w/e - Sunday 3rd May 2009        

    Monday 27th April 2009                       

Not surprisingly, after the weekends heavy rainfall, the water temperature has dropped back to 52f. The sun came out and made conditions difficult for the few in attendance. I never saw any larger fish caught on my two walks, but as dusk fell the fish started feeding. Willie and Steve from Dublin shared a combined bag of around 35lb which included some good Hybrids, small Bream and a Roach of around 1lb 12oz. The rain never really came until 21.30 by which time I was inside. I had a late afternoon/early evening below Shrule bridge on the Inny but only had 2 Roach of a pound or so and 3lb of bits.

As we approach the busiest weekend of the year, I would advise visiting anglers to pre-order their bait by phoning the shop on 04333 21491 or from the UK, 00353 4333 21491

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    Tuesday 28th April 2009                     

More rain during the night saw the water level rise to be upon the concrete by the bridge, it's now higher than in February. The conditions are hardly perfect for the coming weekend. Normally I would be mooring my boat on the navigation side just so I can reserve a spot as that is the place to be. It is almost unfishable at it's current height. A 2oz cage feeder would be the minimum requirement. However, there are fish in the main channel. Barry Lister found many showing below the bridge with his fish finder.

As far as I could tell, todays fishing was poor. Not many bigger fish were caught. I had a few pound of Hybrids and male Roach under the bridge, whilst some others really struggled. In the evening I went to Athlone tonight in search of giant Roach but could only catch 2 Perch so missed any action at Lanesborough.

I was informed that The Angling Times ran a feature in this weeks edition with a picture of myself on page 36.

    Wednesday 29th April 2009            

It's all doom and gloom here at the moment, rain, more rain and even more to follow. The water is now at least 2 and a half inches above the concrete at the bridge. There is considerable cold water coming in at the top end of the stretch and through the gap, thus negating the hot flow from the gusher. Fishing today was poor during the day time. I chose to waste a couple of hours on the gusher and caught around five pound of bits. Two Mullingar lads stayed all day but i'm not sure what they finished with. I was informed they didn't fare too well. A very large Rudd was caught by a lady angler from Roscommon. It was weighed by Stephen Haughey at 1lb 13oz.

I had two sessions on the Inny at Castlecore catching about 9lbs of Roach, Perch, Trout and Gudgeon. By 19.00 I was at Maladys getting wetter but catching well with Roach to 1lb 9oz and Hybrids to slightly bigger.

Remember to pre-order your bait by lunchtime tomorrow for the Friday delivery at 08.00

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    Thursday 30th April 2009                   

Damien and Killian arrived for our annual "Bream master" competition which we've agreed may have to be postponed due to un-favourable conditions. They fished under the bridge at dawn and caught well for two hours. From 08.00 it was a different story, they couldn't buy a bite and perhaps, in hindsight, should have given up. Stephen Haughey was on the gusher and had a mixed bag. When he had his breakfast break, I relieved him for half an hour and caught a Bream of 3lb 08oz and a few small fish. He finished later with just over 20lbs. Killian took his swim and caught steadily from 17.00 onwards. When he had a meal break,  I took over and had another Bream of similar size to this morning along with a few Hybrids to 12oz.

After "The Bill" I went out and fished the gusher to catch just a solitary 4oz Hybrid. I think I'm better using other peoples gear than I am my own. It's now 23.00 and I'm back in doors. Joe and Phillip tried an evening session for Tench but managed only skimmers. Another angler was doing well just below the gusher, having what seemed a fish a chuck while I was biteless. He had a bonus Tench of just under 3lbs.

I've never known April to fizzle out the way it has, we can only hope for a better May.

    Friday 1st May 2009                                

The 1st of May would traditionally be the date I would start to divert my attentions to Bream on the Mud Island. This year, I think we are about two weeks short due to the adverse weather. Barry Lister returned today to tell me the river temperature was holding at 52f and lots of good sized fish were showing on his fish finder on the navigation side. I'm really missing my evening sessions over there on the stick.

There were not many anglers again on the stretch and not surprisingly, returns were poor. I had about 3lbs of bits in an hour near the gusher before deciding enough was enough. I missed any potential local action for an evening on the Inny at Maladys. Dennis from Suffolk had blanked here during the day. After five run throughs I hooked a good Roach which proved to be the best of the session at 1lb 14oz, followed by another three between 1lb 9oz and 1lb 12.5oz. Smaller fish were scarce and my total was only 12lb or so.

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I've just read the Angling Times review of Lanesborough and had to laugh at their description of me, "the man with his finger on the pulse" My finger is usually up my nose!

I was hoping for some work to come in this week after the feature because, as you can plainly see, I'm a male model, although I am currently between jobs. I'll do anything within reason, but would draw the line at modelling a Crystal Palace shirt.

  Saturday 2nd May

    Saturday 2nd May 2009                       

This is possibly the busiest weekend of the year when many tourist, terrorist and home grown anglers, all descend on Lanesborough. The day started brightly and a few were on the stretch, but nowhere near the full house you might expect. Due to my being in the shop, I was unable to get a full picture of what was happening. A Dublin angler caught a superb male Tench of 4lb 7oz from just above the bridge. I was told the Scottish lads had a top weight of around 30lb. They are competing for their annual "Lanesborough Tankard" The full results will be published on Monday.

This was the first day I have not fished since I arrived. I'd like to have gone out at dusk but I'm afraid the lure of the snooker and a heavy shower put me off. Good news though, Barry informed me the river temperature was back at 54f so I would expect some good fishing tomorrow. Even better news, Brighton beat Stockport to avoid relegation.

    Sunday 3rd May 2009                            

Apologies for not posting this at 23.00. It's now monday morning and I feel like shite. Sunday was very bright and a few Tench made an appearance. Clifford Moreley from Lowestoft had four up to just under five pounds, three of which were female. Another angler from Belturbet had 2 Males and 1 Female although these were probably under 4lb apiece.

  Clifford Moreley's bag of Tench. Click image for full size photo.

Aside from the Tench, the going was hard with just smaller fish making up the numbers. It's very sad to see the fishing here so poor but at least the season has been prolonged. I believe there are still many fish in the lake which have yet to move into the river. The navigation channel has a number of present but as previously mentioned, the current conditions prohibit big bags. I had an evening at Athlone where just one Roach of around 1lb 4oz was caught.

The River unit of the Athlone Guardai were in attendance today, chatting to anglers and introducing themselves. They deal with all matters on the river from speeding boats, poaching and the occasional fatality. It was a pleasure meeting them and I hope we see them again.

Does anyone have any information regarding Edmund Hawksworth? Please E-mail if you know of his where abouts or any literature about the man.

There is not much time to win the prestigous "Roach trophy" It's made of solid gold plastic* and will be presented to the captor of the largest Roach caught at Lanesborough during my stay. To claim you must phone me on 087 941 9988. The current leader is still Leigh Maitland with a fish of 2lb 01oz

*I might be lying again !