w/e - Sunday 6th April  2014       

 The evil one still resides, causing much confusion. A fool arrives on Tuesday, he's sees much, but knows nothing. He leaves at noon.

Rising and setting times for the Moon

   Meridian Passing 
31 Mar 201407:1121:1314:0544.4°374,2470.8%
1 Apr 201407:3922:2714:5748.3°379,1364.0%
2 Apr 201408:1123:3715:4851.3°384,5179.5%
3 Apr 201408:46-16:4053.4°389,93616.8%
4 Apr 2014-
5 Apr 2014-
6 Apr 2014-
    Monday 31st March 2014                     
     Some may be confused as to why I've posted the moon times. For a while, I've been keeping an eye on this data to see if it has an effect on fish feeding patterns. It certainly does on my local river for Barbel and last year, albeit a poor one at Lanesborough, there were times when the theory proved correct. Basically, aside from dawn and dusk, other key feeding times are around the moon rise and set, and at the high point (meridian pass) You may think it total bollocks, but in the coming weeks, when there are some real fish in the stretch, I'll predict key moments in the day. Afterwhich, you'll think me either a genius or nutter!
     As we are now officially in summer time, reports may not be uploaded until after 9pm. Thank you for your continued patience....
     OK I was telling lies, it's now almost 20:30 and I'm back in after another tedious session of sub 1oz fish. Flano finished his marathon with little of note, but during the night did lose a specimen Rudd at the net. Peter Wood fished below the duckpond and caught some fish up to 4oz and a Perch of about 6oz. There was a flurry of excitement as some Perch seemed to be chasing the fry in the margins.
     So that's the end of March and there really hasn't been anything worth fishing for in the stretch. It will get better, won't it??? 
    Tuesday 1st April 2014                           
     There were no fools today, although I was away for most of the day, I'm sure there was no one on the stretch until early evening. Two lads were spinning without success, and this idiot went through the motions. Luckily, I had three fish as big any since my arrival with a Rudd of 4 oz, a Roach slightly bigger and a Perch amongst the usual multitude of Fry.
     Some have expressed confusion over the home page and the water level and temperature. These readings are from Hodson Bay which is at least 12 miles down the lake towards Athlone. The height, when read in relation to Lanesborough is as follows,-
  • 3.7 - You'll need welly's to get along the hot stretch as the water is up to the fence.
  • 3.4 - The river will be on the second level and fishing will be difficult.
  • 3.0 - All the lower level covered and a foot of water at the bridge.
  • 2.7 - Water up to the concrete at the bridge, but perfect conditions.
    Wednesday 2nd April 2014                
  Fed up of looking at this (or any other) sites hoping it's been updated? Go to www.changedetection.com and fill in two lines to get automatic notifications of any page.
     The water temperature is rising rapidly, so it won't be long before we see some serious action. It pimply sissed down for most of the day, and not surprisingly, the stretch was deserted until 6pm when I took my evening session. It started quite well with number of 2oz fish and then a 5oz Rudd and a 8oz Roach. Aside from a couple of 1/2 oz fish, the fry were notably absent. Aiden Dooney was just below me and caught an 8oz Roach before landing the seasons best Roach so far weighing in at a hefty 1lb 10.5oz. For the last 45 minutes of daylight, we barely had a bite between us, but I did get a Gudgeon.
     Damian Rooney was Piking and had two Jacks of 4 lb or less. There were Perch chasing fry onto the lower concrete level but there was little of the expected surface activity.
Aiden Dooney with the first real Roach of the season - 1lb 10.5oz
    Thursday 3rd April 2014                       
     After last nights partial success, I decided to set the alarm for my first dawn session of the year. Also, it seemed a good idea to try out something new. I've read about Krilled maggots being very effective, so i took the basic principle and added grounded trout pellets and a few additives before freezing the maggots. There was no one on the stretch, so I headed for the gusher and put in two balls of ground bait laced with the treated maggots which were now thawed after leaving them overnight.
     It was very slow to start, only a solitary Perch in the first thirty minutes, but then the action was non stop. I was fishing the slack water five yards down from the post and had a 14oz Roach before hooking something bigger. My apologies to the local residents for my attack of "Tourettes" when I lost it. Then three Hybrids in quick succession, all around 2 lb and several 4oz Roach. Then I hooked into something solid. It moved away slowly and I walked down to the bush with it. I was convinced it to be a Carp as it was far too big to be a Tench, then it leaped clear out of the water to reveal itself as a Pike. I think it was hooked well, but a 3 lb hook length was always going to be a struggle. We parted company after at least 20 minutes when the hook just slipped. It was definitely an upper double, but unlike the previously lost fish, I quietly cursed and carried on.
     I can only speculate as to whether the Pike took the maggots or a small fish, but the treated bait and dead maggots as hook bait seemed to work well. I've got a few bags left over if anyone wants one. Perhaps there is somewhere I may be able to buy some more grounded Trout pellets? Please email me if anyone knows where.
    The rest of the day was a bit of a disappointment, three Swiss anglers fished the gusher and had Perch, a very small Trout and odd silver fish. My evening session was simply awful. I opted for the hole above the bush. Robert was beside me and had a few more on the whip.
    Friday 4th April 2014                               
     I was up early in anticipation of some action but found the three Swiss lads had beat me to the gusher so fished below the bush. There was no warm water coming out and I feared it would be difficult. As yesterday, it was very slow to begin, but gradually I got the Roach feeding. Most were only 2oz with some going 4oz. Only two fish of note, a hybrid which surprisingly only had 11 rays on the anal fin which was about a pound and a half and a Roach of 12oz.
     An indifferent day saw some have good fortune whilst others... Peter Wood tried the duckpond area but only got a 6oz Perch for his effort. On the hot stretch, near the bush, Andy Burnett had a short session with a 1 lb 9 oz Roach being the highlight. The Swiss were on a roll with Chris Grossman banking an estimated 8-9k Pike (nearly 20 lb in old money) I saw the photo on his phone and it was a good estimate. I'm hoping to get the picture on Sunday.
     Aiden Dooney took advantage of two hours before his FOOTBALL match and recorded a number of Roach to a pound or so. Damian Rooney again scored with 2 Pike of over 7 lbs. I had the last 90 minutes of daylight to myself near the bush after Aiden vacated the swim. I had lots of 2oz Roach (and my 6th Gobio of 2014) before landing the best Roach so far this season. I had another of about a pound.
     Let's hope for a good few anglers here over the weekend so we may evaluate what's in the the stretch.
I only smile when Brighton win, - 2014 best Roach (so far) - 1lb 14oz
    Saturday 5th April 2014                        
     Getting out of bed at 6am on three consecutive days is not easy for me. In hindsight, I should not have bothered this morning. There was no one on the river when I arrived at 6:15 and at 9:00 I was still the only angler. I tried the gusher for 45 minutes for two tiny Roach then decided I'd have to move to Ryans gate. It was still hard going until 8:00 when the fish starting waking up. There were no fish over 4oz, except a rogue Perch of about a pound. In fact, 2oz was about the average size.
    A group of youngsters from Mulhuddart Foroige fishing Club in Dublin under the supervision of Killian McCormack caught many Roach along the hot water stretch, the best going a pound (caught by Killian) Bernie Moloney had the pleasure of driving and cooking and deserves a medal for her voluntary effort.
     Later in the day, Peter Wood arrived and chose the gusher where he had a very nice Rudd of 12oz amongst his mixed bag including a few hybrids. I did 90 minutes before rain stopped play at 19:30 catching loads of Roach, but aside from a 14oz fish first cast, were mainly 2-3oz a piece, except for my 7th Gudgeon of my spring campaign.
     When I walked the dog earlier this afternoon, I spotted a huge Eel on the lower concrete level below the duck pond. I thought it was dead, so thought I'd pick it up. It was then I realised it was alive and it slid through my fingers. Being almost three foot long, I'd estimate it went well over 3 lbs, and possibly more.
     Currently, James McHugh from Ballyfermott is the first Guinea Pig to attempt a night session on the disabled swims. He has had one bite which took him into the reeds. Was it a Tench? I'm sure we all wish him success, and of course, if he catches, you'll read it hear first!
    Sunday 6th April 2014                            
     Heavy showers were forecast for the morning, so this fine weather angler opted for some extra zzz's. James didn't see the night out as the southerly wind was prohibiting presentation. It's still blowing better than any previous girlfriends, and I intend on staying indoors.
     The week has ended a bit of a disappointment. Anglers came and went and with conditions as they were, I'm not surprised. Those who did brave the elements caught Roach and odd Perch, but the wind blowing off the lake made float fishing all but impossible until just before 7pm. I went out to do the dutiful thing and found the bright sunlight as much as a problem as the wind. I had only a handful of Roach this evening and nothing over 4oz.
     I'd like to thank Denis, Mick and Noel for donations to this site. It's nice to know my daily reports are appreciated. Noel sent me a message last year thanking me for saving gallons of fuel for NOT coming when the fishing was below what we'd hope for. Whilst this site is here to promote angling in the immediate area, I believe it is just as important to inform anglers when all is not good. The donations button is on the home page should anyone care to contribute?