w/e - Sunday 10th May 2009      

    Monday 4th May 2009                           

The worst news of the year so far, - I've run out of Digestive biscuits! Thankfully, John Fryer is bringing me some over from the mainland this week, so I'll probably be going cold turkey by Wednesday.

A lot of anglers came into the shop today, bemused by the lack of fish. Reports from the Inny indicate fish are few and far between. The weather was miserable and although not too cold, the fishing on the stretch was not great. The Scottish lads on their annual pilgramage to win "The Lanesborough Tankard" were on their final day. Just 2 out of the five fished the final leg, and the winner was Malky McCauly who amassed a total of 37lbs.

  The Lanesborough tankard. Click image for full size photo.

A lot of fish have been found by Barry Lister above the old harbour to the marina. Finding them is one thing but getting the buggers to feed is another. I went on a suicide mission to the navigation channel and not surprisingly blanked. Many fish were topping but just refused to feed. With barely half an hour of daylight remaining, I went back to the hot water stretch and fluked a Bream of 2lb or so and a couple of Roach, thus avoiding a total blank. The evening air temperature was high, so there could be a fresh influx of fish overnight.

Don't be surprised if I'm late posting the reports each night from now on. I often fish from 21.00 through to the early hours either on the island or after the Tench near the duckpond.

    Tuesday 5th May 2009                          

The wind was blowin' up a storm and only an idiot would have tried to cross Lough Ree. Not reported until this morning, a very large Tench of 7lb 5oz was caught yesterday by Keith Morely from Lowestoft.

  Keith Morely with a superb Tench of 7lb 5oz which sets the benchmark for this year. Click image for full size photo.

I was confined to the shop for most of the day and only ventured out to see if there was any action. Kevin and Peter from Halifax were rewarded later in the day with some Tench and Bream from the gusher pegs. I made the mistake of thinking I could do well again at Maladys on the Inny. It wasn't long before I realised the majority of the female Roach were missing. I caught just 5lbs of battle scarred cock fish who had obviously been spawning. I hope there is another influx of fish to spawn but I'm afraid to admit it could be all over.

Back at Lanesborough, Killian and Damien were settled in for a night session on the gusher pegs and rang me at 22.45 to say Damien had a "giant" Tench. I went out to weigh it and although it certainly was a big fish, went only 6lb 4oz.

    Wednesday 6th May 2009                  

Yesterday was a breeze compared to the strong westerly winds ripping up the stretch this morning. Despite this, Damien managed 8 Tench to 6lb 4oz whilst Killian had but a 4lb 4oz male along with around 20lb of smallish Bream, Hybrids and Roach. Clifford Morely used his magic pole to land at least 13 Tench on the first of the lily swims.

I took an afternoon trip to Castlecore to get 9lbs of Roach, Perch and Gudgeon. I had two takes on the Pike rod but only landed one of 3lbs. At 17.00 Lanesborough was deserted. Little surprise as conditions were as bad as I've ever witnessed. By 19.00 the rain had all but stopped and the wind had eased. Tim and Jamie Collier were out for an evening session so I joined them. I caught 4 Bream, 2 of just over a pound, 1 of 3lb and the final one of around 4lb. Tim and Jamie had a similar catch but they were also plaqued with Eels. At midnight my battery was fading so I left them to it.

Anglers planning a weekend trip to Lanesborough will be amazed at the high water level. It is almost 8" deep on the concrete by the bridge with no sign of dropping.

    Thursday 7th May 2009                        

Not a lot to report I'm afraid. Water levels very high and the westerly wind is pushing the river onto the concrete at the top end of the stretch. Conditions deterred all but a few serious anglers this morning. Keith Morley had two Tench (best 5lb 14oz) Gus Green tried the pole and had a few Hybrids and Bream before the wind cracked a section (ouch!) Changing to a feeder, he was rewarded with a better stamp of fish and by mid afternoon had a half decent bag.

The evening saw an increase in the wind and rain. It was pimly sissing down so I stayed in. Rory and Sheila caught some some smaller fish and deserve a medal for perseverance or perhaps the men in white coats should investigate their sanity for being out.

    Friday 8th May 2009                               

My fresh supply of biscuits arrived so I'm reasonably happy despite the winds still tormenting the area. I cleaned the boat just in case I have time to launch it, although with barely 12 days remaining until my return to blighty, it would seem unlikely to see much use.

The stretch was deserted early but the arrival of Clifford Morely saw the Tench in a panic. He caught four smallish males before retiring for breakfast. Only one other angler was present for most of the day and he broke his rod in the wind. Every cloud etc..... a new rod was purchased in the shop and he continued to catch. I had two hours on the gusher peg with little success  amassing around 6lbs made up mainly of Perch. The evening saw regular visitors, Rory, Sheila and Dan using whips to catch in good numbers.

    Saturday 9th May 2009                        

At this time of year the bank should be full of anglers bagging up on quality Hybrids and Roach. The Cuckoo could be heard, The Swifts, screaming in the warm evening air and the Brighton and Hove Albion teambus should be on tour around the city parading the league one champions trophy. Wake up, this is the real world, the fishing is nothing less than poor, I haven't seen a Cuckoo or a Swift and Brighton only narrowly escaped relegation.

Flano from Mullingar had a night session and recorded a mixed bag of 20lbs. After emptying his net he continued to catch during the day. There were few other visitors and it appears to be a struggle for bites. John, Dave and Rob had a go below the new flats near the old harbour on the Roscommon side at dusk but caught just the odd Roach and Eels by the time I left them.

Thought of the day, - This country would be great if it had a roof.

    Sunday 10th May 2009                          

The two who braved sub-zero conditions last night on the gusher pegs were rewarded with fish. Flano had 30lb of mainly bream to 3 1/2 but lost a giant at the net. Saxon caught an 18.1/2lb mixed bag. The daytime anglers struggled as the sunlight came over the trees. At Kilnacarrow, Clifford and Keith Morely had about 20 Hybrids between them on a night session.

I caught a pair of 2oz Trout on the old slipway and a Hybrid of just over a pound. Quite frankly, I don't know why I bothered. At 22.00 there were still quite a few on the hot water stretch, some of whom are planning an all-nighter. Me thinks they may get cold! The river temperature is still only around 52f when it should be 55-56. The hole which lies 300 yards below Lanesborough is completely empty, idicating all fish are moving, either up river or around behind the islands.

Lanesborough Pike Angling Club

On Sunday May 10th we held our Michael casey perpetual trophy competition on Lough Ree. There was a modest turnout with 6 boats and 15 anglers taking part. A large amount of fish were caught, but only 13 were weighed.

1st prize of E150 and the trophy went to Joe McDermott with a fish weighing 9lb 2oz

2nd prize of E100 went to Joe Farrell with a fish of 5lb 11oz

3rd prize of E80 went to Brian Tabiner with a fish weighing 3lb 11.5oz

Thanks to Joe and Martha Farrell for providing food after the competition