w/e - Sunday 24th April 2011      

    Monday 18th April 2011                         

The stretch was very busy with many doing an overnight session. I was away for most of today so until I hear otherwise, this report may be inaccurate. Some anglers caught whilst some struggled. More larger Bream were taken and at least two Tench. The best by far was a 6lb 14.5oz specimen caught on the pole by Daniel Hoare from Ballyleague. This is the biggest recorded for two years and I believe is about to spawn. The vag was protuding with a slight orange colouration.

My awayday was at Corinne ford above Shannonbridge on the Suck where I had 100 fish in beautiful surroundings. Although there were no big fish, I probably had about 25lb made up almost exclusively of Roach. The odd Hybrid added to the overall weight with the biggest at around 2lb. Peter had a similar catch jut upstream from me.

Back at Lanesborough in the evening, Leigh and Carl were going for a second night whilst I joined Tim Collier below the disabled swims trying to tempt a Tench. We both caught Eels and I also had two Hybrids. Tim at last got his first Tinca of the year, a Male at around 3 1/2 pounds. At midnight we had had enough.

Don't be too surprised if these reports get later as we approach the end of April and I fish into darkness more often.

Daniel Hoare with another seasons best Tinca at 6lb 14.5oz

    Tuesday 19th April 2011                        

No reason to get up early after the late session yesterday. Leigh Maitland and Carl Nicholls had a reasonably rewarding night. Carl had 20lb made up almost entirely of Bream whilst Leigh had 3 Tench of about 5lb a piece plus 30lbs of Bream with only the odd Hybrid. For most of the day the stretch was patronised with casual anglers with little success. Over on the navigation channel I attempted to fish but only had 1 Roach of a pound. I lost many hook lengths so gave up very frustrated. An evening session at Maladys did little to restore my confidence with about 25 fish but nothing over 6oz. We desperately need some rain to refresh the river.

Many thanks to the angler and reader of this page who donated €5 towards my internet costs. If only there were more like him. I received my invoice last week and I'm still a long way short of breaking even. If you would like to contribute, even a Euro will help.
There will be a summer league angling match at Lanesborough on Sunday from 8am onwards, there will be two sections, one on the hot water stretch and the other probably on the navigation channel. Please plan your weekend around this event.

I had an Email to confirm the toilet facilities will be open for Easter, but until then, it's either cross ya legs, tie a not in it, or go to the hall opposite the tackle shop where the toilets are available to anglers.
    Wednesday 20th April 2011               

I really tried to get up this morning at 04.30 but I was stiff in all the wrong places so had to reluctantly ignore the alarm. At 07.30 I went out to find only the Polish angler present. He had 1 Tench and 6 Bream. The young lads who arrived soon after probably found it hard going on a very warm April day. Luckily, the cloud cover came at around 4pm and Pat Mulryan was having some success above the trees with at least one Tench and a number of Bream.

By 6pm after a short shower and the light getting rather dark, the conditions were ideal and I was very confident of some Tench. I caught three, all males going 4lb 9oz, 3lb 6oz and 3lb 12oz with two Hybrids as well. What a lovely night to be out. I would have stayed longer, but I want to up early tomorrow. When I left there were a multidude of Kodaks on the grass bank swims below the toilets and two on the hot water stretch. Funny how they never fish there when there are a lot of Irish and English anglers around?
    Thursday 21st April 2011                      

It was absolutely wonderful to be up before dawn this morning knowing I was about to catch Tench. The whole stretch was deserted and was so until I left at 08.15 I caught 4 Tincas of which only one was a male. The three others were far from specimens, the best going 4lb 2oz but didn't appear to carrying any amount of spawn. One of the females I caught twice in an hour identified by a distinct red mark on the underside. 

It days gone by, the 21st is the date when I would expect Lanesborough to really kick off. The Roach spawned for many years during the latter part of April, and although I had a number of male Roach last week, I can only hope there are more to come. It's only in the past three years there have been abnormal spawning activity. The next 10 days will see the river at its busiest so plan your trip wisely. 

The daytime anglers fared poorly in the bright sunshine although Michael Beirne hooke but lost a good Pike near the bridge. The evening session saw Ciaron Gray catching well into darkness including a Tench and a number of Bream. Pat and Steven from Navan fished next to me but their catches were far from Ciarons weight. Full reports may be updated as they are still fishing even though it is now almost 1am. 

I’ve decided to set up a telephone hotline for anyone wanting "as it happens" information. This will be known as the Specimen Hunters Information Telephone Enquiries. Anyone wanting to talk S.H.I.T.E. can call me on 0879419988 Calls will be charged at standard rate but after midnight will be subject to verbal abuse.
    Friday 22nd April 2011                           

Good Friday? Not the best I've ever had by a long way. I'm extremely run down after burning the candle at both ends and have suffered with tiredness all day. I will very glad for an early night. The fishing was nothing special here but Ciarron Gray who fished through the night opposite the lillies above Ryans gate had upwards of 70lb with some large Hybrids, Bream and 4 Tench. Pat and Steven, fishing downstream both had a number of Tench and went home satisfied. I had just two small Perch. Steve and Josh Blacklidge from Chorely, Lancashire arrived early and fished all day. Steve had at least two Tench and they were doing a night session as I'm writing this at 11pm. Also present are a few others. Tim Collier was below the disabled pegs with Daniel, Paul and Michelle who between them had just a solitary Rudd. Paul being the lucky captor.

So you may see it would look like a hard weekend ahead. Ballyhaunis angling club have a summer leauge match here on Sunday from 07.00 through to 13.00. I had three hours with Greg Matthews on the Inny at Maladys where we both caught a lot of small fish but couldn't find anything worthy of capture.
    Saturday 23rd April 2011                      

Tomorrows match on the stretch has now been cancelled because someone posted on www.carpfishingireland.com forum encouraging people to fish overnight and not move for the competition. The originator of that thread should be ashamed of themselves. If it was a juniors event, would he have acted in the same manner?

I thought the stretch would have been far busier than it was today. Unfortunately, the sunlight again put paid to quality fishing. During the night some good fish were caught and Polish angler Tomas Bartoszko had about 50lb. Seamus Moorhouse caught two Tench, one going 6lb. Steve Blacklidge had three Tench as the cloud cover came late in the afternoon. He may have had more as my session started below the disabled swims. I caught a few Perch and a 3lb ish Bream. Seamus was below me and caught 4. I don't think anyone was doing a night session, probably because of the proposed match tomorrow which has since been cancelled.
    Sunday 24th April 2011                          

Easter at Lanesborough by comparison to recent years has been very quiet. I can't understand why, the fishing has been OK, with many good catches. Today, early on there were only a handful of anglers present. Four from Macclesfield were between the Bridge and the gap with one getting up to 40lb including a Perch close to 2lb. Steve and Josh Blacklidge continued their overnight session with about 5 Tench to 5lb and a very large Bream which although un-weighed, looked well over 8lb in the photo. Downstream, Steven and Pat had some of the smallest Tench on the Shannon. I was the only idiot on the Longford side of the river in the evening where I suffered 4 hours without a bite to record my first blank since I arrived.