w/e - Sunday 8th May 2011          

Paul Meehan with a Roach of 1lb 7.5oz
    Monday 2nd May 2011                            

There was supposed to be some cloud cover by mid day and so I was anticipating good catches. Unfortunately this never materialised but the catches were not as bad as I might have expected in the bright but very blustery conditions. Three Dublin lads who braved most of the night caught a few good fish between them with Paul Meehan catching a Roach of 1lb 7.5oz which would have been considerably more had it not recently spawned, but it was the same two swims that produced yesterday that were the most prolific. Gordy McCartney and Cameron McRae both caught around 35lbs with Gordy coming out on top to win "The Lanesborough Tankard" with 57lb over the weekend.

Some good Perch are starting to show near the bridge. Rather than watch the snooker, I opted for a session above the trees and wished I'd never bothered. A 2lb hybrid and and 8oz Rudd were little reward for the time and effort.

Gordy McCartney from Cumbernauld, Scotland with "The Lanesborough Tankard"

Nice T-Shirt but where's Brian?

    Tuesday 3rd May 2011                           

There were two anglers fishing this morning and about midday I had a call to hear one of them caught a specimen Tench. I never heard back from them so perhaps, if you are reading this guys, please call me again so I know what you caught.

*Tench went 5lb 8oz caught by Peter whilst Austin had some Roach and Bream in a 25lb net. 

I went on a trip to Shrule bridge where I found it almost impossible to buy a bite. In two hours I caught just 1 Roach of 10oz, a 4oz Hybrid and a two inch Perch. The fish have all but finished their spawning and I'm not sure as to wether there will be any more coming. The Inny hasn't produced anywhere as near as much as previous years. I got back to lanesborough at 5pm and found the whole river deserted. I can't understand why I was mad enough to even bother on the navigation channel just to catch a solitary 8oz Roach. There was much surface activity and as I was crossing the bridge as dusk drew in, I saw an absolute monster of a Pike. It's nice to see a big one again and a relief to find they haven't all been eaten.

    Wednesday 4th May 2011                    

Nothing to report today I'm afraid as there was no one fishing the area at all, or so I was informed. I spent the day in Foxford on the river Moy trying to tempt a Salmon with Tim Collier. Sadly, we both failed but I caught 2 Perch, 2 Roach and 3 Flounders which somehow found themselves the best part of ten miles from the sea. Tim had 1 Perch and a Flounder. I arrived back at Lanesborough and could see someone along the hot stretch but couldn't be bothered to walk along to see if he (or she) was catching.

    Thursday 5th May 2011                         

Last nights anglers turned out to be Mark Healy and Kevin Durkin who I met here a few years back. They both had a good night with lots of fish up to 2lbs and a bonus tench of around 3 and a half pounds. There were not many others around for the day so Kevin, Peter and Dave from Halifax had the stretch to themselves. Whilst Dave struggled, Peter caught well on the feeder with the best, if not biggest fish being a Roach of 1lb 12oz. Kevin was fishing pole to hand and caught fish of a similar stamp.

I baited up swim ready for an early start tomorrow and then fished upstream and also had a good session before the rain started at 22.30 My catch was mostly mongrels to just over 2lbs with a couple of Bream and 4 Rudd averaging around 8oz for a total weight of just over 20lbs

    Friday 6th May 2011                                 

I was very tempted to fish my pre-baited swim near the duckpond but resisted temptation and opted for yesterdays moderately successful area near the hot water pegs. Killian McCormack (aka Seamen Sucker) formerly 1st mate to Captain Cock-Up on the good ship SS Ark Rose, had arrived from Dublin very ill prepared. Not only did he have no feeders, bait or suitable hooks, he chose the wrong rod for feeder fishing the faster water and was unable to hit the bites. I had almost 30lb before he caught his 2nd fish. When he switched rods and introduced more casters into his ground bait, he too started catching steadily. I had to stop three times to either get the fresh bait delivery, open the shop or have my breakfast but I fished on to record my seasons best weight of 65lbs. Killian had about 50lbs including some nice Bream up to 4lb 2oz. Mine were nearly all mongrels with two Bream and a handful of Roach and Rudd. Other anglers on the stertch really struggled. At 1pm I had had enough whilst Killian fished on until 4pm.

Killian McCormack with a 4lb 2oz Bream

I went out again at 7.30pm and this time tried below the disabled swims. Before it got dark I had 3 Tench of 2lb12oz (male), 3lb 12oz and 3lb 8oz (females) and added two Bream of just over 2lb a piece. Tim Collier arrived at dusk and there were at least two others on the hot stretch. A shower at 11.30 convinced me it was time for bed.

    Saturday 7th May 2011                           

Tim Collier, who arrived very late last night to fish the disabled area was rewarded with 13 Bream and Hybrids plus a couple of bonus Tench. I think he deserves a medal to sit it out during a torrential downpour that lasted until 03.15 The lads that fished the hot water stretch also caught well.

The daytime shift found it wasn't as easy as yesterday with Pat Mulryan claiming a bag in excess of 30lb with a number of 4lb Bream in his net. Niall Mulryan was on the gusher and probably caught more than his father.

My evening session was at the disabled swims where I found it very hard going until 9pm Only a Perch and an 8oz Rudd came before but then in 45 minutes I landed three tench and a Bream of 4lb 14oz.

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    Sunday 8th May 2011                              

After being woken at 03.30 and seeing the weather, I decided not to fish this morning. Tim braved the ever increasing winds on the disabled section to record 5 Tench to just over 5lbs. On the stretch, the two visitors from France caught 2 better Bream on the gusher pegs but Pat and Niall both struggled compared to the weights of the last few days. Roy Cuthbertson had just over 15lb with his best Bream going 3lb 10oz. At around 5pm a storm hit Lanesborough and most anglers made a hasty retreat. For only the second time since I arrived, I missed out on a session, but have every intention of catching at least one more Tench before I go home. I am currently on 19 which is my best for any year since I came to Lanesborough 20 years ago.