w/e - Sunday 4th May 2008         

    Monday 28th April 2008                       
I Got up far too early anticipating a dawn splash. In fact it was quite hard going, I had a Hybrid of 2lbs, a Bream of a pound and some Roach but no monsters. I managed to land a Pike of 5lb 6oz but at 09.00 I had had enough with about 10lbs plus the Pike. Sue and Ernie Callaghan were joined by their guest Monty, and all had an enjoyable day each amassing around 25lb a piece. Sue had the most significant catch with a three pound Tench I believe it's the first reported at Lanesborough this year.

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I had a short wet session on the Camlin that saw just seven Roach averaging 5-6 oz each. In the evening it was a struggle on the stretch and I had barely 2lbs in two hours. Some big fish were moving below the bridge so lets hope for a change of fortune in the week leading up to the busy holiday period.

    Tuesday 29th April 2008                     
Surprisingly few people on the banks today. Simon Scott from Co. Galway had a mixed bag of 30lb or so as did his travelling partner. They left around mid day when the sun came out and for a while bites were minimal. I had an hour on the stick to get Roach to 4oz. Greg Matthews continued to catch good sized Bream and Hybrids plus a bonus Tench of around 5lbs in an estimated weight of 50lbs. This however was exceeded by an Englishman who caught steadily all day from just below the gusher. Perch were taking spinners in the fast water. I took another trip on the Inny to Maladys where I nearly froze. I caught just 30 Roach in two hours with the biggest going 6oz. Some Roach well over 2lb have been landed on the Inny in the past couple of days from the area near to where the Tang joins the main river. Back at Lanesborough, at dusk tonight, there was not a soul to be seen and it was very cold. More big fish were below the bridge and in the navigation channel.
    Wednesday 30th April 2008             

The last day of the month and I'm still waiting for the water to hit the optimum temperature that decides when the fish move into the river en-masse. It was marginally warmer today but sport was very patchy. The French group who visit each year were dissapointed with their catch. I think the best they recorded was about 20lbs. The swim above the bridge produced well but below the gap was very poor. A good Bream of 5lb+ was landed just below Ryans gate. On the gusher an angler caught a small Tench and a number of Hybrids. I tried 90 minutes on the quay side wall and had 8 Roach to 10oz and a Perch. In the evening the surface was alive with fish just below the bridge on the Roscommon side but I only tempted one on a paternoster rig fished well up in the water.

I'm going to make three bold predictions, two of which will probably never happen, -

1 - Man will one day land on the moon, -

2 - The fishing will be great tomorrow, -

3 - Brighton and Hove Albion will play in the Champions League Final

    Thursday 1st May 2008                         
You would not believe how cold it was first thing this morning. Very little surface activity and I called the wrong tune by trying the feeder under the bridge. I had 2 Hybrids of 2lb each and 2 Perch before having to move to the gusher where I failed to register a bite. The two anglers fishing the stick float above the bridge eventually amassed over 50lb each. The French quartet who did poorly yesterday fared better including a Pike that was probably around 18lbs. Above Ryans gate was grim with Ernie Callaghan weighing in 14lb whilst Monty had about 9lb. In the main channel, Arnie Williams caught a Roach of 1lb 12oz but only saw 13 other fish. I couldn't be bothered to fish the evening session and there was very little evidence to suggest a fresh influx of fish. 
    Friday 2nd May 2008                              
A strange day, on one swim an angler took a mixed bag of 110lb albeit over 14 hours. Not 30 yards from him it was completely different with some finding only small fish. Tony Poulter from Telford weighed in 30lbs made up mainly of smallish fish with the odd Hybrid nudging 2lb. I didn't see how the French were doing but I understand they had an average day. Killian McCormack and Damian Allchorne arrived for a practise to reclaim the Bream Master crown for this year, (click here to see 2006 award ceromony) I don't fancy their chances after todays performance which saw them vacate their swim by 11.00 On the navigation channel, Dennis from Suffolk had 30lb of Hybrids and Roach whilst I had slightly less fishing from my boat. The strong south-easterly wind must have been horrendous out on Lough Ree as the river started sending our stick floats up stream causing much confusion to all who witnessed it. We both gave up as the fish refused to feed when this happened.
    Saturday 3rd May 2008                        

Not surprisingly the hot water stretch was packed by 06.00 but only one angler was brave enough to try below the bridge. Seamus Moorhouse was rewarded with two Tench,- a 4lb 12oz female and a 4lb 2oz male. A lot of fish were caught but with so many rods present, some struggled. Killian had a 4lb Hybrid whilst Cork visitor, Ross Macklin caught a 5lb plus bream and the Scottish lads had the first leg of their annual competition but I think the top weight was less than 25lbs. The full results will be published on Monday. A few anglers packed up after lunch and the afternoon period was not as productive. I had two hours on the boat and had just three fish before dusk. The air temperature was around 19c and I'm sure the water has exceeded 52f so it should all happen tomorrow??

    Sunday 4th May 2008                            

A full house again but the weights were no where near what we would expect for this week end. The French had aprox. 80k between them in their 14 hour marathon. The Scottish group had better fish with one weighing two Tench of 5lb 10oz and 5lb 6oz. Steve and Martin Smith from North Wales had 50lb and 25lb mixed bag respectively with both having Roach of 1lb 7oz. The few anglers who tried the navigation side didn't fare too well as I found out to my cost with only 5 fish. The camping anglers tried the cut but I understand their first night failed to catch. The local Guardai were in attendance due to another incident. Apparently, two Polish murderers killed a Pike in excess of 20lbs. It is alledged they had an accomplice who drove the fish away in a separate car.

If you see anything suspicious involving fish thefts, phone 043-3346741 immediately