk and when I left them, Joe was 1-0 up and eventually ran out a 3-0 winner.

I'm so depressed, I could move to Bridgend.

    Friday 16th May 2008                             

I'm now into my last full day at Lanesborough for a while and I had to do a short session on the gusher. In two hours I had 6 Hybrids to 1lb 8oz and a Bream with lots of Perch and a 4oz Rudd. On the "Tenchy" pegs I was told it was hard work and had no reports of any tincas caught. In the evening a few anglers were around and I set up below the steps for my final attempt on the Tench. I got the smallest one on the Shannon weighing in at just 2lbs. Below me Tim Collier had a beauty of 5lb 13oz and I added a couple of Perch, a Rudd and finally two bootlaces which prompted my early night.

    Saturday 17th May 2008                       

I'd love to have risen at dawn but alas I was just too tired. Robert Sloan from Bangor, Northern Ireland sat on a Tench nest below the steps to record 14 fish of which 11 were smallish males and three females to 5lb for a total of over 50lbs. Not many fishing for a Saturday but the shop was busy. I can only presume other areas are benefitting from the amount of bait purchased this weekend. 

I have a theory as to why we never catch very small Tench at Lanesborough. When a Tench reaches 6lb or so, they give birth to a 2lb baby and then die. This may be a bit far fetched as I once watched Alien on DVD so I may be a bit confused. 

I'm off home today for most of the summer, so I'm relying on the many friends I've met to keep the reports coming so I may update at least on a weekly basis. Thanks to all the contributors who have kindly helped with the success of this page. Please keep those photo's coming by sending an E-mail or a sms text. I haven't got a camera phone 

All the best, - Paul

  Sunday 18th May - I'm at home barely 24 hours and the reports are coming in via E-Mails and texts, so for now the information is still reasonably current. Robert Sloan again had a great morning on the Tench, this time getting 14 fish. Rob and TD from Bradford shared 14 Tench on a night session from 22.00 through to 04.00 Monday morning. It seems the Tench may have now spawned which explains the volume of male Tench which were present last week.

Monday May 19th, - John Fryer ventured up to Kilnacarrow but didn't catch as much as I would have expected with just a few Roach and Perch on the waggler in two hours. Rob and TD are on the Tenchy pegs for another night session. Report to follow on Wednesday. On my last day at Lanesborough I took a short video of Bridie. You can see this clip by clicking here.

Tuesday - Thursday May 20th - 22nd, - Tench catch numbers are dwindling as Rob and TD had just 5 between them on Monday through to Tuesday Morning. The Roach below the bridge have increased in volume and have been joined by a few very sizable Rudd. On Thursday, there was a soul on the Hot water stretch. John Fryers group had a better session up at Kilnacarrow with lots of Roach to 12oz and a few Perch.

Keep the reports coming, this is not a secret society and I have not been black balled.

Lots of new photo's added today. More next week!

Friday 23rd to Saturday 31st May,- Very little to report I'm afraid. Without my presence, I rely on contributions via E-Mail. Phillip Gordon sent his account of the previous week which I'm posting as written,-

Just returned from a 12 hour all nighter at the steps and things are a little dissapointing 2 Tench well under 3lb, four Hybrids up to 2lb, a number of Rudd to about 8oz, a Skimmer and a lot of small Roach Fished from 7pm to 7am. One other brave soul who fished about three swims up registered only one small Tench. I feel the big fish have left after spawning nevermind, bring on the Rudd!