w/e - Sunday 9th May 2010         

    Monday 3rd may 2010                           

Headline news, - A Perch of 2oz was caught, and that's the best I can report, the fishing is fucking shite. I will move to Bridgend!*

    Tuesday 4rd may 2010                          

Pretty much the same as yesterday, - shite. 3 lads from Strokestown fished the stretch and had 3 Perch and a Rudd. In the afternoon, Irish international Rory Dunne from Roscommon fished the old slipway on the navigation channel for an hour without a bite. At dusk, Pat and Stephen from Navan went for Tench but were unable to get so much as a liner when I visited them at 10pm. If nothing happens tomorrow, I will probably give up reporting until we see a significant change.

     And Smith must score.......

    Friday 7th May 2010                                 

So the U.K. has a hung parliament? What a good idea, perhaps all politicians should be hung? At home I'm a guitarist in a reasonably well known punk band called "Insane Society" and have written several toons with political overtones. For your enjoyment I have up loaded two for ya! I was once invited to join the Socialist Workers Party, but I politely told them to fuck off as they are too right wing for my tastes.


Click either of the images for audio

As for the fishing, it's still very poor here at Lanesborough. Last night Joe and Phillip had a solitary Perch between them on the disabled pegs. This afternoon, I was bagging up for less than 30 seconds to record a similar catch on the navigation channel. Tonight I had a choice of staying in and watching sky 923 or seek some action on the Suck, - oo-er, a close call, but I opted on a trip to Lara near Castlerea to find a very low river and only 4 tiny Roach, one of which was sacrificed to lure a 6lb Pike, my first this year! I drove to Dunammon where there are millions of Roach near the bridge in the shallows. I caught about 40 up to 4oz but mainly smaller before dusk.

* Bridgend is in South Wales and had a very high suicide rate a few years back. I think it was something to do with male voice choirs.

    Saturday 8th May 2010                         

Not surprisingly, I failed to see or hear of a single fish caught today. Under the bridge there are thousands of 2" fry so I'm sure a few Perch must be just behind them. I walked along the hot stretch and could see things in the bright sunlight I 
never knew were there. The vegetation has grown so much in the last few days and it will most certainly cause problems later in the year. The air temperature slightly improved but the nights are still cold. I don't expect any fish movement for the forseeable future.

    Sunday 9th May 2010                             

As I come to end of week six of my spring pilgramage, I must question my sanity? At Lanesborough I would expect this to be the peak, but sadly this is not the case. When I heard of the power station going off line way back in September last year, I was not unduly worried. The navigation channel should provide ample sport for those not wanting to rub shoulders with the next angler on the hot water stretch. So where are the fish? It is possible that there are still a lot in the hole 300 meters into the lake. At dusk tonight, there was absolutely no surface activity and with the water temperature showing no signs of improving, I wonder if I'm to get any more fish at all in my remaining two weeks.

At 6pm, I shut the shop and headed for the Inny to fish the "Maladys" stretch. The river was full of very small fish and I had about 10lbs by 9pm.