w/e - Sunday 30th March  2008

    Friday 28th March 2008                         
I have arrived at last, despite the very long overnight journey from Ipswich. The water level is not at high as I expected, with most of the lower level of the hot water stretch exposed. No one fishing of course, but I'm sure there are fish present. It rained for most of the day. Fingers crossed for a good season.
    Saturday 29th March 2008                
Lots of very heavy showers today, the river rose marginally overnight, and not surprisingly not many shop visitors. I had a look over the bridge to see one angler on the gusher fence peg. If it wasn't raining, I would have ventured up to have a closer look. A customer informed me that he blanked

    Sunday 30th March 2008                    

A busier day in the shop resulting in more anglers on the bank. A youngster came in to inform me a large Pike had been caught by a Hungarian. I closed up for ten minutes to surpervise the safe return of a 8.10K specimen which I think is about 17lb 2oz in old money. At 5pm I embarked upon my first session of the campaign, albeit travelling very light with the bare minimum for stick float fishing. I had 14 Roach to 3oz and a Perch in 90 minutes just above the "gap". A small confrontation was avoided when one of the Hungarians caught a Hybrid well above the permissable size for retaining as bait.

Not more than four fish to a maximum of 25cm shall be retained or killed for bait use by any angler on any one day. The size should be measured from snout to tail. If you see anyone contravening this by-law, contact the Guardai immiediatly.