w/e - Sunday 31st March  2013 

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 A man arrives from the east, there is great expectation amongst his followers.
    Wednesday 27th March 2013            
In the beginning, God created man, a bit later he decided to invent the fishing rod, and lo, anglers came forth. What God didn't mention in his best selling novel, was the great arctic blast from the east that descended over his disciples during the period formerly known as spring.

I arrived here in Ireland on March 14th, mainly to launch my proposed radio show which, is as yet to gain exposure on mainstream airwaves. You would be advised to listen to it in glorious monophonic sound at www.getyatackleout.ie For the next few weeks, there will be two 25 minute shows up-dated at 9pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The news at Lanesborough is not the happiest of tales. The water level is almost at summer levels due to waterways Ireland dropping the height of Lough Ree at Athlone to protect the Callows, downstream of the town. Last year, the abnormal rainfall meant some, or most of the grazing land was unusable, so a trial has been carried out to see if Lough Ree can act as a resovoir to hold back any impending heavy rainfall. I hope I'm correct in my interpretation of how this will work. Of course, there is a possibility that the low water means fishing at Lanesborough, especially on the shallow hot water stretch, will be very difficult.

The same weed we had problems with last year, has not disappeared as hoped, rendering much of the stretch downstream of the bridge almost un-fishable. On the plus side though, the weed assisted in much of last years fry surviving throughout the winter and the stretch is stuffed with sub 2oz Rudd and Roach.

Since I arrived, I have only had two very short sessions and have yet to land a fish better than 4oz. Peter Wood has persevered below the disabled swims and has been rewarded with Roach to 10oz. Other anglers have struggled, but in my opinion, the feeder is the wrong option early in the season when the Roach is the predominate species.

One angler yesterday had a pair of Rudd both about a pound. Pike are very active and the best I have heard about was an 11lb fish last Wednesday. However, just before I arrived two weeks ago, Irish Pike record holder, Larry Kelly shared a nine fish haul with traveling companion Tommy, the best being a recently spawned 21lb specimen.

Tonight, I ventured out for an hour at dusk and had 16 fish up to 4oz, made up of Rudd, Roach and solitary Perch. With the Easter weekend approaching, I'd advise anglers considering traveling any distance, to think carefully before doing so. It may a while before it really kicks off here.

The first of the summer migrants, the Sand Martin arrived last Thursday, I think they might need to reconsider their holiday dates in future.
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Does anyone recall that this time last year, we were basking in a 20c heatwave?
    Thursday 28th March 2013                
A very good looking Pike which has not spawned weighing in at 19lb 7oz caught today by Mark Byrne from Co. Meath on a Smelt.
It is with great sadness that I learned today, of the untimely death of a good friend and fellow angler Ernie Callahan. Ernie was an inspiration to me, who always found time to talk. He helped me get on-line at Lanesborough and was always very supportive in all matters, personal and business. The smile on his face was ever present. I believe he was truly a man who enjoyed his life. Our thoughts should be with Sue, his beloved wife and fishing partner and all his family and relatives. God bless you Ernie, you really will be missed.
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A dry, coldish day meant fishing was not pleasant for a soft southerner like myself, but a group of four hardy Irishman were maybe more used to the conditions than me. As seen above, Mark Byrne from Co. Meath had a superb looking Pike of 19lb 7oz which hasn't spawned. Another of about 12lbs was also caught by one of the same quartet.

The silver fish proved more elusive for most of the day. Tomasz Bartoszko, a very good Polish angler was below the bush but caught just small fish on the feeder. Local man, Aiden Dooney was opposite the lillies above the gap and had a better stamp of fish on the stick float with a couple of Roach nudging a pound.

I arrived for the last 90 minutes and by my standards, did very well. The first 6 fish were all Roach between 4-6oz and when a Rudd of 12oz followed, I thought things were about to improve. Wrong again, the fish got smaller, but after losing a hook length, I retired reasonably happy with 20 fish. Earlier, Peter Wood was below the disabled swims and caught a number of very small Roach proving the entire stretch to be populated at the moment, albeit with fish of a size not usually attributed with Lanesborough.
Will Good Friday be aptly named?
    Friday 29th March 2013                        
An absolute monster caught by Michael Bierne from Strokestown on half a herring and weighing in at a hefty 23lb 6oz. This fish is also yet to spawn.
I'm glad to say, that with the wind dropping, the temperature rose by a couple of degrees and it felt a bit more spring like in the bright sunshine. Silver fish were difficult to find by the anglers here today, but as can be seen by the photo, the Pike were feasting and Michael's  specimen has set the benchmark for the season so far. I was surprised to see so few patronising the banks, but perhaps the weeks cold chill persuaded all but the diehards into opening their Easter eggs early!

At 6.15 I was the only mug on the entire stretch. I found it very difficult to catch but did ammass a total of 10 Rudd and Roach before it was too dark to see the float. Only two of these were 4oz or more but there was much surface activity around the bridge.
Let's hope for a small improvement as the weekend progresses?
    Saturday 30th March 2013                 
9.30am - Not a soul on the bank, and in the bright sunlight looking down from the bridge,there was no evidence of any life as we know it, beam me up Scotty at warp factor 5. This is where the excessive weed growth has it's advantage. The fish can easily hide underneath, and might come out to play as dusk approaches tonight.

Steve Blacklidge and his son Josh arrived from Chorley, Lancashire today for their annual week at Lanesborough, Like myself, Steve has been coming for over twenty years. By mid day they had set up near the bush and Josh was catching lots of sub 1oz fish on the short pole. Steve lost a good Pike at the net but later had one of 8 kilos which was yet to spawn. They continued to 6pm but failed to get any other significant fish.
Steve Blacklidge with an 8kilo fish taken on a deadbait just after midday
I was at the bridge from 6.30 or so and had a Roach of 8oz and a dozen or so smaller fish. As it was getting dark, I hooked and landed my first Hybrid of my campaign which was about 1lb 8oz. There was an unusual amount of surface activity going into the navigation channel which I thought strange as the water temperature is barely 45F. Normally, it would be 51f before we see any action over that side.

Sorry to report that tonights episode of Get ya Tackle Out! has been postponed until noon tomorrow as the Ballina Angling Centre were unable to submit their report. You can still listen to Wednesdays show by logging onto www.getyatackleout.ie
    Sunday 31st March 2013                      
10.00 - Lanesborough is deserted again and the wind has increased to a breezy East-South-Easterly. This means that fishing at the upper parts of the hot water stretch is very pleasant with the wind behind you rather than coming downstream. A bit of cloud cover may be just the thing to trigger some fish into feeding?
I may have been correct with regard to the cloud cover as Peter Wood possibly had the best session so far since I arrived. He was fishing below the bridge and had several fish that most of us may have used a landing net for. I had a few as well but probably not as big.
On the hot water, Steve Blacklidge caught the same big Pike caught on Friday, but there appeared to be less silver fish in the hot water.