w/e - Sunday 12th May 2013 

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 There is a commotion in the reeds, much fornication is had by all.

    Monday 6th May 2013                            

Things are looking desperate, hence no report up until 8:15 tonight. To say it was hard going would be an understatement. Peter Wood tried in vain below the disabled swims with little reward. Paul Brown fished overnight for 12.5lb of small bream and Hybrids. Another lad, one of the Lowry's from Tuam did catch about 10lb of Roach on the stick float but that really was about it.

Daniel, Paul and myself went out to survey the fish population of the immiediate area, we hadn't got far outside the marina before finding some good shoals in the deep hole. The area around Mud Island and the Cut was almost devoid of life. As we crossed back into the lake, into the flow of the river, some very good numbers were found all the way into the mouth of the river where they stopped. Abover the bridge was the same, - lifeless. On the plus side, the surface activity long before dusk on the navigation channel is starting to gain momentum.

As to why all the fish have vanished from the stretch is a mystery. It may seem obvious that they have had their spawning fun, but where are the Hybrids? I have a theory which I will mention on Wednesdays "Get ya Tackle Out" but I am very confused. If you have any opinions on the current crisis, email lanesborough@live.co.uk or phone me on 087 941 9988.

Just had my dusk walk and saw quite a lot of activity, mainly in the navigation channel, some bigger fish that may have been mongrels??
'til tomorrow zzzzzz

    Tuesday 7th May 2013                            

What happened to all the rain we were promised? A nice pleasant day with just a slight upstream wind, but not many anglers here on the stretch. Where are all the tourists? Where are all the fish? Why was I born in July? Was September worse than May?
All answers in tonights report, unless I find some better questions!
There is very little more to add, the French trio had a number of small Pike and some Bream of around a pound, but as there was so few others, there is nothing to add. Emmet Galvin and his cousin Mark Wenman shared five Pike to 16lb this morning, proving there still must be an abundance of silver fish there to be caught.

I intend on starting my Tench fishing tomorrow morning after having almost four days without wetting a line (weather permitting) . So far this year, we have had just five Tincas whilst last year I believe there were well over 300 by this time. How times change? No news from the Inny either, where visiting UK angler Tony Poulter suffered a blank despite trying many different swims.

Just heard that Robert Sloan, a regular spring visitor from Bangor, had an overnight session to land Bream to 4lb in bag of 46lb that also included a alb Tench

As you have so little to read, why not go to "Get ya Tackle Out" for 21 minutes of aural excitement?

    Wednesday 8th May 2013                   

It's not just depressing here, but also disturbing. To think of all the days long since gone when after the holiday weekend, I'd be basking in the sunshine before spending a warm evening into dusk after Bream or Tench. This year is by far the worse I've known since 2004 and if things don't improve before too long, even that year will seem good. If it wasn't for the exceptional Pike fishing had by some throughout April (and March) the river would seem to be empty.

Breaking news - Howard Webb has been signed as Player/Manager/Referee in the wake of Fergie's resignation, and Manchester United have offered season ticket holders a reduced rate for next season as matches will now only last 90 minutes as opposed to 97 in previous years...

Todays anglers found the same as we've seen for the last few days, almost nothing. One angler on the bush has had just two Perch. Others had departed long before noon. 
It's got to happen soon, but when?

Answers on a postcard please,- or go to "Get ya Tackle Out" - Episode 13 is currently in production and Ep. 12 will be only available in the archive section of our sister site.
I'm so bored, I could even find Snow Patrol or Coldplay entertaining*

No further news, the solitary angler present this evening was catching just odd Perch. Despite the waves, I could see more surface activity, but the wind was horrendous and overnight we will see more rain. The level appears to be rising (again) and yours truly is taking more anti-depressives to combat the frustration that I'm sure the reader must sense in my writing.

* This obviously a lie, as I'd rather die than listen to these mundane murderers of Rock n Roll!

    Thursday 9th May 2013                         

There's hardly been a soul on the stretch all day, I can't magic up infomation that simply isn't there. Quite frankly, I'm at a total loss. The water temperature is a healthy 54f and whilst the ambient air temp is below the seasonal average at 12-14c (58f ?) I can see no reason as to why there are so few fish to be had. Perhaps we've just got it wrong and the missing Hybrids will appear at the end of May. After all, everyone says that spring is running at least a month late, and how many of you have seen Dafodills still in full flower when they should have withered and died by mid April? Nature is a funny creature, I guess that's why she is called "Mother"

Robert has been into the shop and informed me ther are very good Perch to be had at the top end of the stretch, with some possibly going over 2lb. I'll have to have a go tonight and see if my pesimism (is this smelt correctly)? can be replaced with optimism?
Some of you may have heard the interview on "Get ya Tackle Out" on one of the earlier episodes with a spokesman from No Salmon Farms At Sea. There was a feature on Primetime recently which will be of interest to all anglers. Click the link below to see the programme

I went out at 7pm and headed for the gusher, I'd like to say there were many anglers out on a beautiful spring evening, but I was on my own, well it is March after all? I targeted the Perch armed with a No. 12 hook and caught lots of fish, the best going about 1lb 3oz or so. I also had a number of skimmers and a good Rudd of 4oz. A move further downstream towards the bridge proved worthless. Despite much surface activity, I failed to add to my catch, which was one of my most enjoyable this year.
Free beer tomorrow!

    Friday 10th May 2013                              

As we are now into double figures in May, it would be good if the weather was at least similar. Unless you are not an Irish resident, you'll all know how bloody cold it is here at the moment. The wind continues to blow, and there is no change in the foreseeable future. Will this weekend be THE weekend? I've been waiting a long time and I could be for a while yet.
On a more positive note, Fisheries Awareness Week starts tomorrow with many events going on all over the country. Click the pic below to go to the dedicated website and please support any event going on near you.

The wind continued to be a nuicance for most of the day, but as the evening progressed it died down to a comfortable level. John Herrieven arrived for another attempt at the elusive Tincas and was fortunate to get a male of about 4lbs. He also had a mixed bag of fish including some plump Rudd. Only three others were present for an all night session, the Lowry family from Tuam who plan to stay until Sunday. If it is as difficult as I expect, they may choose to be heading west earlier than planned.
Brighton won 0-0 away at Crystal Paralysis, so I'm reasonably happy and taking an early night. zzzz
Is John Herrieven the Tench Master? This Male was about 4lbs caught on a very difficult day

    Saturday 11th May 2013                        

I'm shocked that so many viewers of this page fail to go to "Get ya Tackle Out" So for today only, there may be some secret information for listeners who switch pages from here. Could it be news of some Tench? Have the Hybrids arrived in their thousands, or has a Carp been caught? Perhaps I'm telling lies? To find out, click the link above, but unless you do so quickly (today) you may miss out, as the information will be deleted within 24 hours!

I forgot to mention that the Lowry family from Tuam fished overnight in what were probably horrble conditions and Conor was rewarded with a 1lb 15oz Eel, a real rarity nowadays. A fine fish to celebrate his 17th birthday!

If things seemed bad before today, I can assure you it's got considerably worse. The rain that we've had in the last few days may not have had an effect as yet, but the lake is flooding and water is coming through the gap opposite My Ryan's gate. 

Although the wind has changed to a more manageable west north westerly, the amount of water flowing has made the area below the disabled swims difficult.

But all of this is trivial compared to the real problem today. The power station went off-line just after midday for routine maintenance. It will off for a minimum of a week, so that could be the end of a season that never started.

I get an average of over 240 people viewing these pages each day, and most of you are eagerly waiting for something to happen. Are we all to believe that's it? There have only been seven Tench caught, only one Bream of possibly over 5 lbs. In a nutshell, the fishing has been awful, I really think I should throw in the towel and head home.

    Sunday 12th May 2013                           

Episode 14 of "Get ya Tackle Out" has now been uploaded, with a special feature on the Lanesborough Hybrids, or rather the lack of them, and an interesting theory that many readers might disagree with. Click the link above to hear more.

As for news here, with the power station not pumping any water from the outlet, the few fish that were present last week have all vanished. The only overnight angler had just 3 small fish since dawn. With the Tench running late and no attraction of warmer water, I honestly believe we may not see any for quite a while yet.

At least the river is not flooding and becoming more manageable on the navigation side. This will be the best option for visiting anglers, especially in the evenings. Otherwise, this coming week will be a tale of doom and gloom.
Now where did I put my anti-depressants?

I'm afraid that due to no there being anglers at present, there is no further update as promised. I thought about going out at 7pm, but decided I'd wait 'til winter is over. I took my usual walk at dusk and found lots of fish topping in the relatively still stretch above the gap. I was mistaken earlier about the flooding river as it is certainly rising. At the moment it is level with the concrete just above the bridge, I fear it may rise overnight, but that is no bad thing to keep water flowing around the disabled swims. If only the water was a couple of degrees higher, I could have more confidence with regard to the Tench appearing.

Over the weekend there were two groups of anglers who came with bivvies and enough supplies to keep them from hunger. The second group left today, and I'm proud to say they left absolutely no rubbish what so ever. I often walk along the stretch either very early or at dusk picking up left items of tackle or discarded line (and sometimes Rods n Reels Mr Lowry), and this year is by far the tidiest the entire stretch has ever been. Keep it up lads, and thank you on behalf of all the residents of Lanesborough.