w/e - Sunday 25th April 2010     

    Monday 19th April 2010                        

For me, this was my worse day since my arrival. I woke up feeling like I had a hangover (I am well hung, apparently) despite only having 1 pint of Smithwicks last night. I tried to fish but couldn't buy a bite anywhere. I fluked a Rudd of an ounce on the gusher but that was the only action I saw in over two hours. On the navigation channel it was the same, but Peter Wood, fishing the old slipway managed about 8 Roach with a couple of "netters" in his short session. On the hot water stretch, Leigh Maitland had just under 22lb on the pole and feeder including a Roach of 1lb 13oz and several larger Hybrids. The Leeds quartet who are staying locally at "The Gatehouse" had mixed fortunes. One of them lost a good Pike at the net. (It was a small pan).

I had less than 10 minutes on the bridge at Ballymahon this evening to determine there were no large Roach present. I caught 4 tiny fish which would barely total on ounce together. At Maladys, near Peters cottage, the upstream breeze made float conditions difficult and after two hours I had 3 Perch and 11 Roach, with not one over three ounces. We have cold nights for the next few days, so I wouldn't expect much change.

As the sun sets much later now, don't be surprised if I post the reports later than previous. I'll try to get it all done by 11pm most evenings until I start my overnight sessions in May.

    Tuesday 20th April 2010                      

Another hard day, for me at least, where the stick float which was the best method last week, simply did not find many fish. After 30 minutes above the bridge with only three smallish Roach, I relocated to the Roscommon bank and fished the old slipway. A Roach of 6oz and a Hybrid of of 2lb were my only reward. Back on the stretch, Leigh Maitland fished the feeder to record a relatively good bag of around 42lbs with the best Roach going only 1lb 9oz and Hybrids to 2lb 9oz. His fishing partner had about 19lb but had the consolation of a slightly larger Roach.

I went out to the navigation channel about 6.30pm and fished under the bridge, catching 19 Roach, all males averaging 6oz but some going 12oz, before having to pack up to watch "The Bill"

I mentioned on last Saturdays report, that I believed the Roach were about to spawn. I am now convinced they have, but as to where, I am confused. Normally, if they are in the hot water stretch, the gusher is awash with eggs. This year I have seen no evidence to support my claim. Perhaps there were just too few Roach to see their spawn, or simply they did in in the weeds out of sight from the gusher. With such a cold evening, it was a bit of a surprise to see so much surface activity. The water level is going down nicely with barely 4" of the wet stuff under the bridge.

    Wednesday 21st April 2010                

Today's action can best be described as patchy. Simon and John from Co. Galway enjoyed a combined weight of 45lbs for their morning session 30 yards below the gusher made up of the usual suspects, whilst the Ballyhaunis trio below the gap struggled, although their swims were improving as the evening arrived. I pursued the Roach on the navigation channel again. They were more than willing to feed and in 90 minutes I had 30, all males with a few around a pound. In the bright sunlight, I could see thousand of eggs in the weed on the wall, confirming yesterdays report.

My short evening session was rubbish with only 5 Roach in two hours. Peter Wood fished the old slipway and had a far superior catch with the addition of a number of Hybrids. Back on the hot water stretch, the seasons first reported Tench of 6lb 8oz was caught. I'm sorry for the picture quality and I do not have the anglers name.

 An unknown angler with a 6lb 8oz Tench.

    Thursday 22nd April 2010                   

Until mid morning, the hot water stretch was deserted. Over on the Roscommon bank below the bridge, Arnie, Bill and John were collectively catching nothing. I joined them, but fished above the bridge to get 6 Roach to 1lb 5oz before moving over the river to try there. I only added 3 more before giving up. The three moved above the bridge and caught a few fish. John Sweeney did the best with a handful of Roach and a superb Bream of 6lb 2oz. Bill caught two small trout. They had to pack up early as John, who is a big Liverpool supporter wanted to get back to Roosky to watch tonights game.

Back on the stretch, the four from Leeds caught a number of fish including two large Roach, but you have to feel sorry for Brian James (not the legendary guitarist from "The Damned") He hooked a very large fish which I was able to see with my polaroids. I believe it was a Mirror Carp, possibly a low double, unless my eyes deceived me and it was a Tench to dwarf the current record. Anyway, it definately wasn't a Bream and unfortunately his barbless hook pulled before it was even close to the net.

The evening saw a mass of visitors which were neither Irish or British. I saw only the odd Perch caught. I'm getting a wee bit concerned about the lack of Hybrids this year.

 John Sweeney with a 6lb 2oz Bream. Click image for full size photo.

    Friday 23rd April 2010                           

I was up at dawn to fish the navigation side under the bridge but perhaps in hindsight, I should have stayed in bed. I caught just 5 Roach before taking this weeks bait delivery. A male Tench was caught by one of Leeds anglers on their last morning session. It would appear the overall catch rate was down again, but with the weekends forecast warmer weather, I'm sure the missing Hybrids will appear. My day was ruined when "Captain Cock-Up" arrived with his ensemble for the weekend. I only had to mention Carp and this has alerted many anglers into bringing their heavy tackle and boilies to Lanesborough.

My evening bash was pathetic. Just two bites and two Roach while the river was simply alive with quality fish breaking the surface.

A reminder that the power station goes off line next Friday for up to five months.

Thought of the day,- the only difference between a Carp angler and a Crap angler is in the smelling!

    Saturday 24th April 2010                     

There were seven bivvy's camped out last night along the stretch, something I've never seen before at Lanesborough. Some of the lads were catching during the night whilst others struggled. Killian McCormack and his twin brother Glenn shared the majority of Tench with 11 between them. The biggest went 6lb 2oz and all the females had recently spawned. This is quite alarmingly early as I wouldn't expect this to happen until the second week of May. I only hope it the first of many caught in the last week before the power station goes off. Elsewhere the sport was patchy with only one other Tench caught. A lot of very small Roach were present. Surprisingly, to the best of my knowledge, no one fished the Roscommon side. My evening was as shite as ever. I stuck it out on the disabled area hoping for a Tench but caught just 1 Hybrid.

Click here to see Homer Simpson!

    Sunday 25th April 2010                         

Today's tale has no happy ending. The Ballyhaunis lads had a good night with the best part of a 100lb between them with good Hybrids to 3lb. Most of the action came between midnight and 4am. Below them the Mullingar trio packed in with a similar weight but over two nights. Up on the gusher pegs, the two Dublin lads caught two 5lb plus Bream and an assortment of bits. As the day wore on the fishing got progressively worse. Chris from Athlone fished on the low level just above the bridge and started briskly but as the evening drew to dusk, the wind dropped and so did the bites. I was "between the trees" recording my first blank this year. Glen McCormack caught a male Tench of 4lb 6.5oz but that was it. God only knows why they have chose to spend another night here.

I'm gonna stick my neck out and make another bold prediction. The facts are this, - Roach have spawned and all but disappeared. There are very few Hybrids this year, and the Tench have also spawned. On the Inny two weeks ago a huge amount of Roach were in the river and have since vanished. I believe that's it, even though there are still Daffodils flowering, it would appear that on this date, April 25th, it is actually more like mid May and the spring flush is over. I only hope I'm talking out of my arse and these events are just a false start.