w/e - Sunday 13th May 2012        

    Monday 7th May 2012                             
Those who stayed during the night were either mad or very passionate about our sport. Perhaps they just needed a night away from their wives? (or boyfriends) I think the rain started to get heavy by 2am and there were eight still fishing at dawn. A 6lb Bream was the best single fish, but everyone struggled to catch. I was in bed at five o'clock listening to the rain having abnormal thoughts as you do at that time, thinking how sane I really am to be the comfort of a warm bed whilst some must have cursing they didn't pack up at midnight. It's now 9am and it's pimply sissing down. A good day for the snooker me thinks....
Statistically, if your name is John, you have a far greater chance of having your photo published on this web site. This is John Finnegan with a Bream of 5lb 8oz which looks bigger. I was forever doing videos of a more adult nature, and despite spending a fortune on internet medication, was unable to achieve the same significant improvement.
Rumours of some big Bream being caught between Lanesborough and Kilnacarrow have now  been confirmed. There is a photo on last weeks report page. Any photos worthy of publication should be submitted to me at ,-lanesborough@live.co.uk
Tim Collyer and myself decided on a session a mile across the lake below Lanesborough where we sat in wind, rain and sunshine for five hours without a bite until we decided to pack up when a Hybrid of two and a half pounds attached itself to my line. When we got back as dusk beckoned, Jay Collyer and Matt Whiting were the only souls to be seen.
    Tuesday 8th May 2012                           
I couldn't get up at all when the alarm went, but did so when a call came from Tim to find out where I was. It was too late for me to set up , so I just enjoyed siiting there drinking coffee waiting for some action! The "Tuesday Club" also fished today with Anto recording the best catch wth a brace of 5lb Bream. Jay, Matt and Tim packed in as the sun came through with Rudd and the odd Tench or two. All in all, not the most prolific of days.
Good news and bad news, whichever your preference, I have to go home for a week but will return next Thursday to extend my stay until the end of May at the very least. This is an unwanted nuicance due to having a new boiler fitted. I will rely on contributions from readers and shop reports but my mobile will be on 24hrs a day Please call in any news on 0879419988. Tomorrow will also see the next edition of "The Daily Tench" with another shocking headline!
Not long after I left, only Dara Lynch remained on the disabled swims and he was without any Tinca action except for a pound and a half male by 7.30pm when he decided to call it a day.
    Wednesday 9th May 2012                   
Give me some good news please!!!!!
I was informed that there were just two anglers present for most of the day with nets of the usual suspects amounting to around 20lb. On Monday, the water temperature was 51f but the amount of surface activity was minimal. From this, I would hope that the "2nd" run may be imminent although the ambient air temperature shows no signs of improvement. The Inny has yet to see any number of fish since April 1st/2nd and the further into May we go, rings alarms for myself. I can only hope that by the time I return, things will change as I have yet to catch a Roach over a pound.
    Thursday 10th May 2012                       
By all accounts, it rained everywhere today and I felt genuinely sorry for Richard and Eamonn who made the long journey from Armagh to get drenched and catch absolutely nothing on the disabled swims. Even if I was in attendance today, I would have had a day indoors. Daniel called me to say someone is fishing the pole near the gusher, but in general the stretch was deserted. We need rain to improve the water levels, so perhaps some good will come out of the current conditions.
    Friday 11th May 2012                               
Now I really am getting withdrawal symptoms, especially as I can't see, let alone imagine what is going on. My spies are not seeing much action either, mainly due to a lack of anglers. What news I have is quite good. Last night Matt and Jay went to the cut and caught 10 Bream between them to 6lb 14oz. On returning to the main land, Matt also had four Tench on the hot water stretch before packing up before dawn.
If anyone goes to Lanesborough this weekend, please call me on 0879419988 with your report, no news is not good news!
    Saturday 12th May 2012                      
What did I say? Can you imagine how difficult and frustrating it is for me to try to generate some news? The only update I had, was that Matt, Jay and Tim continued their run of good fortune with more Tench overnight. At least the low temperature will prolong the spring flush until the end of May. I'm now planning to stay until June 1st, so please pray there is more excitement than I'm currently experiencing.
A special prize will be offered to the first person to answer this question,-
Who said "Anything could happen in the next half hour?"
Answers in the danglers box on the home page please.
    Sunday 13th May 2012                           
Two text messages and one call were all I needed to confirm what I saw on my weather maps. Rain and extremely high winds gusting to 44mph. Only a fool would be fishing in those conditions. There was a competition with 15 boats launched, that must have been fun!
I will be very glad when I get back to Lanesborough on Thursday, at least I will be able to offer some first hand reports. The only consolation is, I don't appear to be missing much!
The result of the Dennistons "King of Lough Ree" was as follows,-
1st Joe McDermot 19lbs 13ozs
2nd Derek Costello 14lbs 2ozs
3rd Barry Darby 11lbs 4ozs
4th Dave Leonard 8lbs 4ozs
God Bless King Joe!
Thanks to Michael Galvin for forwarding the results