Monday 13th April                                    

      Mid-Day, another sleepless night. I'm really not well There are a couple of anglers present, so even if I'm unable to fish, I should have something to report later.

     I ache all over, it doesn't help that Ralf pulls harder than a 100lb Catfish, but I had to go out to see what's happening. The two anglers by the bush were catching small Roach on the feeder but they had left before I walked the stretch later. I think that paints the picture quite well? It is difficult at the moment, after the early promise of excitement last week. it seems we are back in March conditions again. The levels have risen slightly and there is more water coming downstream that will no doubt prohibit any question of movement.

     A largish Pike estimated at around 17lb, was caught mid afternoon by Blaine Carberry, and later Aiden had one of about 5lbs. I fished for as long as my body allowed and aside from a pristine Perch of 1lb 3oz, was mainly uneventful. Could be worse I suppose, especially If I supported Manchester City!

Blaine Carberry with an estimated 17lb pike caught in the Gusher

    Tuesday 14th April                                   

This looks nasty, it was caught by hand last week on the stretch. Robert said he has seen similar Pike on Lough Ree.

     I'd love to tell you how wonderful the fishing is today, but I cannot lie. Tommo and Dessie, two members of the Tuesday club from Ballyfermot came and went before noon. They had caught some Roach, although nothing of note. The stretch was deserted when I went out at 6:30 and I lasted an hour. I caught lots in that short time, but my heart wasn't in it. I think we will have to hope on the new moon at the weekend to see any significant changes.

    Wednesday 15th April                           
     I received this email this afternoon, it confirms my surprise at the local IFI officer who decided it was OK to use keep nets. On the occasions I have spoke to Amanda Mooney, I have always found her most helpful. It is now up to us, the anglers, to ensure the regulations are adhered to, or perhaps our precious stretch of the river will go the same way as the Shannon Bridge hot water outlet, where angling is now prohibited.

RE: Not a pretty sight

Amanda Mooney  (
    Add to Contacts 
To:  Lord Lanesborough, Myles Kelly

Dear Mr. Waghorn,

Thank you for your correspondence.

I can advise that there has not been any lifting of the ban on keep nets in the hot-water angling stretch. This is a compulsory measure to mitigate against any possible spread elsewhere. If I receive reports of keep nets being used and disinfection stations not in use then I will have to review the angling status of the area. IFI officers have been advised to ensure that these measures are complied with.

Kind regards,

Amanda Mooney

Inland Fisheries Ireland - Limerick

     So, for the good of continued access to the hot water stretch, please ensure all anglers take notice of the current restrictions prohibiting the use of keep nets and remember to disinfect all landing nets and footwear.

        I wonder how many people have noticed I've gone home? Hopefully. I'll be back next week. On Friday I have to babysit for Dana while her mother goes out on the piss with her mates. My sister was very shocked, "she drinks?" she asked on hearing the news, "of course she drinks" was my reply, "how d'ya think she got pregnant?"

       If anyone fishes the stretch, or knows someone who has, even a distant relative or a former friend or lover, please let me know by calling 0879419988 or email here.

    Thursday 16th April                                 
         Sorry, no one has offered any reports today, the stretch could have been heaving with specimen Roach and unless it been hushed up, we will just have to speculate. At least the lake temperature has started to rise again. With the moon phase as it is, I won't be surprised to hear of bumper catches in the coming days.
    Friday 17th April                                         
      Despite my requests for information, I haven't received a single call with any catch reports. Perhaps the stretch was deserted all day? So it is with regret, I go to bed not knowing, which in my opinion is worse than hearing that everyone blanked. 300 different visitors watch this site every day, surely one of you could tell me something?
    Saturday 18th April                                  
     ?At last some good news, a typical Saturday saw many danglers come and go with small fish the order of the day. That was until Michael Bierne turned up. This lad should carry one of those government warnings saying "This angler can seriously catch fish" as today he registered the first known Tench of 2015 at Lanesborough. He tempted the tinca on double sweetcorn and maggot feeder. 
     Other reports of a night session on the Roscommon bank to catch Eels was sent by an unknown angler. Eels are now a protected species and must be returned immediately. With the ambient air temperature rising and the water now holding steady at 11.5c perhaps now is the time to get those specimens we've been waiting for. There are weeds and lilies showing all along the stretch.
.Michael Beirne with the first tinca of 2015, - A male of 5lbs 4oz
.  .
    Sunday 19th April                                     
     I cannot believe how quiet it must have been at Lanesborough today. When Daniel looked, the stretch was deserted. The green shoots are showing on the disabled swims and it will not be long before those beautiful Tench start showing in numbers. We've had it hard on the tinca front for two years, but it all looks set for a bumper spring as the water on the lake is now a steady 11c.
     I can confirm I will be back on the Shannon sometime late on Tuesday, so normal service will be resumed very shortly. This will certainly be the week the major Roach run up the main channel, and anyone who cares to, should watch the dusk from the bridge to see the spectacular display of fish coming off the lake.