Lanesborough 2016 Tinca Tally,- 67 confirmed at 23:00 Wed. 11th May

    Monday 9th May 2016                            

09:15 Up at stupid o'clock when no one except idiots are about (although I didn't see any) so I had the bank to myself with the intent of a tinca or two. It was hard going with not a bite for well over an hour then two fish in quick succession. First a male of 4lb 2oz followed by a grand old lady of 6lb 4oz which is my second best Irish Tench. At 8am, despite failing to get another nibble, I packed up and still saw no other anglers.

I was smiling just before the self timer took this 6.04 specimen.

23:30 Now the Tench season is in full swing, it comes as no surprise to see these pages full of tinca tales! It was warm, perhaps humid and largely overcast for the main part of the afternoon, and Chorely Steve taught son Josh a masterclass in how to catch the red eyed beauties. His 7 fish to 6lbs 2oz and Josh's 2 were the best catch of the day by far with only Larry Kelly getting 2 late males whilst the rest of us were blanking.

There are still quite a few doing the all night session hoping to add to the tinca tally which now stands at a credible 38. Incidentally, this total now means it is the best year for Tench since 2012, showing just how poor it has been for the last three years. Of course, as the season progresses, the numbers may balance out, but it's the first spring rush and big females that are of interest to anglers with the very real potential of an Irish record breaking fish. The current best is 8lbs 2.4oz caught by Nick Parry way back in 1995. Most of Irelands specimen hunters acknowledge that far bigger fish have been recorded and not claimed as a record, with several fish topping 9lbs existing around the midlands area.

    Tuesday 10th May 2016                        

08:00 I arrived on the bank a little before 05:00 to find the Lowry contingent content with their overnight session. At present they have had seven Tench between them with the best topping 5lbs along with some large Hybrids to 3lbs. Larry Kelly was also catching mongrels throughout the night to about the same weight. It wasn't until I was fishing that he added to his number of Tench.

It's raining quite steadily now but the cloud cover may contribute to the Tench continuing to feed throughout the day.

Larry Kelly with his all male catch with fish to 5lbs 5ozConor Lowry's best of five fish weighing in at 5lbs 1oz

23:00 Just returned from a gruelling session. The downstream wind got me cursing a bit and even more so when I lost a good fish to a hook length. I don't understand my bad language, I rarely swear but when fishing... I was warned about my bad mouth when officiating a juniors match once, I took it too personally when the lad I was tutoring lost a carp in the dying seconds of the competition. That lad is now a police officer!

Anyways, I'm going off on a tangent, so back to tonight's action. Tim Collyer was fortunate to land a 5lb 3oz Tench before I'd even got my gear on the bank, most surprising as the sun was still high in the sky. Aside from a Rudd not long after, that was it, as he went a further four hours without a bite. I eventually fluked a young female (read that again ya dirty minded bugger) of about 4lbs before the wind got the better of me. Personally, I blame it on Bridie's chicken curry which I had before going out.

A reminder that the power station is due to off sometime tomorrow. I think if the temperature can rise to 14c (57f) from its current 13c (55f) before Thursday evening, then the Tench should be happy to stay around. However, if it doesn't, when the station stops running water (probably Friday around 2pm) I'd fear the Tench may vanish for a while.

    Wednesday 11th May 2016                 

Conor Lowry from Tuam Co. Galway, celebrated his birthday by setting the new bench mark for Tench at Lanesborough on a bunch of red maggots. This 7lb 3oz tinca is quite possibly the largest on the famous hot water stretch for 5 years. Although caught below the bridge, the water temperature attracts the tincas and is the 4th this year over the specimen weight of 6lbs. The power station goes off line this evening and we all hope the water remains warm enough (57-58f) to keep these brown beauties in the stretch prior to spawning. 

Please note: multiple bags of big Tench like these should not be kept in keep nets for prolonged periods. All keep nets used must be hired from Bridie's prior to fishing due to bio-security measures in place.

Conor Lowry with the best Lanesborough Tinca for five years - 7lbs 3oz.

16:00 It's gonna be a late report tonight due to a severe dose of tincaritus that has affected several anglers here, but don't worry, as soon as we are all cured, a diagnosis will appear. The prescribed medication of gentles and red sweetcorn fed with plenty of hemp should do the trick.

23:45 The Lowry family continued to catch throughout most of the morning but the afternoon proved difficult. The evening was a disaster. I baited and dragged the rake through two swims and noted how warm the water was. By 23:30 none of us six anglers had caught a Tench and the water was very cold. I think just an Eel and a Rudd were the only significant catches, Craig Murphy claiming the Rudd which went 1lb 4.5oz 

The power station definitely shut down sometime this evening and my fear of the Tench disappearing may come true. I've left four remaining anglers, including all three Lowry's to persevere through the night. 

    Thursday 12th May 2016                       

11:45 Up at 04:45 to find just Pat Lowry awake. All other anglers were asleep probably because of fatigue or plain boredom? There was not a solitary Tench caught from 6pm last night through to 10:00 this morning. The cause most likely being the power station going off line and very cold water coming through to cool the system. Yesterday, the water was as hot as a bath tub, but today it has plunged to the same as the navigation channel, which although about 55f (13c) was enough to put the fish in a state of shock. I hope they are still around and simply need time to adjust, but unless anyone is willing to take a gamble on fishing the area from the disabled pegs down to the duckpond, then that information cannot be gained.

At least the Inny is performing very well, Steve and Josh have spent the last two days at Shrule bridge catching clean Roach up to and above 1lb 8oz with the odd Trout thrown in for good measure.

I'm hoping to have some more news from Lanesborough later this evening, but don't hold ya breath. So until then, why not watch a video clip taken on Sunday during a moment of stupidity by myself and Tim Collyer? To view, click here.

16:15 Not surprisingly, the stretch wasn't too busy today with just one dangler present when I took Ralf for his walk. He was catching tiny fish, the sort match anglers expect when competitions are on in Lanesborough. Joking aside, I've been informed by one of the men working on the maintenance, that they expect to be here at least two weeks and not the seven to ten days as was previously reported.

I must admit to not looking into the gusher for a couple of days so was amazed to see a lot of fresh golden spawn in the margins. I can't think they could be Roach, Hybrids maybe, unless the thousands of fish spotted at night were young mature fish who were doing it for the first time?

At present, the gusher is still running, but for how long? I've noted in the past how it's usually 36 hours after the station goes off line so would estimate sometime around mid day tomorrow. 

23:45 I had a bath tonight, well it is Thursday, so fishing was on hold due to my belief that the water needed to be a bit warmer. Three more than competant anglers were on the lower section this evening, and whilst they never caught a Tench, there were four claims of bumped fish. So maybe there is a chance that the fish have stuck around and will feed when they climateise to the conditions, especially when the cold water stops flowing tomorrow afternoon? Please pray to your god of choice, that I'm correct...

Dylan Lowry with his P.B. weighing in at 5lbs 9oz. The biggest ever Male recorded at Lanesborough?

    Friday 13th May 2016                              

10:45 A really sunny morning and you can see the bottom of the river below the bridge and I was most surprised to see a good shoal of fair sized fish. They appear to be Roach between 8oz and a pound and there are as many as any previous day this year. It goes to show how important the running water is, and I expect they will vanish when the gusher goes off later. Attached to the shoal is a massive log, at least that's what it looks like at first glance. It is a pike of well in excess of 20lbs I hope the edited photo does justice to the magnitude of this huge creature?

I've just edited this as auto smell check seems to correct my words to unintelligible gibberish.

Can you see the Pike? Look carefully and you'll see the Roach as well
Steve and Josh called in after completing a very successful weeks holiday. I have some of their photos and will upload the best ones later. I periodically looked over the bridge and found the shoal was still there. No sign of the Pike after mid day though, but a small Carp was seen. By small, I mean about 5lbs or so.


There were just three of us after Tench tonight, and I was the second to leave without registering a bite by dusk. I hope Mark succeeds, if only to make this page look better.

    Saturday 14th May 2016                       

21:15 The most closely guarded secret is out, - I've gone home. I'd planned this date since February when I learned that the station was going off line. I couldn't face 10 days of nothing as I have done in previous years when it goes off. I's been a strange spring, the coldest April ever? and the worst fishing I've ever encountered. That was until it really kicked off around April 24th and from then on, the natural progression from winter to summer was a swift one.

Of course, I was a bit disappointed with the Roach run, it was over and done all too quickly, but the Pike fishing for most was superb. Then came the Tench, 5 days of good fishing without which would have been a disaster.

These pages were always intended to see the peak season, and with the Tench seemingly reluctant to feed whilst the station is off, so that peak has ended. Unbelievably, the gusher was still running at 6am when I said goodbye to river I love so much. Even more surprising was the sight of the monster Pike in the exact same position as yesterday morning.

I'd like to say a big thank you to the few who donated an amount to keep this site going. It costs nearly £100 per year and although I got nowhere near that, every donation means I can keep the reports coming which can save anglers a lot of money by knowing not only what is going on, but when conditions or returns are poor enough to stay away. Other reports could easily suggest that all is good by only posting positive news.

If Lanesborough is to fully recover from the numerous disasters on recent years (low water weed, asian clams, closure of fishery, keep net ban and last years competition) it needs positive P.R. and the only way that can happen is for more visiting anglers and of course, more fish.

I have said that this would be my last year, but that's like saying the sun won't rise tomorrow. I'd probably go mad (madder?) if I was to miss out on the best six weeks of my year. At least now I can spend time with little Dana who has been missing her Daddy, so until next year, this is Lord Lanesborough signing off......