w/e - Sunday 11th May  2014       

 There is much fornication, the creatures of the river ignore the fools who cast a line during daylight hours.

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    Monday 5th May 2014                            
   09:00 - Rain stopped play at Lords, - this really isn't cricket, and I'm not going out to see if there is anyone stupid enough to be fishing! The forecast predicts less rain for this afternoon and evening, but I fear this mornings deluge will put off any potential helpers for the weed clearance at 2pm.
     It is of no surprise that Peter and myself were the only ones to attend the stretch this afternoon. There wasn't so much to do as Friday, but it was still hard work. If anyone feels embarrassed about not attending, please feel free to show how much by clicking the donate button below.
     Needless to say, there were no anglers of any calibre all day, so I took another trip to the Inny. I tried the Tang confluence for an hour with just three Roach of 6oz a piece to show for my hard work. A move to Redbridge proved a wise one, but probably too late in the evening. I only caught 23 fish here and was pestered by a large Pike who eventually got fed. It was very difficult after this and I was walking long before dusk.
    Tuesday 6th May 2014                           
Thought of the day:- Whatever you say, say nothing....
I'm not dead...yet, - nothing to say until I say something....
    Wednesday 7th May 2014                    
   Come on, did you really think I would have something to say today? I don't know who's the bigger mug, me for my continued writing, or the reader, desperately hoping for a change of fortunes by divine intervention or posting a report that actually involves some fish being caught. For that to happen, we would need anglers, and until the first week of June, or when the power station eventually fires up again, there will be nothing of note to report!
    It is for this reason, that today will be the last entry for 2014. I could carry on with lovely photo's of birds, butterflies, or beatles (you know what I mean), but this is an angling information web-site, and I'm afraid my glass is neither half empty or half full, it is dry! If you want a worthless angling site, try www.innyangling.net a site which is way past it's sell by date. I originally based my site on the Inny pages as I once considered it to be an informative site, useful to anglers.
     I'd like to think that my writing is reasonably creative and enjoyable to read, but unless I have something happening in Lanesborough, or the immediate area from Kilnacarrow to the cut, then it is time to quit, for this year at least.
    I had promised to to have a last hurrah, a piece of the "angry me" ranting on about things that really bug me. Well, last night I published a post on my Facebook page. If anyone cares to read it, go to www.facebook.com/lanesborough.angling
    So, that's it, I'm probably going home to see Brighton gain promotion to the premiership. If only my fishing could be promoted? My sincere thanks to the few that contributed to the up-keep of the site, both financially and helping with reports.
Just a brief footnote on this years catches, hardly a fairy tale is it? 
  • No Bream at all
  • Only 6 Hybrids over a pound reported in 6 weeks
  • 13 Tench 
  • Very few Roach over a pound
  • Loads of Pike but no monsters
  • Several Gudgeon
This is Lord Lanesborough signing off until 2015 unless I've been sectioned by then.

Nathan Bligh from Castlerea - 15 lbs 15 oz caught on the slipway tonight.