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  Failing that just shout or try morse code, semaphore signals or the simple hand gesture !


If you haven't booked a trip to Ireland, try this link first.

This replaces the former central fisheries board webside and covers all types of angling in Ireland.

A new site set up in 2012 as a directory for local business and news

A lot of this is total bollox, but there are some very worthy threads that provide interesting topics.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the excellent series of books covering angling in the Midlands. It's available at most good tackle shops and at Bernies webpage.

Just in case you haven't seen enough websites with built in Forums, heres another one.

An extremely silly site, you'll love it!

For the very best quality floats for all methods and conditions

Visitors to the Cork area who want the very best fishing available would be wise to look no further than this site. With expert guiding from Ross and Sidney, you can't go wrong


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Local Gardai,- 043 3346741

Paul Bourke (CFB) 01 8842600

Matt Nolan (Shrfb) 044 9348769

Irish angling services (bait) - 049 9526258