w/e - Sunday 29th April 2012     

    Monday 23rd April 2012                       

Today is St. Georges Day, the English equivelent of St. Patricks Day only not nearly as much fun. Perhaps it should be a national holiday with everyone smiling, drinking real ale from jugs, served by buxom wenches whilst enjoying the antics of Morris Dancers on the village green.
Wake up, this is the real world!
As a member of Insane Society, a punk band whose songs relate to moral issues with attitude, it is with great pleasure that I can offer you a chance to hear a song from our forthcoming CD entitled "This is England". You may be pleasantly surprised on listening to this wonderful piece of aural sculpture, to find a string quartet alongside an accoustic guitar. It's not all about the noise, just listen to the lyrics to see how we visualise the realities of life.
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"This is England" by Insane Society
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Now, back to what you came here for. Early this morning the French trio arrived to fish the stretch. Robert was doing very well near the bush with the other two catching steadily above him. We are forecast a cloudy day, so I'm convinced good bags will be recorded by mid afternoon.
I'm afraid the French left before I took a walk, so perhaps they didn't do as well as I expected. I was later told they had no more than 25lb each. I shut up shop early because I was absolutley certain the Tench would be feeding. Of course, as soon as I walked along the bank the sun came out and I failed to register a single bite from 6pm through to dusk. To make matters worse, Tim was fishing not ten yards away and caught 3 and lost 2, the biggest probably topping 5lb. He was just packing up when I had a bite. Luckily, I netted a female laden with spawn and weighed in at 5lb 11oz to avoid an unwanted blankety blank. One other Tench was caught while we were there. Rory and Shane Wrightson were on the hot stretch doing a session into the night. A report of their results may appear tomorrow.

    Tuesday 24th April 2012                      

It was a beautiful dawn this morning and with absolutely no wind, I was confident of a productive session. Within five minutes the first Tench was netted and by 08.00 I had five with the best going 4lb 12oz. The hot water stretch was well patronised from an early hour. Thierry from France had a Bream of 8lb 2oz, which is the best I've witnessed from the stretch for nearly ten years. A large Pike was lost by one of the "Tuesday Club" and others were catching steadily from all swims.
Thierry from France with a giant specimen Bream of 8lb 2oz
After finding my worm collection had suffered many fatalities, I decided to chop them all up and place them, with the aid of the dinghy in the chosen swims for tonights session. Perhaps I shouln't have bothered as I suffered another blank. Once again Tim was just upstream and battered me with seven very good Tench including a male of 4lb 15oz.
Earlier, on the hot water, Thierry, Robert and Julian finished their day with 19kg, 20kg and 12kg respectively. The "Tuesday Club" this time had six members but were nowhere near as successful as last weeks visit.
I learned yesterday that is very unwise to challange someone half my age to a 100m sprint. Daniel took a Euro off me as I pulled up after 20 yards with a calf strain. I am in great pain now, but expect to get my Euro back as soon as I am fit again.

    Wednesday 25th April 2012              

With dawn coming earlier, it is becoming increasing difficult to get up in the mornings. The alarm went off and I went out to find a bitterley cold north easterly breeze. I should have stayed inside, 'cos that's what my nuts did. If it wasn't for the fact I caught a 5lb 4oz Tench very quickly, I would have packed up and returned to bed. By 07.15 I'd had enough and did exactly that. The Athlone group that endured the cold night left before I did.
Q. What do get you get if you cross an owl with a hedgehog?
A. A prick that stays up all night!
It's now 6.45pm and I've just been out before the heavens opened. It's pimply sissing down and needless to say the whole river is deserted. At least the fish can have a rest. There have been far too many living in keepnets for the past week or so.
On the final day of their Irish trip, the French trio had caught a good bag with Julien coming out on top on this occasion. He had over 20kg, but packed up by mid afternoon and I'm afraid I was asleep when they came in to the shop later.
There is absolutely no chance of me going out in this weather, so there will be no late night update.

    Thursday 26th April 2012                    

My 08.00 walk did not produce anything of interest. It is still very cold and windy, a typical January day really. No one fishing so nothing as yet to report. The next two weekends are traditionally the busiest on the stretch here at Lanesborough. Anyone wishing to order bait should do so by 11.00 on Thursdays for delivery on Friday mornings.
The Thursday special is still on with maggots priced at €2.50 a pint to all readers of this page quoting " get ya tackle out" to either myself or Bridie.
I'm hoping something of note will happen today, a further update will happen if it does!
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My evening session produced three very nice but unwanted Rudd whilst in pursuit of the Tincas who decided to take Tim Collyers bait rather than mine. He caught seven and lost five. Needless to say, I was more than keen to pack up after being well and truly stuffed (again)

    Friday 27th April 2012                            

It was a bitterley cold night and the warmth of my bed was enough to resist temptation. The bait arrived at 08.00 this morning and not long after that, Kevin and Peter from Halifax commenced their annual pilgramage and were catching well when I walked dowm. Two other lads caught some good Bream. A weed cutting machine arrived just before midday and cleared the area below the bridge. The machine appeared to be set to leave the cabbages and just take out the horrible stuff with a latin name that's unpronouncable. The water is now very coloured and I can't wait to dingle my dangle tonight!
My dangle was not dingled one little bit. I went out after six and although I had a couple of taps, remained fishless. I saw one tench landed below me but that was it. On the hot stretch, Peter claimed around 60lb, and two other lads were doing quite well fishing until dusk with at least one Bream over 5lbs. A cold night is forecast so I won't expect too many out at first light tomorrow.

    Saturday 28th April 2012                     

I was spot on with my prediction, just one angler on the bank at 08.00 who fished throughout the night for a 25lb mixed bag including a Tench of two and a half pounds. This really should be a busy weekend, but perhaps everyone is put off by the January weather! Come midday, there will probably be a multitude* of bodies here.
* Multitude : A word often used in the bible meaning quite a lot.
8.20pm - The going was quite hard for most of the day, Niall and Pat Mulryan fished the upper stretches and caught mainly Roach. When I walked the bank at 8pm, there was very little action. Chris Ganley is there for the night whilst Paul and Daniel are planning to stay until midnight. Others have arrived for what is to be another very cold session.

    Sunday 29th April 2012                        

When I arrived back from Castleplunkett I was a bit surprised to see Chris Ganleys car gone. I thought the cold temperatures and lack of fish was the reason but apparently there was some undesirables pretending to fish within yards of him. One of these fell in and was later arrested on the bridge. The whole debacle ruined the night for Chris who packed up with a small bag of Hybrids. Paul and Daniel left early with very little success. I'm not sure how the other two got on but the bank was deserted by 08.30 and remained so all day. The wind made conditions at their worse since my arrival. At 6pm Roy and Flano arrived as the wind was changing to a more manageble ENE though the gusts are still a problem.