w/e - Sunday 5th May 2013 

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I see a Captain, but no ship. He is stranded on an island. The master will save him if he surrenders to his greatness. A season ends with Seagulls victorious over Wolves.

    Monday 29th April 2013                        

Oh no, this week sees us enter May and still the only fish to be caught are Roach. Whilst it's true some Hybrids and small Bream appeared four weeks ago, I still believe nature thinks it's in March. The average daytime temperature this month so far has been  about 8c, which confirms my previous statement. In fact 8c could easily be a mean figure for February! On the plus side, water temperature has finally hit 10c (50f) so we are only days away from the mass exodus from the lake into the river. This will include all the Hybrids, big Female Roach and odd Bream.
This morning I was out early to fish the bridge. Seven Roach in an hour is hardly "bagging" so when Paul Brown arrived, I moved to the gusher. It was far easier with a Roach every cast, mostly 3oz but with odd 6oz fish. I gave up when trying to lift a pound Perch. My fingers were  very cold.

A couple were in an open bivvy totally oblivious to me walking past. I even asked if they were OK but they were in another world. I don't want to seem morbid, but they could have frozen to death overnight, I'll have to check later!

About 1 in every 8029 bivvy users suffer a fatalitie once whilst fishing, but I'm pleased to report that there will not be an anglers funeral at Lanesborough this week. The fishing took a bit of an upturn by late afternoon with a number of Roach up to very near a pound were caught. They were all male fish. Peter Wood had between 25 and 30lb and most others caught. I had 24 male fish plus a mongrel this evening whilst Daniel Hoare had a 16lb Pike and a smaller one.

The Ark Rose was taken out fish finding and the results are quite good. There are many fish upstream of Hanleys marina and another big shoal above Kilnacarrow. Tomorrow we will investigate the position of the lake shoal and evaluate if they are about to move into the hot stretch.

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    Tuesday 30th April 2013                      
The final day of my favourite month and the Roach are just starting to appear in big numbers, ableit of the male variety. I'll check the wall when the sun is right, just to see if any spawning went on during the night, but I doubt it. No sign of life from the sleeping (or dead) bivverwackers, so no news to report at this moment. (11am)

The water level is now almost level with the concrete below the bridge and there is little or no wind. it's sunny, so not ideal conditions in the stretch.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the sunlight ruined any real potential in the hot water stretch. Despite this, Polish angler Robert Cilindz had a Pike of 17lb. By mid afternoon, a good amount of cloud cover helped Pete from Halifax to a 20lb bag of Roach under the bridge. On the navigation side, things were not as good today.

We went out with the fish finder and had positive results in the lake. The river below the bridge was bnot too good and would explain why Dennis, Peter and Liam were not having as good as they may have hoped. They did however, have some fish up to a pound, so it wasn't all doom and gloom.

A couple of Hybrids were caught abover the trees on the hot stretch. My evening session produced 50 fish. I had my first females for a while (fnarr fnarr) although they were both around 4-6oz. With a ratio of 24:1 that must have some party going on down there!
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The big Pike just keep on coming, Robert Cilindz caught this 17lb fish today. 
    Wednesday 1st May 2013                    
As we enter the mad month (is this a politically correct term?) things are just about to change. The water temperature is about right, the level,- perfect and it's getting warmer at night. It won't be long before those tincas take over my life!

Overnight there were two young Polish lads who, although didn't catch much, had about 4 Hybrids and two Bream the best was about 4 and a bit pounds whilst the other may have been 3 plus. Five other anglers arrived long after dawn and may have missed the early action. I hope the cloud cover continues as the conditions at 9am are spot on.

Remi Maj caught this during the night, Robert Cilindz had one of a similar size
A very difficult day this side of the river, although I'm sure the Roscommon bank was fishing quite well. There were some unconfirmed reports of spawning activity over there. I will promise to investigate first thing tomorrow. On our side, some visiting anglers were really struggling and by 1pm many had left. The two on the bridge swim only had 1 fish in three hours but later caught some big Roach.

I went out at 8.15 and found there was spawning on the gusher with lots of Roach flapping about. The reeds and lillies opposite Ryans gate were also rattling. This may explain why I had a terrible 45 mins before giving up. I can understand the Roach not feeding, after all, if you hadn't seen your missus for eleven months or so and you were in full love mode, and I came into your bedroom and said "hello mate, fancy a mars bar?" I'm sure you'd tell me to go away, or something like that. Mind you, I like Mars bars, so...…!!

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    Thursday 2nd May 2013                        
Not a soul on the stretch at 8am but the river was going mad. Fish everywhere including some very large Roach. A further overnight spawning was evident in the gusher. To see the amount o spawn in the margins is incredible. The ducks are feasting, and I'm sure the Perch will too. The downside of this fornication, is that the fish may not feed again today, especially with the open sky we are presently enjoying, But later in the day, the cloud cover will produce some rain and the low atmospheric pressure combined with overnight mild temperatures will bring good fortune to those who choose to fish tonight.

It's only 7.30 but i've already retired for the night. The day was largely uneventful. Thierry, one of the French trio of visitors in their 20th year at Lanesborough, caught a Pike of about 6lbs and added a couple of small Bream and hybrids. Elsewhere is was just 3oz Roach. Over on the navigation channel we were fighting against a south westerly wind bring waves up the river. I watched my stick float riding the waves and struck when I couldn't see it. I had 17 with an average of 4oz, again all male bar one that I foul hooked which decided to spawn all over me. It dowsen't taste as nice as caviar, that's for sure. Aiden Dooney was downstream doing much better than me.

I've predicted tomorrow between 1 and 2pm will be productive, check out www.getyatckleout.ie to hear all the weather and moon forecasts over the weekend.
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    Friday 3rd May 2013                                
The weather here at midday is not at its seasonal best, and I'd expect a few more anglers as well. Three are set up with their bivvys near the bush, not catching too much aside from tiny Rudd, whilst the visiting French trio have been catching well on the navigation wall.

The water lever is now level with the concrete, and if you click the link below, you will see the reading at Hodson Bay on Lough Ree. For future reference, if the graph shows around 2.6 above the site datum, you'll know the what the level at Lanesborough is, within a few millimeters. This service, which is invaluable to anglers, also shows the water temperature. The current temperature is 10.6 which is about 52f in old money.
The conditions really went downhill from midday onwards, and the French continued to catch well, Peter Wood was fishing just below them for another almost exclusively male Roach catch. The one female he had (first for a long time, eh Peter?) was about a pound and a half. I think they had all packed up by 3pm and Peter claimed about 20lb.

I was up at Carrick-on-Shannon conducting an interview for inclusion for Sundays 
Get ya Tackle Out This will be a very interesting feature that all anglers should take very seriously. Coming back through the torrential downpour, I was mighty glad I wasn't out in it, and felt genuinely sorry for the lads on the stretch.

Luckily for me, the rain had all but stopped by 7pm so I fished the navigation channel and did very well for the first hour. Instead of using ground bait, I loose fed casters. The bites dried up for a while and I believe a predator was close by spooking the shoal. I was counting how many fish and think I had 33 for about 15lb.

Not surprisingly, no further overnight anglers arrived before dusk!
    Saturday 4th May 2013                          
Welcome to the weekend! It's a beautiful spring day and I'm sure it will be a busy one here at Lanesborough. One of the lads from Drogheda caught some Bream up to 4lb early this morning to add to the few had yesterday. Over on the navigation channel the bright sunlight has already ruined what could have been a good session, for me anyway. I had just 3 Roach in 45 minutes and wasted over 150 casters, I'm a man after my own wallet! It was nice to be out soaking up the sun.
If there is a god, please let Peterborough win at Shithurst Park today

To be fair, I was a bit disappointed with the weather forecast. The wind was far more blustery than predicted and ruined a potentially good day. Robert had the best Pike of the week, a 19lb Male. I didn't know they could grow that big? The Drogheda trio left very happy with Glenn Keane coming out as top weight with 35lbs made up of Bream to 3 and a bit, Roach to just over a pound and a couple of this years rarity, - the mongrel. 
I didn't go out for an evening session because I was suffering from tiredness. Another night's sleep is required. zzzzzzz!
    Sunday 5th May 2013                             
I didn't rise until 7am but noticed a good amount of cars parked outside. I was more than surprised at 8.30 to see some packing their gear away. Apparently this morning's session was about as good as the Peterborough defence yesterday. There were four doing over nighters and three of those were well on their way by 9am. Others came and found it difficult. The French on the top end swims said "Lanesborough c'est de la merde aujourd'hui" - work that out for yourself using google translate!

Some skimmers have been caught and I'm sure Peter Wood will report plenty of action on the Roscommon bank. Until then, lets hope for an improvement very shortly. 

The afternoon saw a slight improvement with James NcHugh not only catching a small Pike but a handful of skimmers. The French also improved by tempting small Bream and Hybrids near the gusher. Peter blanked without a bite and did the same when he went upstream to Tarmonbarry.

It's nearly 22.30 and I've just come in after a long chat with some good friends whilst watching the surface activity on the hot stretch. It's going to be a fairly warm night and fish are moving. So keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow will be the day we've been hoping for since mid April!
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