w/e - Sunday 19th April 2009     

    Monday 13th April 2009                       

A bit of rain early on persuaded me to remain in bed until 08.30 I walked along the stretch to find the "Italian" lads had not added much to their weight. The river had risen overnight and there was a steady flow coming through the gap. It was now only two inches below the concrete step at the bridge. I drove to Lough Gara for a short session but only lasted an hour with just one 4oz Hybrid to my credit. I couldn't stand the wind and rain in my face any longer.

 Costi from Dublin with a 6lb Bream caught Easter Sunday 2009

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Back at Lanesborough, there were a lot of casual anglers. A few better Roach were caught in the afternoon, so when there was a break in the weather, I went out. Starting at the bridge, I caught two Roach at around 10oz and 6oz, then when it was vacated, made my way to the gusher. The only weighty fish was a Hybrid of 1lb 10oz amongst a total of less than 8lbs. At 21.00 the rain started again. "Time for bed" said Zebedee, "yeah man", replied Dylan puffing away on his Jazz Woobine, blistfully unaware that Florence was dancing naked whilst Dougal and Brian were laughing hysterically.

    Tuesday 14th April 2009                      

Woke up stiff in all departments, and failed to get out of bed until nearly 09.00 A lot of anglers were present today although the sunshine resulted in catches being not as high as some would expect. David from Roscommon had around 30lbs from "Ryans Gate" including two Roach at 1lb 5oz a piece and a good Hybrid of 3lb 6oz. All fish fell to the feeder. Below the gap, Arnie Williams concentrated on the stick float and was rewarded with a Roach of 1lb 12oz in his bag of in excess of 20lbs. "Between the trees" were two Dublin anglers who were doing quite well,  but I don't know how they finished. Connor from Strokestown was above them , also on the pole and was catching. I fished the deep slack 20 yards below the gusher for a couple of hours catching mainly Rudd with the best going a pound. When Arnie went home, I dropped down to his swim but only had a brace of Roach.

I missed the evening action at Lanesborough as I made my first trip of the season to the Inny at "Maladys" catching about 40 fish, mainly Roach to 12oz but averaging 3-4oz along with 3 Hybrids and a few Perch. A very enjoyable evening.

Does anyone think Florence is a tart?

    Wednesday 15th April 2009              

A very dull day, overcast with a few light showers. Not many anglers came to Lanesborough but those who did caught a few fish. John Nee had a mixed bag of around 35lb between the trees whilst two French anglers below Ryans Gate were also successful. I had two hours on the gusher where I initially did well, with Hybrids and Roach but after a few minutes the fish moved away from the post. A Pike of about 2lbs was the only brief moment of excitement. I moved downstream when John left to have a succession of Rudd and Roach but nothing of note. At dusk there was no sign of movement.

  As previously mentioned, I have donated a small trophy which shall be awarded to the captor of the largest Roach caught during my stay. To claim this prestigous prize, you must ring me on 087 941 9988 and I'll witness and weigh the fish. The current leader is Phillip with a 1lb 14.5oz specimen.

    Thursday 16th April 2009                    

Not many serious anglers visited the hot stretch today and those who did caught very little. A Swiss angler had 30 fish for less than 20lbs. I did about 12lbs in two hours on the gusher from 09.30 made up mainly of Roach, Rudd and Perch with only three Hybrids of 6oz each. As I packed up, a man took my swim with his two sons. I was told later they struggled. I blame this on the sunlight getting on the water. My evening walk saw a youngster catching his first fish under my tuition. He had a number of Rudd and Perch. In all the years I have come to Lanesborough, I have never seen as many Rudd as have been present this spring. At dusk, again there was no surface activity despite being very warm. The lake temperature is still 50f so we need a further two days of warm sunshine to get the fish moving.

    Friday 17th April 2009                            

I would love to have got up early this morning as the anticipated bait delivery failed to arrive at 08.00 I could have been fishing the stretch where the early birds caught well. Two anglers from Athlone had 37lb and 16lb whilst David from Roscommon had a bag full on the feeder. Some large Roach were caught up to 1lb 12oz. I headed for the Suck near Ballymoe and had about 5lbs of Roach and a Rudd/Bream Hybrid. Also a Pike of 3lb 10oz (yeah, I weighed it). Peter Wood came with me and went two hours without a bite and then had a dozen or so Roach to 6oz.

The evening session at Lanesborough saw a lot of anglers present. To say it was hard going would be an understatement. I caught barely 3lb on the stick between the trees. Two lads were on the gusher but I never saw them land a fish, but then they were using beachcasters for feeder rods!

There has been some confusion as to my area locations, - "Between the trees" does not refer to Mr. Ryans trees, but the two or three swms above "Ryans Gate" before the lillies. The temperature behind the "Mud Island" reached 51f today. The river temperature was not checked but with the weekend forecast showing a slight improvement, I fully expect the river to come alive by Monday.

    Saturday 18th April 2009                     

Anyone coming to Lanesborough today may have been shocked to see so many on the bank. In all fairness there were only two anglers for most of the day but probably an extra 20 armed with their LIDL bags casting out aimlessly. The sunlight combined with many bodies running around, the going was as hard as I've ever seen, although the two around the trees caught bags of 31lb and 18lb. In the evening, some left and a few more sensible anglers arrived. At the time of writing this (10pm) there were at least four set in for the night. The forecast suggest they are in for a cold one! Barry informed me the lake temperature had risen to 52f but with the cold night ahead, I wasn't surprised to see so little surface activity at dusk.

I had 90 minutes on the gusher with only three fish of note, a Roach of about a pound, a 12oz Perch and finally a Bream of a pound. I also had about 20 smaller Rudd, Roach and Perch. An extra swim has been cut out just below the hot water outlet, this will greatly improve the Tench fishing in the coming weeks.

A word of warning, - a car had a small amount of vandalism this evening, visitors should be aware of this and report any incidents to the local Guardai on 04333 21971.

    Sunday 19th April 2009                        

The four who braved the night session didn't fare too well during the dark hours but were all rewarded with half decent weights as the day progressed. Steven Haughey had around 45-50lbs and most of the others had similar weights. A few small Bream featured and most had Roach to 1lb 11oz. Killian and Damien fished under the bridge for a shared weight of 44 kilos which is close to 90lb in old money. However, this was a very long session and as the temperature rises, I would not advise anyone keeping fish in a net for in excess of 5-6 hours.

I went to the Inny at Maladys so missed the evening action at Lanesborough. I started at 18.45 and finished with about 16lbs of Roach to 1lb 9oz with a couple of Hybrids and a handfull of Perch. A very enjoyable two and a half hours.

This years "Bream Master" forfeit has been decided. Killian, Damien and myself fish the Mud Island for the biggest Bream over the holiday weekend with a trophy, and a prize fund of "Ten Euro" The winner will be able to post video footage on Youtube of the two losers jumping into the Shannon (naked) on Monday May bank Holiday. See the previous years Bream Master awards by clicking here