w/e - Sunday 20th April  2008   

    Monday 14th April 2008                        

I was up just after dawn only to find Darryl Swain had beaten me to it. The river was alive with the seasons biggest morning "splash" It was bitterly cold, but despite this, we both caught to start with at least. Darryl had the usual Pike disturbing his swim but unfortunatley the Pike won with a large hybid for breakfast. My swim died whilst my lucky neighbour continued to land Roach to 1lb 15oz. I only had 7 fish with four of the Roach going to 1lb 10oz. I had to give up at 09.15 due to not feeling my fingers. Arnie arrived and eventually amassed around 60lb with mainly Hybrids. By lunchtime is was a full house on the stretch but some pegs struggled. Greg Matthews from Mullingar had 4 Bream to around 5 and a half pounds but only a few other fish in his net. Steven from Navan also caught Bream as dusk fell. Darryl estimated his catch to be 140lb. although these fish were kept in two nets, I would like to see fish spend less time in keepnets

    Tuesday 15th April 2008                      

I  had a lie in 'til 08.15 due to feeling like shite. The stretch was very busy again but whilst some struggled others continued to catch well. It's nice to see many anglers are now weighing potential 2lb specimen Roach and indeed there were at least three reported today. I think I'm going to order a very tacky trophy for the best Roach weighed and witnessed by myself. So if any of you are lucky enough to catch a large Roach in excess of Darryl Swains current best at 2lb 0.5oz call me on 087 941 9988

Two anglers claimed over a hundred pounds today the most notable being Andy Burnett who reached the ton in a little over six hours. His catch included a Bream of 5lb 12oz. Pike were very active but no one actually landed one as far as I know. The navigation channel saw a lot of fish activity at dusk as was the area around the duckpond. Tomorrow will be a great day!!

    Wednesday 16th April 2008              

I wish I hadn't made my last statement. I arrived on the bank in the middle of the night at 05.15 (my mum told me a million times not to exaggerate) I was soon joined by Brian Bohan and another who fished just above me between the trees. It was apparent from dawn that the fish were not present in great numbers as the surface activity was minimal. I packed up at 08.15 with only four Roach to 12oz leaving a bankfull of anglers struggling. The best catch today was by 16 year old Connor Browne who fished mainly on the long pole to amass 41lb 7.50z made up of 10 Bream to nealy 5lb along with 3 good Hybrids and bits. I had an early night so didn't see what went on at dusk. The wind went south easterly today and the temperature dropped accordingly. Anyone who has read my diaries from previous years will soon realise this is still an exceptional year. Barry Lister was out early with his fish finder and found the large shoal in the deep hole on the lake had increased over the past week but also found a lot of fish up river towards Kilnacarrow. 

    Thursday 17th April 2008                     

Not the best of days, it was very cold and the water temperature dropped back to 48f. The only anglers on the bank were Colin and Dennis Peterson from south east London who are regulars each year. Dennis sat on the gusher fence and did a "Terry Wogan" (blankety blank) whilst Colin had a few fish opposite the top most tree swim. They were mostly Bream of around a pound and a couple of Hybrids for an estimated total of 20lbs. He also had a Pike of around 2lb. I joined them around 11.00 and caught a few Roach with the only "netter" going 1lb 7oz. A move to below the bridge only produced a string of sub 1oz fish. At dusk tonight there were still no other anglers whatsoever but a few fish were topping in all areas.

How on earth did i forget to publish news of a potential disaster that happened on Tuesday evening? I was on the bridge at around ten to five when I noticed a fuel spillage making its way downstream. It appeared to originate from the marina above the power station. Very little came into the stretch but some amassed arond the rocks immiediatly below the bridge before the fuel made its way out onto Lough Ree. I contactacted the ShrFB who attended a couple of hours later. The slick contiued for three hours. No news of any wild life fatalities have been received. If you witness any pollution please phone 018842600

    Friday 18th April 2008                           

I never got up when the alarm sounded but turned over to go back to sleep. I saw the fresh bait delivery arrive just before 8am. A few anglers were present today but a gusty downstream wind hampered conditions. Despite the wind, Eamon Barkey from Armagh had a 60lb mixed bag with a Roach of 1lb 15oz. His travelling companion Richard McDonnel didn't fare so well but claimed about 20lb. I had a session on the gusher to net 28 Hybrids to just over 2lbs for an estimated 40lbs. I foul hooked 5 fish and bumped as many as I landed. Another angler had a good catch of around 80lbs but I forgot to ask his name. A lot of fish had spawned overnight in the gusher area, leaving a blanket of eggs clearly visible through the fence. Expect good Perch in the area to clean up in next few days. 

With the peak season almost upon us, anglers are advised to book your bait by phoning either (00353) 4321491 or direct to Irish Bait Services (00353) 49 952 6258.

    Saturday 19th April 2008                     

Colin and Dennis went out early to fish what would become their final session of their visit. At first light the river was alive but they couldn't tempt the fish to feed. Liners were an extreme problem and they were both striking into nothing. Eventually Dennis managed four Roach with the biggest going 1lb 7oz. Only a few others graced the stretch today and nobody stayed long. I had my two hour stint from 19.00 and had three bites producing one Hybrid of under a pound. I've had better days.

 Micheal Galvin with a superb Pike of 23lb 8oz

Click image for full size photo

    Sunday 20th April 2008                        

By 06.00 the hot water stretch had 10 anglers with more arriving by 09.30 The river was full of fish but most found the going difficult. The clever ones were packing in around 09.00 with David Mulkeen reporting just under a 30lb bag. Another angler who had an early day caught more but I'm not sure if anyone else fared better. At 13.00 the power station cut off the flow and this had a severe effect on the stretch. The water hadn't been warm for a few days but at this time of year, the flowing water is far more important.

At dusk tonight there was a few fish topping but these were mainly in the main channel below the bridge. If anyone is planning to come this week, phone me on 087 941 9988 and will advise you as to the current conditions. A brave man (or woman)** may try the navigation channel one night this week and probably bag-up. Will it be you ??

** Whilst this is most certainly a sexy web page, it is definately non-sexist !!!