w/e - Sunday 1st May 2011            

    Monday 25th April 2011                        

This is Josh Blacklidge with a stonking Bream caught on the hot water stretch. If it was weighed, I'm sure it may have topped 8 lb

Being in the shop for most of the day means I often miss out on reports of catches, but today I'm certain was not one of those. When I went out at 8am there were just four anglers present and three of them were not doing very well. Seamus Moorhouse had a few Tench with the best going 6lb 1oz bringing the total number of specimen Tincas to 6 (I think). Two Slovakian anglers spent most of the day without a bite near the duckpond. Later in the day, Steve and Josh had 5 Tench between them from just above the bush along with lots of small fish. Seamus returned to the Lillies to catch a couple of Bream before dark.

Including myself, there were five of us on the disabled swims, but the two Dublin lads were blanking when I left at 23.25. After my zero last night, I was more than relieved to catch 3 Tench. The first two were males of about 2 1/2 pound and my final one weighed in at 5lb 4oz I added a Bream of 5lb 7oz but that was the only fish caught during darkness. Tim Collier below me had two Tench whilst Jamie had a Bream of 3lb or so.

I can't believe it's still April, but where are my Roach this year? Perhaps the water coming out of the power station at a constant 63f prohibited their spawning in the hot water stretch?

I would recommend the Chinese takeaway at Lanesborough for the 3 in 1 meal. It consists of Rice, Chips and curry sauce all for €3.50. I went out with a Chinese girl once, we were getting on well and she invited me back to her place after the pub shut. Things were getting a bit heated so I suggested a "69" to which she replied, "if you think I'm cooking at this time of night, you can feck off home"
    Tuesday 26th April 2010                      
I was keen to get up this morning after yesterdays relative success. The lads on the hot water stretch had a poor night, probably due to being asleep in their bivvy? Seamus took the area Tim fished and caught just two small Tench. The two Dublin lads had a few Tench including 1 monster at 6lb 10oz, unfortunately, they left without telling me their exact returns. I blanked, but then I'm experienced in that department.

Roy Cuthbertson arrived mid morning and caught a 6lb Pike on maggots first cast. Under the bridge, the shoal that has been missing for the last few years looks as though it's making a comeback with some good fish visible. I thought I saw a Carp, perhaps I should have gone to Specsavers? I shut the shop for a "lunchbreak" and had a bash for a while catching some small fish before wasting 15 minutes on the navigation channel drawing the ultimate zero.

In the evening I went to Shrule bridge and caught about 12lb of mainly male Roach and odd Hybrid. Also had a giant Gudgeon, or was it a Barbel??
    Wednesday 27th April 2010               
Six anglers were present along the hot water stretch from early this morning. The two from Armagh were catching steadily until the Macc Lads arrived. Whether it was the excess groundbait or simply the fish were moving out, we can only speculate on. Although it was overcast for most of the day, the returns were very poor. Mid afternoon saw Steve and Josh join in but they also struggled. On the disabled swims, Seamus had some success with the Tench, this time having seven in his overnight session. For the first time since I arrived, I didn't commit myself to a session, if I had have done, I may well have been committed!

In the evening I had a very pleasant chat with Matt, a Londoner now living in Dublin. His son was also fishing on a whip catching very small fish but did get a 12oz Rudd whilst his father was having a good run of Tench, the best weighed went 5lb 6oz.
    Thursday 28th April 2010                    
I resisted the temptation to get up early, opting for a good lie in bed. My morning walk saw just Matt Carter and Seamus Moorehouse present on the disabled swims. Seamus suffered his first tench blank of the season, although he did catch a Rudd or two. Matt, on the other hand caught a total of ten Tench in his 12 hour session. The best of these were a pair going 5lb 4oz. Bad news for weekend anglers, it would appear the Tench were spawning this morning and it is my belief the large females will disappear.

For most of the day the stretch was totally deserted. Ernie Callahan attempted to catch some of the shoal fish which have ammassed under the bridge. His chosen method was a wet fly, which on this occasion failed. By late afternoon there were many casual anglers but, in the extreme bright sunshine, catches were rare.

I was away from 6pm for a trip to Shrule Bridge on the Inny having a great session with 8 Roach over a pound and two Hybrids over 2lb. There were also lots of other fish resulting in probably my most enjoyable float session of this campaign.

There is a proposed juniors match to be held on the stretch this saturday morning. Personally, I believe this event is poorly timed with many anglers travelling from not just Ireland but the U.K for the holiday weekend. I trust anyone wishing to fish will plan their trip accordingly.
Carter the Unstoppable Tench Machine with a 5lb 4oz female (sorry, not my best of pix)
For your enjoyment, - www.45sleeves.co.uk
    Friday 29th April 2010                            
It was one of those days, I woke up, decided it was too cold and went back to sleep. At 7pm there was a mist over the river and already there were a number of anglers each side of the bridge. The first four I met were not aware of this webpage, and after a brief chat about the state of the fishing, two of them decided to move on. The others (two of which had been there all night) didn't stay long and, as far as I'm aware, not a single Tench was caught. The spawning was still going on in the reeds near the duckpond. One angler I spoke to was convinced it was ducks making the commotion. As the day progressed, most who visited Lanesborough realised it was to be hard going. Despite this, there were a few small fish caught by the diehards, and in the evening when I returned from the Inny, there was considerable surface activity, so perhaps the weekend will produce some quality fish after all.

My trip to Shrule Bridge started badly when I realised I'd not put my scales in my waistcoat. It would have been ironic to catch a giant Roach but my biggest was about 1lb 12oz with 4 others going over the pound. Along with a very spirited battle with a 1lb Trout, I had an enjoyable, if not prolific session.

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It's a little known fact that 1 in 5 of us live next door to a paedophile, luckily I'm not one of those as my neighbour is a cute 15 year old with a nice arse and huge tits *
* Please note, this joke does not reflect the general opinion of the writer of this webpage. Well, not much anyway!
    Saturday 30th April 2010                     
This must possibly be the poorest report I've had to write this year. At dawn, the five Sottish lads making their annual pilgramage to Lanesborough tried unsuccessfully to lure some Tench on the disabled swims. More than one of them had failed to catch when I did my 7.30 walk. With the Lanesborough Pike Angling Club holding their juniors competition on the stretch, there was no one fishing until 10am. All the kids had a good day with most catching some fish, although they were very small. The club would like to thank Irish bait and Tackle for sponsoring the bait. The result was as follows,-
1st - Jack O'Loughlin 1lb 14oz
2nd Elizabeth Clyne 1lb 8.5oz
3rd Emma Donahoe 15.75oz
4th Molly Farrell 15oz
I was back at Lanesborough at dusk to see a lot of surface activity and some fish were being caught.
    Sunday 1st May 2010                              
There was a considerable improvement in the overall sport today, two anglers from Dublin had a reasonable overnight session below the bridge which included a couple of Tench. On the stretch, the most notable area was above the last trees up to the hot water pegs. Pat Mulryan had a mixed bag of 34lb whilst his son Niall had a mere 8oz less. Some bigger Roach have appeared although the ones I saw were far removed from the condition I've experienced on the Inny. Other fish were caught during the odd spell of cloud cover. A lot of big fish seemed to moving as dusk fell and tomorrow could see a bumper day as overcast weather is probable.