w/e - Sunday 16th May 2010       

    Monday 10th May 2010                         

I had my usual Monday lay in and didn't get up 'til 9.20. It came as no surprise to see the bank deserted so I have nothing to report. I had a session on the Suck at Corrin Ford catching 10lb of Roach, Gudgeon, 3 small Hybrids and a Rudd in three hours. I was back at Lanesborough by 5pm.

At 7.45pm I went across the bridge to fish the old slipway and managed 8 Perch and 5 Roach, although none went over six ounces, it was a pleasure to catch here again. The weather forecast showed near zero for the night, - ouch!

    Tuesday 11th May 2010                         

At 9am, three anglers from Birmingham arrived to fish the disabled swims, by 11.30 they had packed up. Mid afternoon saw myself having a fruitless hour on the old slipway, which I repeated again at 7.30pm without a bite. Do you see a pattern here? I know it was cold overnight, but not a single fish was caught.

I've just read the 14 day forecast and have come to the conclusion Summer is cancelled due to lack of interest! On my way to Roscommon, I noticed a row of Daffodils (this feels like a poem) These should have died a month ago, so maybe there is a possibility we will see a second flush of fish in the next two weeks?

I've uploaded some new videos, click here to see them!

Sorry for todays report being late, this was because I had to go to the hospital. Doctors suspect I may have pneumonoultraposcopicsilicovolcanoconiosis but at the moment it's hard to say!

    Wednesday 12th May 2010                 

I was speaking to Tim Collier from Tuam who informed me the water temperature on the Suck was 51f (last week it was 49f) I have no reason to think the Shannon is any warmer. There was a hard ground frost and the chances of catching here are minimal.

Up until a couple of years ago, this is the date I would be heading home, I wish that could be today, Instead I drove to Mount Talbot to find the River Shiven very low but in the relatively warm sunshine I caught a handfull of Roach and Perch. A move to the Suck below Rookwood Bridge in a deep hole found more fish, this time it was 20 Roach, 3 Perch and 2 small Hybrids. Also a Jack of 2lbs. With no one bothering to fish Lanesborough, perhaps I should rename this page. Best suggestion so far, - www,no-fucking-fish.ie

    Thursday 13th May 2010                      

Two anglers fishing the disabled swims were without a bite from 09.30 to 12.00, I wonder how long they stayed before packing up? and what is it about Irish dogs who feel the urge to chase every car that passes them along country lanes? I'm very frustrated! After having my computer fixed, I had 90 minutes on the old slipway with one bite, one fish,- a 10oz Roach, witnessed by local RTE man Ciaran Mullooly, so there's a news story!

News of a very large Chub caught below the weir at Athlone has been reported at www.innyangling.net This time last year I heard of a couple netted, but nowhere near that size. I'm not one to start rumours, but I've have heard of Chub at Tarmonbarry, but have no photographic evidence to back such a claim. I've got more chance of catching crabs than a Chub at the moment, but at least I'd have a good night if I did!

    Friday 14th May 2010                              

Another late entry due to no internet connection, - welcome to the 3rd world that is Lanesborough! No one fishing at Lanesborough during the daytime. I went to Castlecore on the Inny to catch 10 Perch in two hours before travelling the short distance to Maladys. The North-Westerly winds made float conditions very difficult and I gave up after an hour with a solitary Trout and two Gudgeon. Packing up with two hours of daylight remaining is not a habit I'm into, so I drove to Lanesborough and had 10 fish by 10pm. There was no wind or flow and the fish were small.

    Saturday 15th May 2010                       

A few showers may have helped today, but alas there were no anglers for any length of time. In general, the temperature was higher than in the last two weeks. Perhaps I need a miracle to get some action on the navigatition channel? The showers became heavier in the early evening, so I resisted the temptation to fish. With barely a week before I return home, this spring is without doubt the worst experience I have had in nineteen years of visiting Ireland. 

    Sunday 16th May 2010                           

Lanesborough was devoid of serious anglers again, so no news is bad news! I didn't take my evening session seriously either, but I did catch! - 6 Roach, all sub 1/2oz and 6 Perch of 1-2oz. Peter Wood fished just above me for two fish which were bigger than my 12.

      And so endeth week seven of this years punishment, beam me up Scotty!