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    Monday 11th April 2011                          

Willie was asleep in his car whilst Steven was catching early this morning with a Tench of about 4lbs and several bream and Hybrids. I joined in by 5.45 and within minutes landed a Bream of 4lb 6oz. Things were looking up, but two hours later I'd added just three more 2lb Hybrids. Time for breakfast then a further two hours with only a 1lb Hybrid and a 1oz Roach. Steven never got much more so we all gave up. I don't think any serious anglers tried their luck as the wind gained strength throughout the day.

For my evening session, I reverted to the stick float having the bank to myself. It was bitterly cold. By far the coldest day since I arrived, but there was an amount of surface activity at dusk and I caught steadily with lots of Rudd to 8oz and a Roach of about 10oz.
    Tuesday 12th April 2011                        

It was far too cold for any sane individual to be up at dawn this morning, but despite the frost, two were there early. Not myself of course. I stayed in bed until 7.30. Polish angler, Krystian Jedrych claimed 6 Tench to 2.8kilos which must be about 6lbs. They were all safely returned. After 9am I spent an hour near Ryans gate to land a few Rudd and Roach. Included was a 14oz Rudd, my best so far. I would have stayed longer but a hail shower sent me packing. Nick Price from Galway had a few Hybrids and Perch near the gusher but he was the only other angler I saw today. I spent most of the afternoon on the navigation channel with 18" waves coming through the bridge. I fished two foot over depth and caught about 22 Roach all of which were male and varied in size from 4oz to 12oz. They were already for spawning and felt dry and raspy. The bites stopped after two boats came so I gave up a very satisfactory session.

I went out again in the evening but failed to get a bite on the Roscommon bank so came back over the bridge and found it almost as hard work before getting a few Rudd and Perch. Some of the Rudd were over 8oz.

Promoted tonight, Champions on Saturday??

    Monday 11th April 2011                          

I was up at stupid o'clock but found the angler who caught 6 Tench yesterday was in the very swim I would have liked. I went two hours without a fish whilst he caught 4 Tench and this small Carp of 4lb 6oz albeit foul hooked in the tail. This would probably suggest that the species have reproduced here in the last few years. Or perhaps someone has introduced it from a commercial? Maybe there are bigger ones to come this year?

Krystian Jedrych with a 4lb 6oz Mirror Carp

It has to be said, that in my humble opinion, that this has to be one of the worst days I've experienced in nearly 20 years at Lanesborough. The wind was still blowing off the lake but not enough to trouble the hot water stretch. Despite the few Tench and a Carp caught this morning, there was little else of note. I had two seperate sessions on the navigation channel without a bite. Even when the wind completely dropped, there was no sign of any fish, but I did bring up some weed with spawn on it. 

Back on the hot water stretch, Arnie and Bill from Roosky went through the motions for very little reward. As dusk drew into night, the casual chancers headed home and there were just three of us left. Sure, there were a few Hybrids landed, but I drew a blank and was packing up by 11pm.

     I really do question my sanity. These bad days far outweigh the few good ones.

    Thursday 14th April 2011                      

I just couldn't be bothered to get up early after last nights disaster session. 8.45 in my eyes seemed an unearthly hour. The Polish lad who has enjoyed success this week was the only angler present, but by the time I was able to face the world he had gone. Two anglers were fishing the navigation channel for most of the day and I'm told they blanked. The hot stretch was almost deserted except for two Turkish lads who caught three fish between them, so I guess you are starting to see a pattern emerging here. Yep, you guessed it, the fishing is fecking shite.

I was confined to the shop as Bridie was away so missed all the action. I had more action on my computer anyway (fnarr fnarr). My only bank walk was at 5.30 where I found Steven Herrity "bagging" on 1-2oz Rudd and Roach and one youngster caught a 1lb Pike on a plug.

By 6pm I had prepared my tackle for my first real session on the Inny at Maladys. Starting at 6.30 and finishing at 8.45 I amassed 54 fish for around 11lb of lovely fresh Roach to 14oz or so with a few Hybrids thrown in for good measure. Most run throughs saw a bite and I was in heaven for a while. It must have been the happy pills that saw the worlds most miserable, crap angler going home reasonably jubilant.

     Back to reality tomorrow...........

    Friday 15th April 2011                             

In all fairness, todays report reads much better than of the past two days. I arrived at 4.00am to find the Polish Tench man already fishing, god only know what time he got there. Needless to say I failed again although I fished the pole and briefly made contact with a Tench before losing it. Krystian caught two that I saw whilst Seamus Moorehouse fishing opposite the lillies eventually caught six with the biggest going 6lb 5oz. To me it looked like spawning is imminient. There were also a number of other anglers who arrived early and caught throughout the day but the weights were poor by comparison to years gone by.

At dusk there were six sitting out a night session. One of whom had a Bream of about 5lbs before it got dark. I had a daytime visit to the Inny above Lough Derravaraugh and had a fantastic day catching pristine condition Roach to 10oz with the odd Perch and Gudgeon. For some stupid reason, after getting 30 fish which averaged 4-5oz a piece I moved to another swim where my catch rate rapidly decreased. Peter started on the feeder but after changing to a stick caught some fish of a similar stamp to mine.

Seamus Moorehouse with a seasons best 6lb 5oz Tench.

Competition (closes Sunday 9pm)

If Fergal the frog from Finea steps 18" with every stride, how far will he walk in 1 hour ?

A prize for the sad twat comes up with the answer. Click Fergal to Email me

Urgent Action Required

Its enough having to put up with duck shit on the stretch, dog poo near the disabled swims but now there is a real potential threat you may find some human excrement whilst enjoying your sport. The public toilets and shower facility on the Roscommon side are not likely to be open in the immiediate future.

Please complain about this by emailing Roscommon County Council at,-


    Saturday 16th April 2011                      

Five very keen souls spent the night on the stretch and were rewarded with a few large fish. John Herrieven (aka Kildare John) had 2 Tench, the best, a male going 4lb 8oz and 8 good Bream between 4-5lb Gary Robinson also had two slightly smaller Tench, but did have the good fortune of 3 larger Bream over 7lb with the best going 7lb 6oz. Surprisingly, very few others fished the stretch and returns were quite poor. One angler was fishing into darkness and had some Bream but at the time of writing this, I don't know quite how big.

My evening session after closing the shop was a trip to Maladys on the Inny where, to start off was very hard. At 7.30 I hadn't had a bite, but from then on it was relatively easy with 18 fish for about 11lbs. There were three Hybrids to 2lb 1oz and a Roach of 1lb 1oz in my total.


    Sunday 17th April 2011                           

At 06.30 I did my bank walk to find a number of "anglers" on the bank. A typical Sunday morning really, but amongst these was a Polish lad who was a class above the rest. Tomas Bartoszko had an estimated 100lb+ bag made up mainly of Hybrids. There were no Tench and only a couple of Roach and Rudd with odd Bream in his net. I think everyone on the stretch came to witness his catch and I'm sure many of them were astounded when they were all safely returned. The bank was well patronised throughout the day but the bright sunlight prohibited good catches. Mark Herrity had a Tench of about 5lbs plus about a 100 small fish.

A full moon was shining bright over Lough Ree and the temperature was dropping as darkness fell. There were many anglers out for a night session who may be regretting their decision in the morning. I went to Roosky and had 9 Roach below the weir before moving to the town stretch where my catch rate improved with two bonus Hybrids of around 2lb a piece with numerous Roach.

The competition is now closed, I had four people who submitted answers to the question and I will embrarress them all by publishing their answers.

John Fryer from Gosport,- 7200 Yards

Robbie Cook from Mullingar,- 2700 metres

Kevin from Yorkshire, - Two packets of cheese & onion crisps and 10 mins

John Herrieven from Kildare,- Frogs dont walk, they hop

I haven't got a clue what the correct answer is, but if Fergal walks 1 yard per second, thats 60 yards per minute and 3600 yards per hour. Frogs do not walk, and they don't go fishing, so the special prize of a Lanesborough Angling T-Shirt is awarded to,- John Herrieven

I've still got about 20 T-shirts left which are available in the shop. Well done John, you may collect your prize next time you are in Lanesborough.