w/e - Sunday 20th April  2014    

 As the days grow longer, brothers arrive from Ballyfermot in a large Chariot. A broth is prepared and consumed near the bridge.

Rising and setting times for the Moon

   Meridian Passing 
14 Apr 2014-
15 Apr 2014-
01:1026.9°386,34299.9%Full Moon at 08:43
16 Apr 2014-
17 Apr 2014-
18 Apr 201408:1103:4617.9°375,86391.0%
19 Apr 201400:2309:0204:4316.9°373,49783.3%
20 Apr 201401:2010:0205:4017.0°371,74073.6%
    Monday 14th April 2014                        
     There was little or no wind this morning and the lake looked beautiful at dawn. I couldn't see any smoke coming from the chimney, but the water was very warm at the gusher. That's why I was so surprised at how few fish I caught to start with. A 12oz Perch fought beyond it's weight in the fast water and I added a couple of Roach to 6oz amongst the usual 1oz fish. I moved to the bush and started catching better, and more fish. With two going 8oz and several more Perch, it wasn't a bad morning session.
     Two young ladies from the U.K. were catching a lot of small fish on the whip under the watchful eye of grand-dad Brian. There were a lot of anglers on the stretch that came to appreciate the mini seasonal heatwave this afternoon.
     Tim Collyer and myself went out for a trip to Kilnacarrow. We didn't see much on the fish finder except for in the "hole" 300 yards below the duckpond. So we dropped anchor and fished in 23 feet of water. It was difficult, but we both caught. I used a bolognese and Tim opted for a slider. He eventually had the best Roach of 1lb 7oz and mine was about a pound. 
     We spent the final hour on the hot stretch and it breaks my heart to have to publish a photo of my least favourite species, because as promised last week, the first Mongrel over 3 lb will get a picture. There was plenty of fish to be caught but the daylight beat us when it was so pleasant to be out.
     I should have mentioned that we are now very close to the magical 51f (10.3c) which sees the fish moving into the river. Upstream of Hanley's marina is only 47f but downstream of Lanesborough it is 49f whilst on the hot stretch, it is 56f, going steadily down to 53 at the duckpond. The full moon tomorrow at 08:43 should produce some feeding from the shoals coming into the stretch overnight.
Tim Collyer with a 3 lb 5 oz Mongrel.
    Tuesday 15th April 2014                       
     The clues were all here yesterday, so why there were no anglers on the bank at dawn amazes me. I took advantage of the situation with by far the best session for a very long time! Roach, Rudd and Perch all to a pound or so with many other fish of 8 oz. Surprisingly, only one small mongrel. There was also a lot of surface activity and the whole river was steaming.
     There is only 3" of water on the concrete under the bridge, and for half an hour before the shop opened, I caught some quality Roach here as well. I think today will be very productive for anyone who makes the effort.
     All round, the catches were more than satisfactory today. I think upwards of ten Pike were caught with the best going about 12 lb to Josh Blacklidge who had 3 other smaller fish. best Roach seen and weighed was 1lb 5oz by Alan from Athlone. The water temperature at Hodson Bay has now topped 12c so expect the navigation to come alive tomorrow. 
   Those of you planning a bivvy trip here on Easter weekend may be wiser to think again. It's going to be very cold at night, and the lower stretch is not ready for Tenching yet, and probably won't be before the power station goes off.
   As it gets darker much later now, don't expect the evening report to be published before 9.30pm
    Wednesday 16th April 2014               
     So I got up earlier to find one angler already fishing on the bush. I headed to the gusher to find only luke warm water but fished there anyway. It was nowhere near as good as yesterday with the biggest fish being Perch. I caught a pretty Rudd close to a pound and then a succession of Male Roach, the best also nudging the pound mark. As yesterday, I decided to fish near the bridge for 45 minutes and here I found more consistency. The 10 Roach I had were all 8-12oz and seemed to respond whenever I fired in a pouch full of Pinkees.
     When I left at 8.45, Damian and Aiden were doing quite well near the gap and they continued to do so until their departure. Dillion Shannon replaced them and saw possibly 20lb in the swim just above the bridge. Steve and Josh concluded their visit with a number of Rudd and shared 4 very small Pike.

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     If you re-read paragraph 3 of yesterday's report, I suggested that the navigation channel will come alive today. Peter Wood was the only one who took any notice and was rewarded with up to 60lb of quality Roach. Most of these were male and averaging 12oz a piece. However, there were several plump females (they are always bigger in Roscommon) and if it wasn't for running out of ground bait, may have continued to catch, despite being troubled by a big Pike.
     After phoning me whilst we were all struggling on the hot stretch at 7:15, I walked across the bridge to get a piece of the action. I had little ground bait as well, so didn't do too well to start. I only caught six fish before light prohibited any progress, but the best was a 1lb 12oz female with all the others being males similar in size to Peter's catch. 
    Thursday 17th April 2014                      
     Not such a good morning, it felt very cold at dawn, the fish were lethargic as well. I tried the gusher for 20 minutes for some Perch and Roach to 4oz before going across the bridge to see if the Roach were still there. An hour later with just three very small fish to my credit, I was walking back. Then a further 20 minutes above the bridge for more small fish including Gudgeon number 12, which was duly christened Judas. It was time to give up at 07.45.
     The Pike were very active again, Aiden, Damian and Michael shared fifteen between Lanesborough and Kilnacarrow. On the stretch Local youngster Oisin Mcgowan caught an unweighed Roach which I'm sure went 1lb 8oz as did Pat Lowry from Tuam.
     I have just realised how serious the lack of Hybrids is again this year. As far as I know, there have only been five recorded over a pound or so, with myself catching four. Although not one of my favourite species, I've been very concerned about their numbers for a long time.
Damian Rooney with an un-weighed Pike caught near the old slipway.
     There was a mass exodus across the bridge this evening to see the annual Roach run. We took the temperature at 52f and the river was really alive. We all caught, but it was evident that most were male fish. My ratio was 12 - 4, and like the others above me, the last half hour was pointless. The fish were probably up in the water, and by the time we realised that, it was too late.
     As tomorrow is good Friday, I'd expect a few extra anglers on the bank. It's going to be very cold overnight, so let's hope these Roach keep feeding.
    Friday 18th April 2014                             
     Hello, is there anybody there? Judging by the amount of visitors to Lanesborough, I think not. I was the only one again so had the pick of the stretch and caught loads of fish. It was exclusively Rudd and Roach. The best being a 1lb plus Roach with several males of 8-10 oz. The hen fish seem to be ready to spawn and I would expect this to happen this weekend.
     Sometimes I think this site does more harm than good by scaring people away. Perhaps If I fail to keep up the reports, anglers would just come and chance their luck?
     It was 10.30 before the first visitors arrived, by which time the sun was out in all it's glory. A shoal of larger fish had amassed below the bridge. They moved upstream as the sun went westwards. They appeared to be Hybrids, but as far as I know, no one caught any. In fact, despite a good compliment of anglers for most of the day, very little was caught.
     I went across the river at 6pm anticipating a busy session. The sunlight made the fish difficult to tempt. I eventually caught 17 all male Roach with best a giant of 1lb 1oz.
     Damian Rooney really is the man of the moment, well, at the moment he is, as tonight just below me, he caught an absolute pig of a Pike. Weighing in at 16lb 11oz it was a very short fish with a huge girth.
Damian Rooney - 16lb 11oz - Caught on the Roscommon bank
    Saturday 19th April 2014                      
     Phillip Gordon sat below the disabled swims until very late last night unsuccessfully trying to tempt a tinca. On the hot stretch, Flano and Paul also had a frustrating night. With so many fish in the swim making such a noise, it was difficult to sleep when they eventually retired to their bivvy. I think there is a high probability that the Roach were spawning.
      I caught a few extra zzz's so missed the dawn splash. At 09:30 Flano was the only angler present. I presume everyone else decided to go elsewhere because until midday no one else turned up. The shoal below the bridge was huge, with some very large Hybrids, but simply refused to feed, despite many anglers trying.. I think Flano will get them to feed tonight.
     The first Tench of the season has been caught here this afternoon by Louise Broder from Longford. She was fishing the margins near the gusher with a waggler and worm, and was estimated at 4lb. This probably means there will lots of Tincas here over the weekend.
Louise Broder (aka The Tench Maiden) caught the first Tinca  of the season.
     I joined Peter Wood on the navigation about 7pm where a gentle downstream wind was a nuisance. neither of us did too well, both claiming 10 fish each. 95% were male and most were approaching the pound mark. After Peter packed up, I crossed the river and had a go on the gusher for the last few minutes of daylight. I had some excitement from a Mongrel of 2lb 14oz
     The water temperature is rising rapidly now, so its almost Tinca Time although the area below the duckpond has still not matured enough to identify swims.
    Sunday 20th April 2014                         
     I predicted a couple of days ago that the Roach would do their business this weekend, and was proven right as the gusher was awash with golden spawn. I was late rising but soon found some fish. These disappeared as the mist rose with only 8 good Roach to a pound. "The Tench Maiden" was also in attendance and caught some smaller Rudd and Roach.
     A move across the river saw more male Roach before returning for breakfast. Overnight saw a lot of activity in the stretch and Flano fished until 04:30 for little return. Unbelievably, we were the only anglers present, although there was a Pike angler on the navigation who caught at least one fish.
     For Easter weekend, in mid April, the turnout here has been pretty poor. Unfortunately, so has the fishing. No extra news from this morning except an "incident" involving a Pike, a non English speaking "angler" and a vigilant individual who cares about his fishing. Sadly, the Pike died, but the "angler" is still alive. If anyone sees fish being taken above the legal limit, call me and I'll send a "representative" to sort it out!!!!
      Sorry, no late update tonite, 'cos I'm off to a diddley doo in Elphin....