w/e - Sunday 27th April  2008    

    Monday 21st April 2008                        
The worse possible news was confirmed by the E.S.B. today that the power station will be closed down for essential repairs for up to two weeks. As this takes us into the holiday weekend, I'm sure any one making their annual pilgramage to Lanesborough will be very dissapointed. For some, this is the fith successive year its been off. With the water temperature still below what I'd like it to be (currently 47f) there are are few fish in the main river but not enough. Today I embarked on three sessions each of two hours long. The first on the River Lung where I had 20 Roach to six ounces. My second stint was at Lara on the upper Suck. 32 roach were had here with the best going 12oz in a 7lb total catch. For my evening session I went to the Inny at Maladys just above Red Bridge. I caught 69 Roach, 2 Trout, a Perch and a very small Hybrid for around 11lbs. I would have carried on but I snapped a hooklength and quite honestly couldn't be bothered to tie another. Check out www.innyangling.net for up-dates from our neighbours patch.
    Tuesday 22nd April 2008                    
It's so frustrating seeing no one on the stretch after such a promising start to the season. I decided try roving the Suck and had a solitary Trout at Dunammon and about 25 Roach below Castlecoote. Back at Lanesborough the wind had increased and with the rain coming at 18.30 I was resigned to watching the football. With so little to write about I thought I'd offer some wit,- 

Paddy: Hello is that Roscommon, Two, Two, Double two 

Murphy: No this Roscommon, Double Two, Two, Two

Paddy: I'm sorry I must have rang the wrong number

Murphy: Thats O.K. the phone was ringing anyway.

More jovialty tomorrow?

    Wednesday 23rd April 2008             

A few anglers were on the stretch who were probably not regular readers of this page. I understand they were gone by lunchtime with barely a handfull of sub 1oz fish to their credit. I was on the Inny where 100 yards above Red Bridge I found some Roach to 6oz. I came back early to have a go on the stick float on the Roscommon side of the navigation channel. Unfortunately the wind was blowing off the lake causing waves, prohibiting my session. Even the feeder was out of the question. I think the wind was easing at dusk but saw very few fish on the surface.

Q. Why are there no telephones in China?

A. In case they wing the wong number.

This concludes my attempt at making light of a serious situation we have without the gusher hot water flowing.

    Thursday 24th April 2008                    
I saw the 5-day forecast on TV3 today and was hoping for good news but I'm afraid to say it's getting colder after the weekend. This will no doubt affect the number of fish usually coming off the lake about this time. The water temperature is still 47f. One lone angler was on the stretch early this morning and had a few smallish Hybrids and Roach. A hail storm just before mid-day prompted me on a trip to the Camlin where my first stop was the Longford Town section. I had 8 good Roach to 10oz before making the dumb move downstream where I failed to register a bite. I took a drive to Maladys for a repeat of Mondays satisfying session. This time I found the fish were of a better stamp with the best going 14oz. I had 46 Roach, 4 Hybrids and 2 small Trout in my 3 hours before heading back to Lanesborough.

Not surprisingly, there were no one fishing.

Perhaps a prayer is called for? Does anyone remember Catweasle on T.V. in the early 1970's? You may recall his spell which went,-

Fish, Fish, Fish, For thee I wish, do not look but bite my hook. Sad individual ain't I?

    Friday 25th April 2008                           
Good news at last, the water temperature has hit 50f due to increasingly warmer nights this week. However in the daytime its hardly T-Shirt weather. Three visitors staying near Portumna travelled to Lanesborough having heard good reports (news travels slowly here) I advised them to try the navigation channel below the bridge. Sadly, they blanked and less than two hours later they were planning to move elsewhere. I went to the River Lung above Lough Gara and had 38 fish, mainly Roach to 5oz. On returning back at 8pm I decided to have a go by the marker bouy on the Roscommon side. Things were looking up when first cast I netted a Roach of 1lb 7oz but despite a few taps I failed to add to my tally. Feeder fishing is quite easy on the quay side with the "streetlamp" style lighting.

Any visitors planning to come to Lanesborough next week for the holiday weekend are advised to book bait in advance. Call the shop on,- (00353) 4321491 or direct to Irish Bait & Tackle on (00353) 49 952 6258 or try their E-Mail on enquiries@irishtackleandbait.com
    Saturday 26th April 2008                    
Normally I'd expect this to be the first of the "mad" three weekends but the bank was surprisingly quiet this morning. Just before lunchtime I received a call informing me the first train had delivered peat to the power station indicating the imminent start up. The gusher started around 2pm but as yet the chimney is showing no sign of activity. I walked across the bridge at 19.30 hoping to catch a few fish running up-river. I only registered two bites failing to connect with either resulting in my first blank of the spring campaign. It was a pleasure to watch the flock of Whimbrel heading downstream as dusk approached. When I made my way back I was pleased to see for the first time in almost two weeks, the wind had almost stopped.
    Sunday 27th April 2008                         
The power station started pumping hot water this afternoon and fish appeared within a couple of hours. A tourist angler from Essex had 12 Hybrids on the Gusher though none exceeded a pound or so. Devonish Dave had a number of Roach and a Rudd of just over a pound when the Essex man vacated the swim. A very large Pike took a plug from an angler from Co. Mayo it was estimated at over 20lb but was lost with the plug and trace. The Pike was seen later, obviously distressed. I had a short session from 18.30 'til dusk just above the bridge catching about 7lb of Roach with the best around a pound. A Pike took a fish but got the better of me. As dusk fell, I moved to Ryans Gate and was rewarded with a bream of 2lb 6oz along with a few tiny Rudd/Roach. The rain was quite heavy at 21.00 and I was glad to get indoors. There was no surface activity again tonight and it was very cold but I'm expecting a good week on the stretch.