Monday 11th April 2016                         

This could be a difficult week... 

Only fool goes out in this weather, and this fool didn't go out to see if any other fools were out. Sorry, but it's pimply sissing down out there.

    Tuesday 12th April 2016                       

A damp misty start to the day. I went out to inspect the river to find only the area near the bush is not covered by water and is still rising. The better news, it was much warmer overnight, so let's hope for some imminent action. I'm going out at 2pm to see if any fish have moved in, but don't hold your breath. If you want a miracle, please pray to God* It's just a matter of time now.

23:00 Sorry for the late posting, no internet (again) My mid afternoon session was full of surprises. I had 32 fish in 90 minutes without a Roach. Included in my catch were 4 Perch, a Gudgeon and the rest were Rudd until my final fish. I tried to swing in what I thought was a Trout about 5oz, when I noticed how silver it was. I went to grab it and it slipped the hook landing at my feet in a inch of water. I couldn't be bothered to react quickly and try to pick it up, but I believe it may have been a Salmon Smolt. I had two a few years back in the same swim at the gusher, but nowhere near as big as this one. A Smolt, for those who don't know, is a young Salmon that is ready to swim downstream to attempt to get to sea. They turn very silver when they do so and are usually no more than 5" long and more slender than a Parr. I'm awaiting confirmation from a source within IFI to see if any Parr were introduced in this area over winter?

And finally, Bridie has had two calls since the weekend, from a foreign sounding angler claiming to be a competitor in an angling tournament at Lanesborough in October. As proprietor of the only tackle shop in Lanesborough, you'd expect the organisers of the afore mentioned event to at least have the decency to advise her of this competition if indeed, it does exist???   

*Many Gods are available, so choose your God wisely, and remember a god is for life, not just Christmas.Always read the small print. T&C apply.

    Wednesday 13th April 2016               

The sun is shining.

20:30 And, as Jesus addressed the masses of Leitrim, he said unto them, " do you not know Irish Water charge you for leaving your taps running" whilst pointing to the south, he added "those feckers at Lanesborough have sent prayers that I cannot answer" One man cried out, "but lord, why don't you turn the water into wine" to which Jesus replied "women drink wine, but men drink Smithwicks" and lo, our prayers went unanswered and the river continued to rise.

There is only about 10' of the lower concrete showing and I'm certain that by morning the entire stretch will be covered. There is still a lot of water running down the Shannon filling Lough Ree at a time when we really need the levels to drop.

Needless to say, the fishing hasn't improved. Despite a glorious spring day, the stretch was empty until mid afternoon. Two lads tried to fish and had just 2 Roach and a Perch. I think the size 12 hook and thick line may have contributed to their lack of success.

I didn't fish until 18:30 and I also struggled. At 20:15 I retired with just 15 fish, mainly Rudd up to 5oz plus 2 tiny Roach and a Perch. Further downstream Artur was piking and at least had some partial success with a 5 lb jack. I spent the last 30 minutes at the bush where I couldn't buy a bite. Perhaps tonights prayer might get through to the main man?

    Thursday 14th April 2016                     

14:00 The weather is warm, little wind and no fish... I've just walked Ralf and found an angler on the hot stretch feeder fishing. No bites as yet, and I wouldn't expect too much bend in his rod this afternoon. He's also Piking with a plug and hasn't had much luck there either. Earlier, two English fellas fished the disabled swims for a couple of hours also failed to catch. I may presume they hadn't been to Lanesborough before?

Boredom is setting in, so.....

20:45 By now, I would be staying until dusk just to watch for surface activity which gives a fair indication of the next days action. Well, earlier Peter Wood was feeder fishing by the duckpond and we did see a fish, probably a Trout, but maybe....

I was on my own for nearly two hours and the Rudd were very willing. I had 18 before trying over the fence in the fast water. Then in three casts I had 2 Trout, the best about 4oz. Then for twenty minutes I attempted the bush for a solitary Perch.

Some good news, I saw loads of Sand Martins this afternoon, my first of the year. I think this must be a sign of a late spring, just to remind me in case I missed that one!

    Friday 15th April 2016                            

14:15 More of the same so far today. Two Dutch anglers came and went. At least it is a pleasant day and the water seems to have stopped rising, for the moment at least. I walked through the bridge very carefully without getting wet (with wellies). I also took the water temperature at the bottom of the stretch, it reads as 51f but should be 53f under normal circumstances. I didn't measure the navigation channel, but I'd guess it would still be 48f. The gusher was reading 61f.

20:00 I've just returned from one of my shortest sessions ever, just 30 minutes. In that time I caught 20 fish with not one over 2oz. The reason for my return? The downstream wind made the float uncontrollable and my hands were freezing. Of course, I also wanted to watch the Brighton Vs. Fulham game but I can't find a live stream.

Some good news, I had an email report from Roscommon angler Piotr Malenda who was out on the lake early this morning. He had one Pike of just under 5k (10lbs?) but more importantly, saw thousands of fish in his fish finder. He also observed some very large fish surfacing, could these be Bream? We live in hope, but one thing is for sure, and that is the fish are waking up. All I have to do is get up early to see for myself.

Piotr Malenda had this near 5k Pike this morning.


    Saturday 16th April 2016                      

On the third Saturday in April, we might expect some significant improvements on our sport. We may as well be in mid February, because spring is still a long way off. Not only was it very cold, there were but a couple of visitors to the stretch all day. One Pike was reported by Artur who said it was 50cm long, so perhaps it went 3lb or so?

The water has started to recede and the pace of the Shannon has slowed on the navigation channel. Another positive note, I saw thousands of fry near the Tenchy pegs on the lower concrete. A wise angler might run a worm by the wall to tempt a Perch. I wish I was wise!

I had 90 minutes of punishment and you can guess what was caught, - pretty much the same as nearly every other night I've been out. It's starting to get a little tedious. Roll on May.....

    Sunday 17th April 2016                          

I remarked how I believed this would prove to be a difficult week and how I wish I was proved wrong. Despite my prediction, tonight was possibly my best yet. The hot water was far warmer than since I arrived, and it is quite conceivable that some extra fish were drawn towards the gusher. My catch was mainly Perch, four of which were between 4-8oz. Also, the Roach were the seasons best. I only caught a few, but with several around the 4oz mark and one dog of about 8oz.

Earlier in the day Robert Cilindz took Artur on a session around the lake, and when I saw them at 5pm, they had caught nine Pike to about 20lbs and a VERY large Trout.