w/e - Sunday 13th April  2014     

 The gods of Lough Ree are not pleased, much precipitation is witnessed by disciples in dome shaped dwellings.

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7 Apr 2014-
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    Monday 7th April 2014                           
     It was very hard to get up this morning, and although the wind had dropped, so did the overnight temperature. There was no hot water coming out of the gusher, unlike yesterday evening when it was warm and I was hoping that may draw in some fish. I cheered up a bit when after five minutes or so, I landed a 1lb 4oz Roach, followed by an 8oz Perch. Then onwards it got steadily worse. Bites were few and far between and I probably wasted most of my ground bait trying to build the swim. Aside from a 10oz fish at 8.45, it wasn't the best of sessions, but at least I had the river to myself.
     I've noticed the distinct lack of mature male Roach this year. In 2013, I was moaning about the missing females. Peter Wood mentioned that I have never posted a capture of a Hybrid. Well, here's the challenge, if anyone catches one of 3 lb or more during my stay, I will. Whilst I appreciate their worth to match men and casual anglers. I'm almost certainly in a minority with regard to my dislike of these mongrels.
     I'm back indoors long before sunset, my two hour session produced an abundance of fish not usually attributed to Lanesborough. I was fed up with 1/2 ounce Roach. OK, I did get some 4oz fish but these were mainly Rudd. The weather was typical of April, rain followed by bright sun. I'm not a fan of golden showers!
     Earlier today, Peter Wood tried the navigation side and blanked, and Robert Cilindz had a spinning session which produced two 4 lb jacks. There was still no hot water coming out of the gusher and I think this is the main problem as to why there is not a good head of fish in the stretch. 
    Tuesday 8th April 2014                         
     There are times when I wonder why I bother? You'd have thought I know the river well enough, especially after last night, but I have to get up, just in case. I could see straight away that the gusher was not emitting hot, or even warm water. This is unusual, as experience has taught me that mornings produce the most favourable conditions. As to whether this has anything to do with the power station closing for maintenance soon, we can only speculate. In 2010, the last time is was closed for a prolonged period, the station was, apparently running on full power two weeks prior to closure.
      So, this mornings session was a disappointment, resulting in 18 Roach. a Perch and a Gudgeon. The Roach were mostly tiny with the biggest about 3oz. Two other anglers arrived for the day, and I can only hope they do better than me...
     Sad to say, they didn't. Three hours on the feeder to blank for one, and four fish for the other on the stick float. Needless to say, these two visitors were gone long before mid day.
     I set myself a target for the evening session, get ten 2 inch fish then give up! It hasn't taken long. Just a complete waste of time. I could have stayed in and watched Hollyoaks which would have been marginally less painful. So I'm giving up fishing the hot stretch, until tomorrow anyway.....
     As today is the anniversary of the witch dying, for your audio pleasure, Insane Society would like to introduce "Milk Snatcher" from our forthcoming project. This is the demo version, not the master. What d'ya expect for nothing?
    Wednesday 9th April 2014                 
     Despite being very happy after the mighty Albion's 4-1 away win at already promoted Leicester last night, I could not muster enough enthusiasm to get up to go fishing. This probably proved to be a wise move as the gusher was still very cold. Lanesborough is not a natural venue, and until the navigation hits 51f or 10.3c we rely on the warmer water to draw the early season fish into the stretch. Unfortunately, if the level is low when that temperature is reached, there is a high probability that the fish head upstream on the Shannon, by passing us hopeful anglers.
     Of course, the Roscommon side produces, but sees far less angling pressure. Perhaps this year, when the station closes for maintenance, we will all be forced to cross the bridge.
     The Swiss lads who had some success last week, arrived for another session this morning. Unfortunately, as I was away for most of the day, I don't know how they got on. The photo below is of the Pike caught last Friday.
Chris Grossman from Switzerland with a huge Pike estimated at 8-9k
     My evening session was a tad better than the last few. A 12oz Roach first cast followed by a 4oz Perch and then a succession of smaller fish but nowhere near as tiny as yesterday. Most went over 2oz. An 8oz Pike was caught by an anonymous angler who wishes to remain that way to protect his credibility.
    Thursday 10th April 2014                     
     If in doubt, stack. That's a saying that poker players use. I apply the same to angling and have always taken pride in knowing when NOT to fish is as important as knowing when to. It doesn't make me a better angler, but I'm satisfied that an hour this morning was enough to justify my decision. I caught 20 sub 1oz Roach and Perch from the bush. There was no hot or warm water. We desperately need a fresh flush of fish in the stretch.
     I've been spying on the visitors to this site. Everyday there is someone from Leeds who uses Chrome who comes via the link from www.innyangling.net You must be optimistic to think you'll get some news on that site! At the moment there are about 240 visitors a day here, I only wish I had some more positive news.
     I'm not sure as to whether this is good news or not, but the small fish which have been so easy to catch have all but disappeared tonight. I got two spratts, a 12oz Roach and nothing else in 90 minutes or so. There was a bit of surface activity above the bridge which may indicate some larger fish present. Please say a prayer to the almighty god of Lough Ree before you go to sleep tonight.
     More good news, I saw my first Swallows today, not just one, but several. Is summer on it's way? 
    Friday 11th April 2014                             
     This time last week, my glass was half full, now I'm starring at an empty glass desperate for a drink. This morning saw an all time low with only three small fish in an hour of punishment. There is however, possible good news on the horizon. At 08:00 the power station seemed to fire up? There was a lot of smoke or steam, but not coming out of the chimney. I can only hope that after almost a week of frustration, I'm about to see some action.
     Steve and Josh arrived for their annual pilgrimage. So with more anglers, a better picture may be evident by this evening.
Is the power station about to fire up or explode?
     It was always going to be a difficult day, despite the hot water coming from the power station for the first time in what seems an eternity. Steve and Josh caught a few spratt sized fish and Steve also lost a small Pike. Early evening saw the arrival of Chris Ganley and I joined him an hour later. Neither of us caught anything substantial, the best was 4oz or so. Chris has the intention of staying the night, but time will tell....
     The hot water at the gusher received a warm welcome (is that a pun?) and I'm convinced that normal service will be resumed within the next few days. In fact I think tomorrow will see some good fish in the stretch. With the power station due to off line for maintenance two weeks today, it leaves little time for me to get specimen Roach and Tench. I may have to try a bit harder.
    Saturday 12th April 2014                      
     Is there a rumour going around without my knowledge about avoiding Lanesbourgh? The reports are such that this must be the case, as again this morning, I was the only fool who braved the blustery conditions. The wind was blowing off the lake and made presentation difficult, but not impossible. First cast, a 12oz Roach, 2nd an 8oz Perch then a 4oz Perch, things were looking up, then is as usual with my misfortune, I couldn't buy a bite for 20 minutes. Maybe a Pike had spooked the few fish in my swim. Although the wind was dropping, the drizzle continued and I was walking the dog by 08:30.
     Come on danglers, give this poor individual something to write about over the weekend. The forecast ain't too bad for the next 48 hours or so, and with the hot water running, lots of fish will be waiting to be fed.
     I forgot to mention yesterday, that Peter Wood fished the slipway on the navigation channel. he had 9 Roach to 12oz, a Perch and a Trout. He had a much better session this afternoon with over 20 Roach to about 1lb 4oz. This may confirm my fears of the annual Roach run bypassing the hot stretch. With the water temperature approaching the magical 51f, there will be a number of "scouts" in the main part of the Shannon.
     On the hot stretch today, Steve and Josh were probably a wee bit disappointed not to catch anything over 6oz with the exception of a Pike banked by Josh estimated at between 8-10lb. We just didn't have enough anglers here to see if any other fish had entered overnight.
     My evening stint was more of the norm, just routine small fish to 4oz. Very uneventful and I'd given up long before dusk.
    Sunday 13th April 2014                          
     Unbelievable? I had an extra two hours sleep, thinking there would be loads of anglers here to offer reports. How wrong I was, I walked the dog at 08:00 to find the bank deserted. Perhaps I should have got up a bit earlier?
     It was palm Sunday, but I didn't have time to knock one out! Bridie went to mass at the holy shrine of Knock. Her prayer was not answered 'cos she came home to find I was still there! Perhaps she may visit the Holy stone of Clonrichert next year?
     As the day grew older, the sun made an appearance and it was very pleasant in the warm sunshine. The wind was a blustery south westerly, which made the navigation channel all but impossible to fish. Steve Blacklidge was catching steadily at the gusher on the stick float with mainly Roach to 4oz. Larry Kelly had 12 Perch to 8oz and three Jacks to 5 lbs and at least three other small Pike were reported by Michael Galvin. There were several other anglers present without any significant catches.
     My evening was rewarding if only because the overall stamp of Roach had improved. Lots of 4-6oz fish and yet another Gudgeon.