w/e - Sunday 28th April  2013 

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 There are many disciples awaiting the coming of a large brown fish. It has a small red eye and is very powerful.
    Monday 22nd April 2013                       
Could this be the "special" week? With the conditions as they are, there simply may not be enough anglers to get a fair representation of what is coming into the stretch. It's my belief, that of the tens of thousands of fish that are in the lake ready for spawning, most will just bypass the Longford side of the river and head upstream. I haven't seen a true spawning for a number of years in the hot water. In fact, not since the arrival of the geese and ducks that we were plagued with until last year. Perhaps 2013 will see a return to the glory days?

I was out just after dawn on a damp morning. There were many slugs and snails present, so I'm sure that's a sign of improving conditions. The fish I caught were much the same as yesterday, but without any bonus "netters" I got back just in time before the rain got a bit heavier.

Not a lot happened as the day progressed, I went out on the boat to find even more fish, but when I did so again this evening, they had all but vanished. Two Polish anglers are fishing a proposed night session. I think they may be gone before too long as there does not appear to be a lot of action going on.
    Tuesday 23rd April 2013                      
Most countries have their patrons saint day. St. Patricks Day is celebrated the world over, embraced by those with or without Irish bloodline. Other cultures have special days, but the English St. George Day goes largely un-noticed by the civilised world.
Whilst I admit to being English, I'd rather be called British and I am sometimes embarrased by my government. That's why I write songs that are perceived as anti-establishment. In the same way as I regard Irish rebel songs as folk tunes telling tales of oppression, mine can easily be regarded in a similar manner. Please don't think this to be un-patriotic, but if you listen to the lyrics, you'll find them very cynical towards my homeland.
Fisheries Awareness Week is an IFI event running from May 11th through to May 19th click the logo to view the web page for information of many events planned for that week.
I don't know how Tomasz and Robert got on with their overnighter, but they had gone by the time the "Tuesday Club" arrived just after six o'clock. The missing fish in the lake last night appeared to be absent in the stretch and at midday, whilst they had all caught, were struggling a wee bit. However, with the temperature remaining the same for the next 24 hours including overnight, I'm confident that it's just about to "kick off" here in a big way.

As the afternoon progressed, we were basking in the sunshine with temperatures reaching the heady heights of 15 or 16c This will without doubt warm the water, but we need several days to have a major effect on fish movement. Roach were again the predominate species but there increasing numbers of bigger Perch appearing with young Eosion Mcgowan catching one close to a pound on the gusher.

The best news of the week was the first Tench caught by Anto McHugh of Ballyfermot at an estimated weight of 4lbs. The picture will be uploaded tomorrow. Daniel Hoare caught some Roach below the bush and also lost a good Pike. 

Whilst I did not do too well below the gap, catching just a handful of Roach, my personal highlight of April came with the first sighting of this years Whimbrel migration. Many years ago, local legend Pat Smith and myself were talking on the bridge, when a flock flew down stream above us. Pat remarked, "That's the Maybird, you'll only see the Maybird in May" I just didn't have the heart to remind him it was still April. Pat is a man who is truly missed by Lanesborough residents.

Anto McHugh with the seasons first Tench at Lanesborough. Notice the hump back on this estimated 4lb Male. I will christen this fish St Edmund, Patron Saint of Tincas!

    Wednesday 24th April 2013               

A slowish start for John And Kevin, the two overnighters who suffered from a bit of wind during the wee hours. Johns patience was rewarded however with two Tench around midday. There are quite a few anglers all along the stretch, and for the first time in a while, I think a more comprehensive ascessment of how the river is, will be apparent by the end of the day.

A lot more anglers were present all long the stretch. We weighed John's Tench and found the biggest to be a female of 4lb 11.5oz whilst the male went 3lb 9oz. Peter Wood had an estimated 25lb of all Roach from below the disabled swims.

John Herrieven with the best of two Tench he caught at 4lb 11.5oz

I was stuck inside for most of the day working on tonights episode of "Get ya Tackle Out" which is now complete. Click the link to hear what it's all about!

At around 7pm I was called out to witness and photo a very large Pike caught by Damian Rooney. It was estimated at 20lbs and despite being weighed on three different sets of scales, we all had very different readings between 19lb 8oz and 22lb. One set was certified but even that was playing up. The fish was relatively short, but unbelievably fat and we were all convinced it had not spawned.

Damian Rooney with an estimated 20lb+ Pike landed under the bridge.

    Thursday 25th April 2013                    

A small amount of overnight rain did not put me off getting out of bed, in fact, I was awake at 4am and was eager to start fishing after missing a whole day. I shouldn't have bothered. Just a handful of Roach and sub 1oz Rudd were all I could tempt. At least one of the Rudd secured my first Pike of the year. Whilst everyone else is catching high doubles and twenties, I had to be content with a 5lb Jack.

John and Kevin drew a blank last night and when I left them a little after 8am, they continued the same way. Peter, Kevin and Cleggy from Halifax with Liam and all caught Roach. I think Kevin came out tops with 15lb or so. Local angler Aiden Dooney had a similar bag this evening but with much bigger fish, some topping a pound all caught below the bridge. Thankfully, after having an awful time on the gusher, a move below the gap produced a number of Roach for myself. All in all, not the best of days....

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    Friday 26th April 2013                            

Another blustery day, but the wind has changed to a North-Westerly bringing a cold chill. John Herrieven finished his marathon session with another Tench of 4lb 12oz, hopefully not a repeat capture from two days previous. On the bush swim is under 23 Irish International Conor Browne who showed his class by emptying the hot water stretch of all it's fish. Jesting aside, he was doing extremely well up until noon. Other anglers came and went, probably due to the conditions.

 .This website is renowned for its silliness, and this year is no exception. The hot water stretch has two pairs of resident ducks which are very friendly. Please feed them your left overs. They have been named. The white pair are known as "Dumb Duck" and "Dumber Duck" to distinguish one from the other, take a good look at the bill, Dumber Duck (in the water) has a slight blackish mark. The others are "Dangerous Duck" (with the mohican hair-do) and Dick Duck. The two brothers do not get on too well with their neighbours.

Not a lot of extra news this evening. The wind was bitter and prevented me from catching on the stick float. I was feeding one line to find the float blowing in towards the bank each time. One Perch of no more than two inches long made my mind up. Connor Brown did rather well with 64lb 12oz of fish averaging 3oz, that's well over 300 fish!

There are four diehards who are out for the night and they deserve to catch in conditions usually attributed to February. There is barely an inch of water covering the concrete at the bridge and the levels are dropping.

Check out this website address for water levels and temperatures on Lough Ree.


It'll be better tomorrow, but will I? "Get ya Tackle Out" I've just seen two men with white coats and a large net. They're coming to take me away.....!!

    Saturday 27th April 2013                      

"Get ya Tackle Out" is one month old today, the infant has started to find his feet, and on tomorrows programme (episode 10), there is an interview with a very special person. It will go on-line just after 2pm, but until then, you have time to listen to episode 9. Click the link above to hear what all the fuss is about.

The four anglers who faced an overnight session were by morning disappointed, with Larry Kelly the only one requiring a landing net for a 4lb ish Bream. The only other fish was an Eel caught near the disabled swims.

I thought the morning would bring out a few more anglers but there were only two additions by lunchtime. Larry had given up his Tench quest in pursuit of Pike. He had a quite successful trio of 15lb, 12lb and 10lb. As everyne else is after Tench using baits that prohibit the Roach from interfering, it's hard to gauge as to any bigger Roach have entered the stretch.

I later learned that Dennis from Suffolk had over 20 Roach on the slipway on the Roscommon bank. This is the first reported catch although earlier today, Pete from Halifax caught a 3lb ish Bream from the point at the mouth of the river. Everyone struggled on the hot stretch whilst Peter Wood had a small amount of quality Roach near the duckpond. One Tench was hooked and lost near the bush.

My evening session was ok with one fish topping a pound but I had to retire earlier than I would have liked due to recording tomorrows "Get ya Tackle Out" interviews and feature on Lanesborough. It should be an interesting programme.

    Sunday 28th April 2013                         

Last year, we by-passed summer and went straight into Autumn, but in 2013 nature has opted for a different approach by missing out spring and summer and going straight to winter instead. Well, that's how it feels today, in the blustery cold west winds.

The 5 or 6 poor anglers who stayed overnight were not rewarded for their efforts. Just a solitary Tench was reported. Needlass to say, most of them were leaving before 9am only to be replaced by another group of hopefuls.

A number of Pike were caught, two of which went 14lb 7oz and 15lb both hooked and landed at the same time. Everyone else has feeder mentality, as I have mentioned on numerous occasions, when the Roach is the predominate (or in this case, sole) species, the pole or the stick float is the only option. The feeder is just the lazy anglers approach even though the windy conditions would make any method difficult.

Episode 10 of "Get ya Tackle Out" is in the final stages of production and will on line by 3.30 this afternoon. Click the link, before this time to hear last Wednesdays show or wait a bit for the new one.

When I went out at 6.30, I was surprised to see the stretch all but deserted. Only Vincent and Osion McGowan were on the gusher and they had caught an all Perch catch on worms to almost a pound. I lasted all of 20 minutes, the wind blew my ground bait mixing bowl over and I took that as a cue to give up. I had six Roach in that time, but would have been far happier being inside. Welcome to the reality of the Irish winter of discontent.

Late on in the day Polish angler Robert Cillindz caught a Pike just below the bridge of 15 or 16lbs The Pike fishing this year really has been excellent.