w/e - Sunday 30th March  2014

 I see a gathering, the first of many visitors arrive in anticipation of an event, unparalleled in recent times. An evil one with many teeth, preys on a silver bodied mass.
    Tuesday 25th March                              
     So, here we are again in 2014 for the 7th year since the first publication of this webpage, and judging by the amount of visitors yesterday, it would seem some of you are desperate for good news?
     This time last year, we were freezing our bits in sub zero conditions. Those of you with even longer memories may recall that in 2012, it was the complete opposite, with temperatures reaching 22c or higher before the end of the month. Perhaps this spring will be "normal" ?
      It's fair to say the winter has been a bit damp, but with the usual dry March, the Shannon is dropping to a very manageable level. Currently, there is about a foot of water on the concrete near the bridge, and at "the bush" only a couple of inches.
     Further down the lake at Hodson Bay, is the nearest data station, which is showing the level to be 3.04 and temperature currently 7.5c Whilst the water is certainly receding faster than Prince Edward's hairline, the temperature has also dropped after peaking at 8.5c last week. Ideally, 10.5c (51f) is about the optimum figure I'd hope for to see fish moving into the river. Couple this with a height of 2.7m and I should be as happy as Larry! *
     It really was a beautiful spring day here at Lanesborough and I was surprised to see just one angler present. A regular visitor from Athlone, Alan only had 14 Roach on the feeder, with the best a 4oz fish. It is not unusual to witness a slow start, but apparently the power station has been off for a while. It is currently working, and I will make a dawn inspection to see if any warm water is being emitted.
     Tomorrow, I'm hoping to confirm news on the future of the power station, as there are strong rumours of a mid April closure for up to six weeks.

Rising and setting times for the Moon

   Meridian Passing 
26 Mar 201403:4913:3608:3822.0°366,76624.9%
27 Mar 201404:2314:5609:3425.8°365,78415.2%
28 Mar 201404:5216:1610:2830.3°365,9587.5%
29 Mar 201405:1817:3711:2135.1°367,4432.4%
Note: hours shift because clocks change forward 1 hour
30 Mar 201406:4419:5613:1340.0°370,2530.1%New Moon at 19:45

* My apologies to Mr Kelly, Mr O'Connor and anyone else I may potentially be as happy as! 

    Wednesday 26th March                      
     Up at dawn? You're having a laugh! My excuse is lack of sleep since my overnight trip and the zzz's were content until I woke naturally. My morning walk was taken in bright sunlight, and although no one was fishing, I'm confident some fish are present. The water appeared to be a bit warmer than yesterday, but certainly not steaming at the gusher.
     To my knowledge, there was only one "angler" on the stretch today and he had blanked. At 5.30 I walked down to find Damian Rooney trying unsuccessfully to tempt a Pike. I started my spring campaign catching easy Roach at the bush with nothing over 2oz. I'd like to have fished the gusher, but the blanker insisted on staying there until 6.30. When he did eventually leave, I moved and found more easy fish, some of which were slightly better than the bush. There was an added bonus of three Gudgeon. I love a good Gobio 
     I drove round to the power station earlier this afternoon and had the confirmation of the power station closure on Friday 25th April for maintenance. This could last for six weeks or more, so let's hope the Tench come early this year.
    Thursday 27th March                             
     Despite the sun, it was a little chilly early on with a slight easterly wind. Peter Wood was the only officer on parade, fishing the gusher. It was a very depressing session with so many tiny fish taking any bait presented to them. At least he had the pleasure of a 4oz Perch before packing up.
     I cannot understand why I wanted to go out at 5pm, but that's what I'm here for. I only had to put the size 16 hook with single maggot in to get a 3" roach or Rudd and I got bored very quickly. I moved below the bridge and still caught loads of fish, but at least some were over an ounce. If you like that sort of thing, that's the sort of thing you'll like.
     It was a pleasure to see a Kingfisher here for the first time for a while. No Sand Martins yet, but I'm sure they are on their way?
    Friday 28th March                                    
 A year ago today, I lost a good friend and fellow angler Ernie Callahan. If there is a river in heaven, I hope Ernie is enjoying his fishing there as much as he did at Lanesborough. We all miss you Ernie.
     09:40 A Damp start and no surprise to see the stretch deserted. Hot water was coming out of the gusher early this morning, so perhaps that will draw some bigger fish?
     I usually get to make a couple of sessions on the Camlin River near Longford, so Peter and myself drove at mid-day. There's very limited space in the town centre stretch and don't build your hopes up of a bagging session. In fact in two hours, I had just 14 Roach and a Trout of 4oz. Peter had less, but we were satisfied with a change of scenery.
     We got back to Lanesborough to find not a soul there. I had a Rudd of 3oz, as did Peter and we both caught the resident small fish. I think we'll have to wait for Sunday's new moon and overnight warm temperature before any significant fish come into the stretch.
     The Sand Martins have arrived at last. These should not be confused with The House Martins who were a very good band from Hull.
    Saturday 29th March                             
     A very quiet day. Two small Pike were caught by an unnamed angler of about 7 lb and 2 lb. There were no other coarse anglers until Flano arrived for a proposed 2 day (and night) session. I've remarked in previous years how he deserves a medal for perseverance, and I really hope he gets something worthwhile. 
     Local Polish angler Robert Cilindz has been Piking and caught an estimated 20lb fish upstream near Kilnacarrow. He told me that the Pike have now spawned.
Robert Cilindz with an estimated 17lb Pike
    Sunday 30th March                                 
     Sorry this report has so little to offer, but after all, it's still March, and April seems a long way off at the moment. I'd love to finish the week with a half decent report, but alas, it was more of the same. The Camlin Angling Club had several boats out for a Pike match and here are the results,- 
  • 1st - Joe McDermott - 7 lb 8 oz
  • 2nd - Michael Galvin - 6 lb 10 oz
  • 3rd - Sam Champ - 6 lb 2 oz
  • 4th - Shane Gill - 5 lb 5 oz
Thanks to Michael Galvin for the information on what was a very slow but pleasant day. He also reported a lot of silver fish in the lake waiting to come into the river.

     On the stretch, Flano was the only angler, and for most of the day continued to catch an abundance of sub 1oz Rudd and Roach. When I eventually joined him, just after 6pm, I opted for the artificial maggot approach. On this occasion I used the Trendex luminous type, and was rewarded with a 4oz Rudd and several 2oz fish, so at least the fry did not bother my bait.
A move to the bridge with the pending rain saw a solitary Rudd before the shower which prompted my swift exit.
     I spent an hour of dusk into darkness hoping to see some surface activity, it never happened, so we can only hope for a change of fortunes as April approaches.