w/e - Sunday 17th May 2009       

    Monday 11th May 2009                          

In 1997 New Labour promised "things can only get better" - just when though, I'm not sure. Despite temperature rising slightly, there were no signs of improvement on the stretch, or indeed anywhere else. Costi, Alan and Feri from Dublin did an overnight session and their results will be published when I receive confirmation.

Some anglers are roaming the country and blanking. Until this evening, I had not suffered a complete zero since last year. I had managed to get the "Ark Rose" onto the water and introduced a bucket of feed near the mud island. I missed a few bites but on no occasion did the maggotts appear to have been taken. The possibility of Crayfish taking the feeder must be considered. They have been caught below Athlone and on the upper Suck, so it's just a matter of time before they are present in numbers.

Back on the "Hot water" I had a phone call from Tim Collier who reported he had a few Hybrids and one Tench whilst Clifford Morely claimed five tincas. Four of these were female showing signs of recent spawning. The water level appears to have dropped but not by so much that you would notice. There is still at least 2" above the concrete at the bridge. The mud island is completely covered in water. "Things can only get better" ???

    Tuesday 12th May 2009                        

Clifford Morely from Lowestoft continued his current run of form with three Tench early his morning. There are no giants, but who could turn down 4lb+ Tench? Others on the stretch found a few Hybrids, most notably on the gusher pegs. The easterly winds made for comfortable conditions on the river. The water shows no sign of receeding.

This was another day I simply couldn't be bothered to fish. I'm missing all my favourite daytime haunts on the Camlin and the Suck, and with just nine days remaining of my trip, I'm destined for a poor overall catch return.

There is a Juniors competition on Saturday 16th May from 10.00 'til 15.00 on the Hot water section. The stretch will be closed whilst the match is in progress. All enquiries regarding entry, please contact Brian Tabiner on 04333 21990

Thought of the day, - What the eye don't see, - the foot treads in.

    Wednesday 13th May 2009                

I was confined to the shop for most of the day so missed the action. I exaggerate a bit, 'cos there wasn't much caught. The usual odd Hybrids made an appearance but not in any numbers. I had a walk at 18.30 and little was going on so I made my way out to the mud island to suffer another two hours of nothing before retiring to the cabin as the rain came.

News from the Inny suggest a good head of Roach to a pound and a half to be had in the fast water at Shrule Bridge.

It's now 09.00 Thursday and I've returned from the mud island after a dawn start. Did I catch some Bream this morning? Log in tomorrow to find out!

    Thursday 14th May 2009                      

It's 05.40, the birds are singing and I've overslept on the "Ark Rose" Despite not having a bite last night, I remain optimistic for the morning session. A couple of rollers appear, not more than 15 yards from the boat so I fire out two pouches of maggots. A bite produces a Hybrid of 2 and a half pounds. Next cast it's a Bream which puts up a fantastic scrap weighing in at  6lb 11oz. I followed this with a three pounder and then hook into a "nodder" I knew this was a good'un and when it was netted showed 8lb 1oz. When checking the scales, I settled for 8lb, my best for 13 years. Another of 4lb 11oz and then a final Hybrid of two and a half. Sadly, time beat me, and I had to return to open the shop.

Doug, Phil and Tony from Sutton-in-Ashfield had a combined weight of 150lbs over two night sessions this week on the cut. They might have been under exaggerating!!

  Me - 8lb - Click image for full size photo

The stretch today fished reasonably well, The Morelys both had success in the Tench and Bream department with a 6lb 3oz female the best of the day. Rory, Sheila and Shane did well on the gusher. I went out for an evening session on the mud and blanked again. To make matters worse, I arose at dawn and suffered a further two hours of nothing.

On May 8th 2002 I caught my first Inny Chub at Castlecore and made the mistake of reporting it. Today, at Shrule Bridge, the fisheries department were out in force with their electro gear in another attempt to eradicate the species. Chub can live in perfect harmony with other species, and will do no more harm to fry than Perch, Pike and Trout.

Apparently, one of their staff was quoted as saying they have reached weights of 6-7lb. Why on earth they wish to remove such fine fish is beyond me. They should be giving themselves a pat on the back for having a river that can produce such specimens. Peter Wood was on hand taking video evidence. He saw many Roach closer to 3lbs than 2lb (but no Chub) and was assured that they would fully recover in a matter of minutes. I honestly believe Chub would benefit the Inny and hope they continue to flourish.

Click here for the video clip

    Friday 15th May 2009                             

Another one of those days, the rain came at 07.30 at didn't seem to stop 'til mid afternoon. I feel sorry for anyone having to put up with the weather we are having this spring. A few fishing the stretch found it grim again. A couple of Tench were caught but little else. Clifford Morely lost a monster of a Pike.

  Local youngster Shane Wrightson, caught his first ever Pike on a piece of banana, (honestly) it weighed in at just over 8lb. Click image for full size photo.

John, Rob and Dave from Hampshire tried the fast water below Shrule Bridge to find just odd Perch and Trout. Where have all those Roach gone?

The hot water stretch will be closed from 10.00 through to 15.00 tomorrow due to a juniors only match.

Thought of the day, -

You can get money out of a wall, but you'll never get blood from a stone!

  Saturday 16th May - Damien Allchorne fished overnight and was rewarded with six Tench to 6lb 4oz.

  The Lanesborough Pike Angling Club held their juniors coarse fishing match today which was attended by 15 youngsters from the area. The winner was Shane Quinn with 7.300Kg whilst Shane Wrightson finished close behind with 6.800Kg Most of the others caught some fish. Joe Mcdermot sponsored the first prize of a new Rod. Others prizes were supplied by Terry Mann, Tooman House and of course, Bridies Tackle shop. Two gallons of maggots were donated by Irish Bait and Tackle and Keith Morely left a considerable amount of worms. The LPAC would like to thank the sponsors and everyone who helped to make the day a great one. For future match information, please contact the club secretary at eithneclyne@hotmail.com


The water level is on the rise again after yesterday deluge. At 20.00 the stretch was all but deserted.

    Sunday 17th May 2009                           

I'm writing this much earlier than usual as I'm about to set out for the annual "Bream Master" competition. Damien Allchorne (or Captain Cock-up as we have re-christened him) may be the current champion, but I have every intention of stripping him of his crown tonight. The full details of the match will be published tomorrow.

The hot water section fished very poorly in general today but David Mulkeen found a Bream of 5lb 14oz above Ryans gate. To my knowledge, only one Tench was landed by Glen McCormack near the gusher. I think it was just over 4lbs. Colin Peterson relieved him of the swim and caught a nice Perch estimated at close to 2lbs. Brother Dennis had a Pike of around 8lb.

I couldn't help but notice how tidy the bank was. The organiser of yesterdays match cleaned up all the rubbish which was getting worse. If only Longford council could provide a bin like they used to. Good anglers never leave litter or discard line.

Thought of the day, - Don't say shit, say Crystal Palace!