w/e - Sunday 21st April  2013

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 I see a fool and two identical brothers, they compete with a great one. It is the master who offers his wisdom and becomes victorious.
    Monday 15th April 2013                        
A blustery day and as yet, (5pm) no one on the stretch, I went out just after 6pm and was back inside by 8pm. On the 15th of April after a promising first three weeks, I'd expect a bit more action than what I got tonight. An 8oz Roach was the first fish but they got progressively smaller. I'm sorry there is so little to report. I hope it gets better very soon. The wind is still with us for the immediate future and without any anglers all along the stretch, it's hard to determine as to whether there are any good fish here?

Saw my first Swallows and House Martins of the year today! The Swallows being almost a week later than their traditional arrival date.
    Tuesday 16th April 2013                       
As forecast, the wind and rain continued throughout the night, but thankfully the rain has stopped for now at least. The water level has risen sufficiently and now there is a flow through the gap into the section to the bridge. Depending on the water temperature, this may mean the upper section of the hot stretch may fish better in the coming days. Tomorrow sees up to an inch of rain coming before dawn so things mays change again.

I was surprised to see anyone on the river at all today, but Tommo, Dessie and Anto Mchugh from Ballyfermot were all here early despite the wind. At 10am they had all caught, but nothing of note. By 4pm they were packing up, and their returns were very poor. none of them topped 10lb but did have a Pike of maybe 8lb.

I don't know why I bothered to go out at 6.45pm. Within half an hour I was fed up of 2oz fish and these continued to be my only reward for getting cold and miserable. Even a Gudgeon couldn't raise my morale.

It's going to be extremely wet for the next few days and I'm not expecting a great deal of change. Fingers crossed that I've got it all wrong?
    Wednesday 17th April 2013                
A lot of overnight rain will not do the river any harm. The wind was still very strong early on but dropped around mid day. By 5pm it was getting up again. There were only two anglers on the bank and I'm just about to go out and see how they are getting on. Apparently, after I came in early last night, some bigger fish were active in the hot stretch. It just goes to show, you should always be out until dusk, if not only to evaluate the potential for the next day?

Sorry, nothing further to report, Peter Wood took a blank below the gap and gave up early, I was far wiser and stayed in. Of course, I was really working on Episode 7 of "Get Ya Tackle Out"
which will uploaded just before midnight.
    Thursday 18th April 2013                     
I don't know what's worse, the wind or the rain. One thing is certain, spring is still on hold. The river itself is back to a very respectable height, gaining almost a foot since the weekend. The downside is that a lot of cold water is now coming through the gap. We had another horrendous night of storms and that is the sole reason this individual chose to stay in bed. It's hard to believe it is mid April, we could easily be forgiven in thinking it's still early March.

This web site had a record number of visitors yesterday and the overall average is up 15% on last year.

There is only one non English speaking dangler on the bank this morning who told me he had yet to catch. I will try to muster enough enthusiasm this evening as the wind is due to calm down for the next couple of days.

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Enthusiasm, - it's sometimes more difficult to spell than find it. I've been very tired and run down for the best part of the day and failed to go out this evening to fish. After a trip on the Ark Rose, my old boat, I retired to the comfort of a bed and fell asleep. I am really sorry I haven't been out to look at the river at dusk, but now the wind's dying down, I hope someone will be on the stretch with something to report. I cannot remember it being this quiet in mid April since 2004.
    Friday 19th April 2013                            
The river is now in full flood, under the bridge, there is barely millimeters before it comes onto the concrete. This maybe good news as the Bream appeared everytime these conditions were replicated last year. If we get a fair compliment of anglers this weekend, I'm confident the returns will be good.

Anyone choosing to fish below the bridge should beware of the excessive amount of weed that stretches all the way to the steps.

There won't be a late report tonight as "Captain Cock-up" and "Seaman Sucker" are due to arrive at Lanesborough for our "Bream Master" competition. This year we will be on the cut which is a mile across the lake. When I went out with the fish finder this afternoon, I found the Lake to absolutely stuffed with fish. Far more than I've ever seen before. Depending on when they move, we could be in for a bumper season. Normally, I'd expect the water temperature to have to be 51f before they enter the river. There is a lot of cold water coming downstream, so it may the middle of next week when we hit the jackpot!

Below the disabled swims, Peter Wood is catching very well with several 1lb plus Roach on the stick float. Just below him, Tim Collyer is sitting out a session waiting to see a Bream. He hasn't seen one yet!
Peter Wood caught two of these this afternoon, both estimated around 1lb 8oz
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    Saturday 20th April 2013                     
Last night was a complete disaster. Not only did Roy and Flano catch next to nothing on the gusher, Damian, Killian and myself had a very cold, uneventful night on the cut. Despite pre-baiting for the best part of a week, sometimes in horrendous conditions, the fish that were so close, just refused to move over our feed. Damian was the only one to catch. He had a pair of Bream of around a pound and a half each. He then won the "Dick of the Week" award by leaving his car keys on the island. Fortunatley for myself, we were back in the harbour before he realised so had to return, much to Killians amusement.

The river rose at least another inch overnight, and there is now water on the concrete near the bridge. In all, I'd estimate it's gone up about 15" since last Saturday.

A very difficult day for all who visited the stretch. There were some odd fish caught that needed a landing net, most notably some Rudd and Roach which just topped a pound or so. The conditions deteriated as the day progressed with a south westerly wind gaining strength.
Have you ever been told to read the small print? on this occasion there is no need, but.....
Damian caught two small bream last night to retain the Bream master trophy and I bow to his greatness.
Please oh great god of wind and rain, just piss off please!
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    Sunday 21st April 2013                          
It will come as no surprise to hear we had a lot of overnight rain here again. I was in no fit state to go out fishing after celebrating* a 6-1 victory over Blackpool last night. Not only that, I beat Captain Cock-up at darts! He in turn beat Seamen Sucker who once beat Eric Bristow, so perhaps I could become world champion one day!

At 8am this morning the stretch was deserted, you'd be forgiven in thinking it was mid February looking at the river in flood, but this week, should the levels recede, I'm predicting bumper catches as I know what's lurking in the lake ready for some fornication! These fish must be getting desperate and of course, are putting on good weight.

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I was surprised to see so few people on the bank on what was a lovely afternoon. Peter Wood had a small amount of Roach in his usual swim below the disabled pegs. On the hot stretch near the bush Paul Brown had several 1lb plus Roach and a couple of Rudd. A large Pike was at his feet, so Daniel Hoare tempted the monster with a deadbait and despite being ill prepared without a suitable landing, he sent his son up to the shop to get mine. After 20 minutes or so, the Pike was tamed and weighed in at 9.750 Kilos which is 21lb 7.5oz. We believe this to be a totally different Pike to any caught previously this year.

My evening session was a pleasant one catching 20 or so Roach to 12oz. Daniel had one of about a pound on my rod. I'm predicting that sometime in the coming week, some super catches will be made, especially after dark for some bigger specimens.

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Killian McCormack holding a Pike caught by Daniel Hoare which weighed 9.750 Kilos (21lb 7.5oz)
* Only 1 pint for a lightweight southerner like myself!