w/e - Sunday 22nd April 2012

    Monday 16th April 2012                        

There was only one angler on the entire river this morning at 8.00 and it would appear that Paul McCloughlin was doing very well on the pole at this years most prolific swim above the bush. Why he packed up by midday I do not know? Six others arrived but had gone by 5pm. Unfortunately, I have no idea how they got on as I confined to indoors for the day.

I went out early evening and found Robert Sloan arriving. I tried two swims, firstly near the bush and then at the gusher without a fish. There were plenty of good sized fish rolling all along the stretch. By the time I raised the white flag at 9.15, Robert had a Bream in excess of 6lb and a number of smaller fish. 
We are forecast high winds and rain for the next few days and the barometer is dropping, so possibly things may improve by Thursday?? 

    Tuesday 17th April 2012                        

Just because the alarm goes off at 5.45 it's not written in law that I have to get up! It rained very heavy overnight and Robert was rewarded with a good bag of fish. He had left just before I had my early walk to find "The Tuesday Club" a group of Dublin taxi drivers that take each Tuesday off to go fishing somewhere. They witnessed his catch and said there were two good Bream in his net and a Tench. I couldn't help but wonder if the driver charged by the mile and expected a tip!
The rain persisted throughout the day between the sun breaking through every now and then and for the first time in three weeks, I haven't wet a line. In the evening, the bank was deserted, not surprising looking outside. Time for bed!

    Wednesday 18th April 2012               

Special Thursdays only offer,-
Maggots are only €2.50 a pint whilst stocks last
but you will have to quote to myself or Bridie,-
"Get ya tackle out"
Apologies for this very late report, due to me being very lazy. Another day of hail showers and sunny intervals. Anglers came and went and some stayed. Nothing of any significance was reported until the evening when John Herriven started a night session and had a bit of success with two Bream of 6lb 4oz a piece in a net of 57lb. I had another day off, and although my Tincaritus is clearing up, I'm determined to regain by enthusiasm to catch tomorrow.

    Thursday 19th April 2012                     

I may have over exaggerated my intended enthusiasm. My get up and go has got up and gone. There is no lead in my pencil! The lights are on but i've been evicted. Truth is, with the wind as high as it was tonight at 6pm, fishing below the bridge is almost impossible. I think this prolonged lay-off will do me some good when I think the conditions are ideal. Maybe tomorrow.....
Mark, Gary and John continued this morning and throughout the day catching mainly Hybrids. I saw John catch one which was all of 3lb whilst the others caught slightly smaller specimens. The South-Westerly wind is affecting presentation and the tip is the only option at the moment. I can only hope it will drop before dawn.
I went out at dusk to view a bit of surface activity and witness Mark "butterfingers" Handsley drop a Roach before weighing it. I think it would have gone a pound and a half. The others were looking for a good net and John caught a Bream of around 4lb before I went.

    Friday 20th April 2012                           

Getting up at dawn may not be everyones cup of tea, especially when it was as cold as this morning. Tim Collyer and myself arrived before 05.30 and froze for the duration of the session. Despite suffering, we both caught Tench with myself getting a female of about 3lb 12oz and Tim netting a slightly smaller fish and then a 5lb female just before we decided a cup of coffee and breakfast was called for. On the hot stretch, John Herriven again caught well during the night with two very good Bream in a mixed bag. The best went 7lb 2oz and is pictured below.
The french Trio of Thierry, Robert and Julian arrived this morning and spent the day on or around the bush area. They didn't catch as much as I might have expected and I think it was quite tough while the sun was out. By early evening there were more than a few anglers present all along the stretch, most of whom were here for the night. I opted for the disabled swims below John Herrievan who, by 21.30 had caught one Tench and lost one to the reeds near the open bay. I was slightly more fortunate, catching two but still losing one. My fish were tiny, a female of about 2lbs and a male that was slightly bigger. Below me were two others who also caught two Tench of comparable size.
I believe it's going to be another busy weekend, and angers planning to visit Lanesborough should be aware they may be disappointed if the stretch is over patronised. 

    Saturday 21st April 2012                      

Despite open skies and cold temperature, the hot water stretch fished very well during the night. Killian McCormack recording arguably the best catch of the year so far with just over 90lbs made up of Bream, Hybrids and a solitary Tench. Whilst only having one big Bream, it was a specimen of 7lb 15oz, a new P.B. His travelling partner Damien Allchorne had as many fish, but in general were half the stamp of Killians and weighed 50lbs. Elsewhere, others fishing the stretch also caught well. John Herrievan fished his final night to catch four more Tench early this morning.
Killian McCormack and a new personal best of 7lb 15oz
After the sun came out, most of the anglers struggled and packed up or slept. Killian resumed to catch a good bag of mainly smaller Roach. Rory Wrightson had a very large Roach of 1lb 14.5oz from between the trees. A strong gusting wind blew up mid afternoon and this made conditions below the bridge difficult. Two anglers fishing near the beer table had three Tench and Steven Keogh managed two very small Tench before getting cold. I blanked (again) There were seven anglers out for a night session with only Captain Cock-Up catching well at the bush.

    Sunday 22nd April 2012                       

I arrived on the disabled swims to surprisingly find it devoid of anglers, not so on the hot stretch which was very busy. Some great overnight weights were recorded with Seaman Sucker (Killian) again coming out tops with a 90lb bag almost totally Bream, as did Captain Cock-up (Damian) with 75lbs and Seaman Staines (Glenn) 60lb. Also a very large Pike was hooked but lost by Rory Wrightson. Damian and Glenn caught six Pike to 9 and a half pounds mainly from the navigation channel. My dawn start produced 3 Tench and a Rudd, the Tincas all going between 3 and 4 pound.
At least three previous girlfriends told me size don't matter, but John Herrievan has had a bigger Tench than me with this lovely specimen going 7lb 5oz. Caught yesterday morning at 07.30 it was the best of 4 fish. 
Steven Keogh and Larry Kelly returned for a morning session and a combined catch of 15 Tench with Larry proving he is twice as good as Steven by beating him 10-5, or perhaps it's just because he used two rods? Some larger Rudd have appeared today with John Finnegan and Rory Wrightson both claiming 1lb+ fish. Rory also had a Bream in excess of 5lb in a 40lb bag.
Some catches don't get as far as this page, I learned yesterday of two Pike that were caught last Wednesday of 19lb and 15lb, both very respectable weights and I must get out the Piking gear this week.

 John Finnegan and Rory Wrightson with 1lb+ Rudd