w/e - Sunday 6th May  2012         

    Monday 30th April 2012                        
The two who put up with the conditions nature threw at them deserved to catch during the night, but unfortunately they didn't. In fact, their returns were extremely poor. My dawn session produced a big fat blank and I was back in bed by 07.30. After 9am some more anglers arrived to suffer, but the wind had changed to make it a wee bit more comfortable. Peter had 30lbs and Kevin had barely 10lbs. Paul Brown was above the bush and was catching, but nowhere near as much as in previous weeks.
With the wind expected to remain gusting up to 25mph, it is still going to be very hard until Wednesday, but the forecast is for a much warmer evening tonight.
It will be headline news the next time I catch a fish. Another zero for me again tonight as Dara Lynch fishing twenty yards above me had two Tench, one a baby of sub 2lbs and the other a very respectable female of about 4 and a half pounds.
I claimed my first positive sighting of Whimbrel this morning!
    Tuesday 1st May 2012                            
                  Tuesday May 1st 2012 - No. 5759 - €1.45
Dara continued until after 10pm last night adding two more Tincas to his tally, although unweighed, he estimated the best going close to 6lb. I arrived at dawn to find "The Tuesday Club" here for their third consecutive week. I only lasted 90 minutes due to an eye infection but managed a baby of about 2 and a half pounds. Dara packed up about 9am without adding to his catch, whilst on the hot stretch two of the taxi drivers were catching some quality fish.
22.45,- A very good all round performance by anglers today. "The Tuesday Club" consisting of many members of the McHugh family recorded some very good weights with Dessie coming out on top with 75lb. Tom had 71lb which included a pair of Roach claimed to be 2lb 2oz a piece. Anto had the consolation of a 7lb Bream and was also the best customer in the shop (as far as the McHughs were concerned).
After they packed in The Tench started feeding, and in all, 15 were caught with the best going 7lb 1oz by Tim Collyer who also had the vast majority of the fish. Most were very big males between 4lb and 4lb 10oz. Kevin should have landed two Tench but a halfwit from Dublin ballsed up his effort by mis-guiding the netting of a fish in excess of 5lbs. Yours truly blanked again.
I've had several comments regarding the first issue of "The Daily Tench" I haven't lost the plot(honestly) and in the next issue, there is an exclusive covering the "World Tench Eating Championship"
The first Swift was spotted this evening!
    Wednesday 2nd May 2012                  
Fatigue is starting to wear me down but I had to get up to a perfect Tenchy dawn. I'd love to say I bagged up, but I'd be telling lies. I had 3 Tincas with the best going 4lb 14oz. the others were about 3lbs apiece. Tony and Carl did an overnight session and had 140lb between them with Carl coming out slightly the better off with a catch of mainly hybrids. Tony commented that the fishing was as good he's ever had at Lanesborough in his 20+ years of experience.
Peter started soon after they finished and was catching very well until mid afternoon when the swim died. His estimated net was about 50lbs. I saw a Roach caught which was just under 2lb but unweighed. Kevin opted for the disabled swims and caught 9 Tench in three hours and as a bonus, a monster of a Rudd at 2lb 3oz.
As the evening progressed, there were only four Tench added to the days total. As dusk fell, another giant Roach was caught by Polish angler Tomas which I hope to weigh in the morning.
Don't forget the Thursday special of Maggots at €2.50 a pint providing you say the catchphrase,-
Get ya Tackle Out!!
    Thursday 3rd May 2012                        
Robert Sloan fished overnight and amassed 35lb made up of 6 Tench, some Hybrids and a 1lb 10oz Roach. When I arrived at 05.30 there were three on the disabled area and more on the hot stretch.This number increased within the hour but there were not many Tench caught. I took a fancy to young boys this morning with two very small males of about 1lb 8oz and 2lb. I was beaten by their bigger sisters on two occasions. Further upstream another very large Tench was caught before the sun probably put a stop to the feeding.
The day continued to be difficult although Kevin fished a long pole above the bridge to get a nice bag of Roach and Hybrids which was about 40-50lb. For most of the afternoon, three fished the disabled swims and had two fish between them. I witnessed and weighed the best at 6lb. Tim Collyer was not so fortunate as in previous visits. His evening session produced just one Tench whilst travelling partner Matt Whiting also caught a solitary fish.
I was very sick for most of the last 24 hours and really haven't been too well, so had an hour or three in bed. I can remember the last time I phoned in sick for work, the foreman said, "just how sick are you?" I replied, "Well, I'm in bed with my sister" and was promptly dismissed. I felt much better when Captain Cock-Up arrived and I took two Euros off him in our now traditional silly bets before "The Bream Master" competition which should be held this weekend.
It will be extremely busy over the next few days, so get out of bed early to avoid missing out on the action!!
    Friday 4th May 2012                                
Damian Allchorne was the only one fishing throughout the night and had a superb bag of 91lb 8oz before emptying his net at 05.00 as dawn was breaking. His move to the disabled swims was rewarded with a further 19lbs of small Bream and Hybrids then a succession of 4 small Tench for a grand total of over 120lbs! I caught the first two Tincas  this morning, again both male but the best went 4lb 7oz. Surprisingly the stretch is very quiet at the moment (9.45) but this will surely change as the day progresses.
Damian should have quit while he was ahead as a move to the bridge produced only a handful of 3-4oz Roach. I cannot understand why the river was not packed. Aside from Alan and Derek from Moyvore fishing the disabled swims, there were only five others all geared up with bite alarms and the heavy gear. The Tench this evening were far more elusive. Two were hooked and lost at the net and the cold downstream wind is making difficult conditions. I wasted two hours going to Maladys for a solitary Perch.
Where are the lads from Cumbernauld?
    Saturday 5th May 2012                         
For May bank holiday the stretch was alarmingly under patronised this morning at 08.00 Only one angler on the hot stretch, and three on the disabled. Tim and Matt arrived at midnight but failed to catch until daylight. Despite some early sun breaking through, they shared several Tench between them on swims that only yesterday blanked! There were a couple of just over 6lb and Tim had a P.B. Male of 5lb 8oz. I was surprised when another angler turned up who also caught some, but there is a strong possibilty that the excitement will be short lived as I believe the spawning commenced today.
Apologies for another late update. There was no action at all on the disabled swims as both myself and Derek blanked. On the hot stretch some half decent weights were recorded most notably by Pat Mulryan who also caught a Tench. At dusk there were at least four seeing through a night session.
    Sunday 6th May 2012                             
I was on the river to find it not as cold as I expected. Some anglers were just arriving at 05.15 to fish the hot stretch and I was on my own downstream. The Tench were spawning in the reeds so I knew i'd be lucky to catch any number of fish. I consider myself very fortunate not to record another blank by netting a 3lb Male. Another three anglers came around 06.30 by which time I was seriously thinking about packing in.
Flano had a good overnight bag with a Bream of 6lb 10oz being the highlight, but as the day progressed, is was becoming increasingly difficult to catch. Some anglers came and left during the day and some diehards planned to do another night on the hot water stretch. After catching a solitary Perch on the disabled swims, Steven Keogh and myself walked up to the to find no less than 13 anglers above the gap to below the gusher. Personally, this is one of my dislikes about Lanesborough, everyone on the feeder and simply no room for errors, or indeed playing fish without disturbing your (very close) neighbours swim. Some fish were caught, but it was hardly "bagging". I would imagine it was about as much fun as a home game for Wolverhamton Wanderers (Sorry Tony) Steven opted for the gusher where there was at least some space, my choice of a bed with the impending rain was probably the wisest!
Pictured here is Marcus Kirwan from Roscommon with part of a 150lb bag of Bream which included specimens to 9lb 3oz caught on Saturday night, somewhere between Lanesborough and Kilnacarrow. This section is only accessable by boat.