Monday 18th April 2016                        

08:30 I've had an early walk and couldn't see any signs of life and the water appears cold again. I can't believe I'm into my 4th week of reports and haven't done a morning session yet!

The Shannon looked a lot less angry today, with far less water coming downstream. There is a clear visible drop in levels, and I would hope that this coming week will see a reduction of about an inch per day. Looking at the forecast and moon phase, there is hope that the first influx of Roach may occur at dusk on the full moon, maybe on Thursday and Friday, but it is still very cold overnight.

21:00 I feared the worst for my evening session. This afternoon, a tourist angler from Stirling, Scotland had two hours on the gusher. It was grim, after walking Ralf, I joined him for twenty minutes and we both had embarrassing returns. I had two tiny Perch and a Rudd whilst my neighbour had but a handful to show for his effort. So, back to this evening, which proved to be truly awful. I think I got 6 fish in 90 minutes. This really is the poorest start since the last time I said it was the poorest start. 2004 was particularly bad. I think I need to up my dosage of anti-depressants.

A speedboat was stolen from Longford in the small hours (probably between 0500-0600) of Saturday morning, if anyone has any information of the whereabouts of this craft, please phone, 085 811 5068. As you can see, it is easily identifiable.

    Tuesday 19th April 2016                       

16:00 No real news 'cos as per the norm, there is no one fishing. Had a pleasant trip to Kilnacarrow which is two miles or so upstream to view the river. It's a bold angler who goes there at this time of year, so beware of the bog! Aside from high water, it is fishable from the bank although I've lost countless feeders on the rocks here. If anyone fishes and retrieves one of them, could you bring it back to me.

Tim Collyer and myself have been reminiscing over glorious years gone by. Just look at this report from 2012 and you may see why we are so frustrated. Never mind, Brighton are playing QPR tonight...

Sorry, didn't feel too good tonight, so went to bed at 18:30, there was no one on the stretch all day as far as I know, but the ambient air temperature far exceeded that of those previous reaching 17c according to the display at the pharmacy. When did chemists become pharmacists? Probably around the same time Nestle's became Nestlè or dustmen morphed into refuse collectors. Bloody titles, next I'll be called an International angling consultant!

    Wednesday 20th April 2016              

07:45 The early bird catches the worm, the worm catches the fish.. A theory not based on fact. I was up before 06:00 regretting I may have missed something yesterday. I didn't, although some anglers must have been on the river last night as I found excess litter, a sweetcorn can and two small dead fish on the concrete. As for todays session, which lasted a little over an hour, it was more of the same, except the temperature was 38f (about 3c) and the fingers were suffering. I had about 20 fish, all on the gusher before moving to the bush and not getting a bite.

There was a Cormorant near the bridge, did he know something I didn't? In all, I counted seven flying over this morning, each one needing to eat at least twice as much as I caught......

Mid January? No, this morning without any sign of spring in the reeds.

It was a very warm day, and with little wind, you could be forgiven it was summer. Perhaps it was? after all, the Irish summer is usually only three days long. Joking aside, it really was lovely in the sun. Michael Beirne was the only angler on the stretch and using my maggots (I'm sure it was this time last year I lent him some) caught a lot of smallish fish on the float and feeder. When he opted to sit it out with a bigger bait for an early Tench, he wasn't as lucky.

My evening stint was quite productive with lots of Perch to 8oz, a few Rudd and only 1 Roach of about 4oz. A bonus Gudgeon finished off the session. There are fish in all areas now, and although there was some surface activity at dusk, it was nothing to get excited about.

If tomorrows temperatures reach todays, I'd be confident, that with the moon being almost full, there will be a run of larger fish as it gets dark.

    Thursday 21st April 2016                     

20:30 My apologies for no news as such today. This is due to my going home for the weekend. I've got two shows this weekend in London to promote another Insane Society album, our first on vinyl. Also, as I'm now a diabetic, I have to attend an awareness course. I hope they provide Tea or coffee and biscuits?

It dawned on me this morning that I've yet to see a skimmer or hybrid again this year. I've remarked many times in previous years how I believe we are seeing the demise of the Hybrid due to so few Bream in the immediate area. That's why I found the IFI report stating that Lough Rees Bream population was healthy a bit strange. I'd like to see a large amount of adult Bream restocked in the lake to boost the population, but then I'd also like to see Brighton in the Champions league. It won't happen....

Whilst I'm away, if anyone dares to, would you please send catch reports to but I will continue to compose something worth reading over the weekend.

    Friday 22nd April 2016                           

11:30 Now, before you get too excited, i'd like to point out that the photo below of a Lanesborough Carp, was taken last year. It was about this time in 2015 that we spotted some much bigger fish which may have been feeding on Roach spawn in the navigation channel. As we are still quite a way off even seeing the Roach migration, I cannot guess as to whether the Carp will appear again. If they do, you'll learn here first and I will be prepared.

Aiden Dooney with an estimated 7-8lb Common caught in 2015.

It is unfortunate that as I am away for the weekend, I will have to rely on information. I'd like to thank Steve Passco for letting me know that things didn't change yesterday. He caught lots of small fish, much the same as my previous reports of the last few weeks.

I've had another email report from Piotr who writes,-
I was out on the water again today, the weather was good so me and Michal did a bit of trolling, we cought few jacks and i managed to get a 5kg pike 92cm but he was very slim and he had lots of cuts on the body and looked like he was just after spawning, yet again there was a lot of surface activity on the deep water but im not sure were they hybrids or bream but you could see nice fish of around 1-2kg coming out, the water temperature increased aswel near the duck pond it had over 13'C. I hope ill be out on the water again soon so ill have some more pics and news.

13c at the duckpond would suggest that some better fish should now be in the stretch, so it is up to us anglers to determine how big they are. As some 'good' anglers are due down tomorrow, they should find out? If they don't catch, I'll edit this post and replace 'good' with 'not so good' So Larry and Steven, it's all up to you....

Piotr Malenda with his best of a morning session going about 5kg.

    Saturday 23rd April 2016                     

I new something would happen today, it had to, didn't it? Larry and Steven arrived this morning and my thanks to Larry, who sent this email,-
Hi Paul. .....we baited up at the disabled swim....set up everything and went on a walk up to the gusher...about 8am.....nobody a pike after 10 mins. the bush.....just shy of 14lb. .see pick.....noticed some very large tail splashes in mid flow on the hot pipe......watched for a while.....very big roach.....maybe touching I'd say 1and a half float Rod.....caught roach steady to about 12oz. ...for an hour...all with spawning nodules. ....went quiet after .....went up to the gusher caught about 25 perch to it's food time.....we will keep ya posted...
Larry Kelly with his best Esox of the day at just under 14 lbs
That bush looks to have got much greener in the last two days, a sure sign of spring is here. Sorry this report is late, I've been making a lot of noise in London.

    Sunday 24th April 2016                         

22:00 At last, it's all happening. Had an email from Jason saying there are loads of Perch in the stretch, and then a message from Robbie with his catch report of the days action. He had lots of Roach of 4-7oz and several Pike with the best going 14 lbs. The best news of all is that the navigation channel has much surface activity. That means the water temperature has hit the magic 51f. My apologies to Jason for suggesting it hadn't quite got there yet.

Elsewhere today, Steven and Larry did an overnight session which proved to be very frustrating. This evening, on the bush swim, two Bream were caught to an angler from Longford employing feeder tactics.

So now we can all look forward to a proper weeks fishing...