w/e - Sunday 11th May 2008       

    Monday 5th May 2008                           

I apologise for the late arrival of this service and for any inconvenience caused. O.K. I admit I used to work for British Rail. I'm posting this late because I was out all night doing a session on the island.

Earlier in the day four anglers had a stint after a 60 kilo pre-baiting trip. Whilst Killian and Glen McCormack blanked, Damien Allchorne had a couple of small Bream but Ross from Cork recorded two specimens weighing in at 8lb 7oz and 7lb 14oz along with a five pounder.

  Ross Macklin 8lb 7oz Bream - Click image for full size photo

Back on the stretch the shoal above the bridge was ambushed by the French who concluded their annual pilgrimage on a high. The Scottish lads hads a vastly different story with weights varying from 3lb to 13lb and this included two Tench of over 5lb!!!. Brian Mould from Cumbernauld was top rod for their weekend with a total of 86lb 4oz winning the pewter tankard to keep until next year. Photo's will be posted later in the week.

Damien, Ross and myself went out to the island this evening where we blanked until dawn. Was it a success? Log in tomorrow for another update and the results of Bream Master 2008

    Tuesday 6th May 2008                          
It is with great sadness that I have to offer my resignation of the "Bream Master" a position I have held for the past three years. I was beaten by Damien Allchorne and a fluke Bream weighing 7lb. I don't know how he did it because I was asleep. Perhaps he had divine inspiration or just better bait. I caught a soiltary 1lb Roach and Ross had his turn to blank. We were back at Lanesborough by 07.30 and found just a handful of anglers having little sucess. I had a go for an hour under the bridge but only had sub 1oz fish. The gusher peg produced about 30lbs or so for the day. The last few days have been amongst the worst I have ever witnessed for the holiday period. It is very warm during the day time and the few fish that are present are unwilling to feed.

At 8pm I set out with Steven and Gozzie from Westmeath to the island for another night of punishment.

    Wednesday 7th May 2008                   
There can only be only be a few things worse than a night on the island with only two fish (smallish Hybrids) between three of us. We were glad to pack up and head back to Lanesborough. Two anglers were present at 9 A.M. and they found the going hard. Later in the day, on the steps above the bridge on the Roscommon side, one angler found the fish willing to feed whilst two swims either side were blanking. My evening session was to try to lure a Tench but I was not happy with my presentation so after just a solitary Perch of 8oz I moved to the other side of the river for two Hybrids of a pound a piece. The way it stands at the moment, I will be quite happy to go home next week. A new video has been added on YouTube click here to see me humiliated by Damien Allchorne.
    Thursday 8th May 2008                        

Only one angler was present early on and I believe he had two Tench with the biggest going 5lb 15oz. It was a pity that I didn't see it to take a photo of what was the largest reported this year. I had a bash on the quay-side to register a single bite to produce a 1lb Roach. I travelled to the Suck below Ballymoate where I caught a good few Roach to 12oz. Then I decided to try the shallows at Dunamon. Again I found easy fishing with fish of a similar stamp.

At Lanesborough there were three anglers below the steps on the downside of the river and at dusk had managed four Tench to around 4lb. I was near the gusher until nearly 11pm but only had a bootlace, my first this year. A lot of surface activity was visible at dusk and with the weekends mild weather, I would expect a good return on the river over the next few days.

    Friday 9th May 2008                               
The three who braved the night session were rewarded with one of the best catches for a few years at Lanesborough. Tim Collier from Cheshire but now residing in Tuam and his son Jamie along with friend Matt Whiting shared 19 Tench with the best going 7lb 8oz and 7lb for a combined weight of well over 100lb. Matt had the biggest specimen which could rock the Irish record in a couple of weeks if it carries a good amount of spawn. Steve and Martin Smith concluded their week with seven Tench to 5lb 13oz. I had only my second blank session of the year when I fished from 20.00 until 00.30. Locals Phillip and Joe caught a few Tench during the same period. Earlier I found the fish under the bridge more willing to feed in the overcast conditions. Local Guardai were in attendance after two Bulgarians were keeping live oversized fish in a bucket.

The Polish translation for Hybrid is Dinner !!

    Saturday 10th May 2008                      
Another poor day on the bank, the lads from Mullingar didn't fare too well on their all night session but below the bridge near the steps David Mulkeen had six Tench to six and a half pounds. The shoal around the bridge seemed to be smaller. This was probably due to the excessive water temperature which was measured at 24c at the gusher and I'm convinced this was far too high for the fish. I hope the fisheries board will investigate to ensure it's not above any legal requirements. In the evening I attempted to lure a Tench but although one was hooked and lost, I only managed two small Perch, a Bootlace Eel and a Bream of about 1lb 10z. Packed in at 01.30
    Sunday 11th May 2008                           
The few who visited Lanesborough today struggled. I don't think anyone saw any significant fish on the stretch. The shoal was made stronger by the presense of a few extra smaller fish and a lot of 2oz Rudd and Roach were seen in the margins. I believe that the spring influx of big fish is now over and anglers would be advised to either concentrate on Tench or persue Roach and Hybrids up river towards Kilnacarrow. Normally at this time I would be heading home but I've still got enough time to find the big Bream and Tench with a week left. Phillip and Joe sat through a torrential downpour early evening to get a few Tench below the steps. Joe won 3-0 with a couple of fish lost.

I sat on the island to get just a single Perch.